1/29 Quopic of the day

Well tonight’s the night that HBO begins it’s marketing campaign for True Blood Season 5, with a short graphic tease. Will it be “The season of the whatever”? Or a cryptic clue to the upcoming pack wars story-line that no one gives a flying fig about? Or will it actually be something that can get us all tingling in anticipation? Whatever it is, if it ain’t viking, then we can at least use our quopic of today from our baby vamp Jesse, who of course uttered those immortal words:

Oh, You are so not Eric

Let’s face cold hard vampire facts here, the vast majority of the audience will not be watching season 5 for the shifty shifters or the weary weres, or even the frolicking fairies, however the season is marketed, it will be the fangs that keep the audience interested, and one prime set of fangs in particular. I calmly predict that Season 5 will once again be owned by our very own viking vampire god Eric Northman.

The Season of the Viking again!

Will we be lucky tonight and get something Eric in the teaser?

Don’t forget to let us know what you think when you have seen it!

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16 comments on “1/29 Quopic of the day

  1. Will you be posting it here by any chance? Oh I hope so!!! I don’t have HBO at the moment… Was waiting for TB to come back. Please, please :)

  2. I’m with viking5girl on that. I can’t receive HBO in the Netherlands either. Don’t really care what the teaser is about. I would just like to know which direction AB is going.

  3. Absolutely 100% correct!! No Eric = NO watching TB even in You Tube for me.

  4. Sorry, but I don’t think there ever was a season of the Viking. That’s what made me stop watching it. I couldn’t stand anymore beehl time, grossed me out. Also, vamps are not suppose to change their physical appearance or at least not be that noticeable. One of them sure looks different (old) every season, yet they still give him more air time. Not Cool.

  5. But I hope we get Fall hard Eric time!!!!

  6. please ..please…more Eric…I’d like to call season 5 the Eric’s season finally

  7. Sadly, Eric will only get more screen time because most of his scenes will likely be with Bill.

    • Exactly. AB is practically giving eric bread crimbs. I hope the ratings go down.

      • Sorry, I misspelled “crumbs”

      • so true, they only put Eric with bill so that bill will stay the front and centre of the show, I am so sick of this character, and pretty sure lots of other people (besides that bunch of delusional BL out there) think the same… I am not interested to see the Bill show, can’t you just get it AB, no one watches the show for bills redemption or bill being all miserable and getting shown as a much stronger vampire than he actually is, he is just 100 something my goodness, and not 1000 year old, but still he can controll older vamps and even kill them off…

  8. I hope ot`s something with Eric in it i still will watch season 5 anyway . love the show …

  9. The teaser sucked………..and not in a good way!

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