Latest Casting News: Meet True Blood’s Claude

True Blood has cast the role of Claude in Season 5!

WARNING: This post may contain spoilers! If you don’t want to know – please don’t read below!

 E! Online shared the following info about the role below!

Relative newcomer Giles Matthey is set to recur on True Blood‘s upcoming season in the role of Claude, a very attractive and mysterious young man, HBO confirms to us. And yes ladies, the British actor will be putting that accent to good use when he shows up in Bon Temps. Seems like even vampires can’t resist a sexy accent!

Described as “omni-sexual,” Claude catches the attention and curiosity of Jessica and will first appear in episode three of the new season. But is it a romantic interest that Jessica takes in Claude? That remains to be seen. Oh, and something tells us Claude is going to have the same allergy to shirts that most of True Blood‘s men seem to have. We don’t hate it!

Fans of The Good Wife may recognize Matthey from his turn as Dick Anders in a recent episode.

Source: eonline.com

If this Claude is the one who is Claudine’s brother and is Fae…don’t think this is who I always pictured as Claude from the books. On the other hand…if this is a completely new character – who we’ve never heard of before – but he happens to share the same name…I’m not sure what to think.

What are your thoughts? Share them below!

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17 comments on “Latest Casting News: Meet True Blood’s Claude

  1. Now I’m getting mixed up here-There was a “Claude” in Season 4 we met him when
    Sookie & her grandpa tried to leave Faerey. He told them about the portal and
    how Mab was going to close it and how faries had used it for centuries.
    Now we’re supposed to beleive another Claude is coming to Bon Temp’s??
    The first Claude didn’t really look anything like the Claude that Charlaine Harris
    had described in the books~and the new one may look closer to her discription.

    • he doesn’t really look like book claude, the show is just so inconsistent, the other actor was probably just not availabe at the moment…

    • I’m as confused as you, Marlene. ;) It could be a new character, or they could have recast the role you mentioned. Although, how he has escaped Faerie is beyond me. *shrugs* Right now, it’s all a matter of pure speculation as this point.

  2. 1. He looks nothing like “book Claude”.
    2. If we already had one fae Claude then WTF?
    3. Any “allergy to shirts” is sort of “whatever” to me. Maybe it’s just a bad pic, but he doesn’t look all that great IMHO.

  3. He looks like a kind of young Orlando Bloom.

  4. Is this the character taking over that Twinning vampire (who was English) from book 3/4? The one who tries to kill Sookie, but with the bar patrons help save her? Or is this someone new, to help spruce up the show? Hmm! now we get to see how creative Allan really is, keep up the great work, I love the fact that your not really keeping to the books, just using them as a guide-lines.

    • the show is worse than the books and seriously, haven’t you read it, he is going to be claude, he was a fairy in the books…

  5. He could be the Claude from the show (recast) because sookies fawry godmother didnt look the same while in faery dimension

  6. Who the heck is this kid??? I never heard of him b4 and he is not anything special to look at. Tell him to please keep his shirt on… If this is the orginal Claude from the books, they did a very bad job of casting him in the role. If not, who knows, doesn’t look like the type of guy that Jessica would be physically interested in either seems to me she likes her men a bit more built and a bit older to me.

    Just another AB/TB clusterfu_k if you ask me.

    • I totally agree with you “Just another AB/TB clusterfu_k if you ask me.” S5 is most likely going to suck. With all the new characters being added, no one will get any air time.

  7. I gave up a long time ago with comparing books to show because AB has made such a mess of things the only comparison is characters with the same names as characters in the book. I really could care less if this Claude is suppose to be the same guy as in episode 1, season 4 or not. I just hope he is a better actor then that nothing but brawn actor AB hired to play Alcide. I agree he slightly resembles Orlando Bloom who definitely is not my style because he looks too much like a fresh faced kid.

  8. WTF? This guy is a twig. He’s not handsome as the claude described in the books. What a waste!! Another crappy decision from the crappy AB.

  9. I don’t think this is supposed to be the same character, for one, he’s supposed to be a fairy. How could Jessica possibly have anything with him? She’d drain him dry, I really think they should have given this guy a different name.

  10. Can’t be the same character in the book. Claude in the book was an Adonis who owned and performed in a strip club. Don’t see this guy doing that!

  11. This is Alan Ballsack being to to the books…………..Using the names. That’s as far as he goes to being based on the books.

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