1/28 Quopic of the day

Time for some sexy, seductive Eric for our Saturday quopic. The viking and his Sookie spend a quality moment at Fangtasia in the Charlaine Harris short story Dracula Night.


Eric claimed me for a slow dance, and though he was clearly distracted by thoughts of what the night might hold – Dracula wise – he made my toenails quiver.

“Some night” he whispered, “there’s going to be nothing else but you and me”.

When the song was over, I had to go back to the table and have a long, cold drink. Lots of ice.

And who can blame her, in fact a bucket of ice over your head might be more appropriate to recover from a slow dance with the viking.


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7 comments on “1/28 Quopic of the day

  1. They’ve danced in the books before, just something else the show didn’t care to include. Instead we had to see her dance with Bill and get a proposal, which reminds me, what did Sookie ever do with his ring? I would love to see a scene of her throwing it in his face, but that doesn’t seem very likely. Hell, in her head they’re probably still engaged.

  2. I think if I had the chance to dance with Eric, I’d be soaking a much different part of my body in ice……….LOL……… Seriously, I just loved when they danced in the books, it was much more romantic than TB ever could be.

  3. Eric: Sookie, you are the sexiest creature I have ever seen. Let’s leave the hall and go back to the couch in my office for a little bit.

    Sookie: Eric, after the couch, its the desk, against the wall, in your car, then in whichever one of our beds we fall into 1st. If there’s still time before daylight the shower next ;)

  4. If i had a dance with the viking i would be soaking wet and then some too . what a nice piece of eye candy she had to dance with . .AB didn`t do Sookie / Eric any justice in the show they were destined to be together . . i hope to see them again on screen in TB before the season is over . i love them together

  5. Allan ball should include this scene in season 5!!! I would love to see it!!! And melt!!

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