E! Online’s Top Couples Tournament

It’s that time of year again…where E! Online begins their TV’s Top Couples Tournament! As you may recall…due to our tireless voting efforts, we voted Eric & Sookie up to the Final 4 last year!

We hope we can do it again this year too – especially because Eric & Sookie were featured as a couple in Season 4 of True Blood!

Game 1.5

Eric-Sookie (Alexander Skarsgård & Anna Paquin), True Blood

Damon-Elena (Ian Somerhalder & Nina Dobrev), The Vampire Diaries

Voting closes at 5 p.m. on Fri., Jan. 27.

They will announce the big winner on Valentie’s Day, and (Shhhhh!) there will be a wild card round via Twitter, so make sure you are following @kristindsantos for more info!
You know what to do…vote, refresh, repeat!

Cast your vote for Eric & Sookie here: TV’s Top Couples Tournament

It wouldn’t hurt if you would please pass this on to everyone you know either!

Let the games begin!

PS: Bill and Sookie are listed in this poll as well. Please vote against them! They are featured in the poll below.

Game 3.7

Bill-Sookie (Stephen Moyer & Anna Paquin), True Blood

Cary-Kalinda (Archie Panjabi & Matt Czuchry), The Good Wife

Now, I don’t know about you…but I’ve had it with B/S! Let’s make sure they don’t move on to the next round!

Thanks Eric & Sookie Lovers!

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13 comments on “E! Online’s Top Couples Tournament

  1. Ugh, why must they always be up against Damon and Elena? They have no chance of winning, but Bill and Sookie are in the lead. I don’t watch that other show, but I’ll be voting the heck out of them.

    • seriously, they always put them together with the toughest one, and seriously, Billa and sookie are paid with an other weak ass couple, thats just totally unfair, if they were paired up against damon and elena they would lose with 0,00001 %!!

  2. I swore I would not participate in more of these polls, but I’ll make an effort, because it is cowardice for Eric / Sookie against Damon / Elena, and Bill / Sookie (which I think were not indicated by the signs I see so far and not I saw none), are against a weak couple an obvious attempt to balance the game, unfortunately, if we do not vote for Eric / Sookie has no chance, but Bill / Sookie has. WTW.

  3. I’m only voting against B/S, cuz there’s no point in voting for E/S… crazy teens are unbeatable when it comes to voting especially about these two! But i’ll die behind my computer voting for that ??fhkh?? (duuhhhh, who the f**** are they?) couple against B/S…

    I feel like the entire universe is against Eric and Sookie… To pair them up against Damon and Elena => doomed!!!! And those two, ughhhhhhhh…. with some lame lame lame lame couple….

    I can’t understand how do i let myself to be so mad, rabid, furious, annoyed etc etc about these things… but seriously?!!

    Sometimes, i really feel like giving up on these two… Enough is enough!!!!

  4. It’s E! ‘s poll… even if it doesn’t mean anything, a lot of ppl will see this and hear about it… and get the wrong picture… again… I don’t know about you, but E! is in my top 10 channels… :-) Though this is E! online… :S

    • Forgot to say, in Vampire Diaries ‘world’ , almost everybody is ‘team’ Damon (even if Stefan is kinda her Bill – but actually it’s totally wrong to say that when Stefan was a wonderful boyfriend to Elena and was nothing like Bill and Elena is not as stupid as Sookie, doormat, abused women who apologises, but you know what i meant to say with that comparison if you’re watching TVD), so Stefan and Elena as a pair are loosing, while Damon and Elena are beating Eric and Sookie… sadly… but actually even I would vote for those two (cause writers of TVD are doing a great job with everything) so i decided not to vote in that case… It’s too hard LOL

      • And I don’t think that there are that much more Damon elena shippers out there, i got the impression when you look around some sites or imdb for example that the elena and stefan couple is also really liked and I think the writers see them as the end game, I actually don’t care with whom elena is going to end up on the VD, because the writers managed to make both love interests interesting and they are both really attractive; on True blood its just sickening to see that they downplay the bad things that bill has done to sookie and lots of people think that AB is enamoured by paquin and moyer that he is biased… and seriously., its not only because of that bill looks like a troll compared to Eric, its kind of ridicolous to compare them, thats probably the reason they made Beel king to make him look cool, but most people still think that he is an idiot…

        • I’m still more for Elena and Stefan, but like you said, I don’t really care so much. If she ends up with Damon, so be it, I don’t mind either pairing. True Blood is a completely different story, if she ends up with Bill, there is no hope for her. She will just prove that she loves being a doormat, and this is what they call being a good rolemodel?

    • the true blood guys should rather look at the recent trueblood.net voting, this is more what people are thinking… even Alcide and sookie are more popular than bill and sookie nowadays, and the pairing eric and sookie had the most votes by far…

  5. Yeah, that popular Stefan/Elena couple made a real splash in the first round. Come on! Damon/Elena are a lot more popular than Stefan/Elena on TVD.

    Eric/Sookie lost to real competition and shouldn’t be bothered by the loss. Bill/Sookie won’t go much farther.

    • They actually are popular, just not as popular as Damon and Elena. No one is these days, but yeah, Bill and Sookie won’t go far.

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