1/27: Quopic of the Day

Today’s Quopic of the Day was inspired by the Word of the Day from Yahoo! Education. We hope you enjoy it!

Word of the Day is: divulge

Definition: to reveal

Synonyms: tattle, reveal, let out, disclose, uncover

There is one Eric and Sookie scene in particular, which we can best use to define this word!

Check it out in the Quopic of the Day for January 27th!

You may remember Eric divulged pertinent information about Bill, which was kept secret from Sookie. These secrets were horrifying, shocking, and (at the time) made us think there was NO WAY Sookie would EVER forgive Bill for his manipulations, lies and betrayal.

This was the cliffhanger that left all of us buzzing with anticipation for season 4. True Blood is based on the books, right? Personally, I think Alan Ball did get one thing right. He made Bill more evil than Charlaine ever did in the books. And I know something about being evil! ;)

But as we now know…he changed that too, by having Sookie forgive Bill for his misdeeds. It kind of makes it pointless for Eric to have divulged this information to begin with.

What are your thoughts? Share ’em below!

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10 comments on “1/27: Quopic of the Day

  1. Bill: Please, Sookeh, you cannot listen to him.
    Sookie: Shut up, Beehl, Eric is talking. Sweet, Lord, he looks good in cement.

  2. Bill : sookie i can explain
    Sookie : i dont even know why i was ever with you i should have been with this sexy viking the whole time , i want you eric i always have
    Eric : lets go back to fangtasia where i can show you some secrets of my own

  3. he looks good in cement… hahaahahah good one, stil laughing… he really does… :-)

  4. No comment on anything that has to do with Sookie and the Queen. Makes me sick to my stomach…………….Yuck!

  5. Yes I agree with you. I like some of Alans changes, but I wish it was at least a little closer to the books. Charlaine wrote a master piece. Its to the point now he is going to have to stop going even by the plots of the books because he killed off too many main characters…and also yes I agree, he can make ANYTHING look sexy.

    Sookie: Bill, I’m rescinding my invitation to you.

    Bill:(while flying out the door) ,Why Sookie?

    Sookie: Well look at Eric, He needs help and I’m going to bath him in the best bath he has ever had. And if he feels up to it, maybe a tounge bath afterwards.

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