SPOILER ALERT: Speculations On “Buried” Trailer

WARNING: For those who haven’t watched the new True Blood Season 5 teaser trailer or don’t want to be spoiled…we highly recommend you don’t read this post!

We came across this post over at E! Online – which shares some interesting speculation about what the “Buried” teaser could mean? This made us think about all the different possibilities this trailer could represent!

This is what they said;

While the new True Blood promo gave us no new (or shirtless) footage, it did offer us this awesome tease: “In Bon Temps, nothing stays buried forever.” Yeah, we’re guessing this has to do with the death of Debbie Pelt (Brit Morgan), which is definitely going to cause problems for Sookie (Anna Paquin).

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Hmmm…yeah, this could apply to Debbie as well. But what about Tara or Jesus? They are both dead too…what if this isn’t about dead people? What if it’s about secrets that were kept buried, that have somehow become unburied?

What are your thoughts and speculations? Feel free to share them below!

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26 comments on “SPOILER ALERT: Speculations On “Buried” Trailer

  1. i thought it might be debbie pelt . sookie in trouble .

  2. it makes more sense if its secrets, ever story arc has some. Eric/Bills and the councel, debbie and sookie, terry and his army buddy, russell, jason and the werepanthers, layfettes new demon, pams making (which better be good).

  3. I immediately thought of Russell. Since one of the last shots was of the cement grave being empty.

  4. Idk haven’t seen the promo yet….anyone know where I can find it? :)

  5. I thought it was fairly obvious that it’s about Russel, since he’s the only one that was actually buried in cement and it was shown that he wasn’t where he should have been in the finale. But I guess it applies to nobody ever really being dead for good on the show too.

  6. it might be a way to introduce Niall into the storyline, finally!! The secret of her grandmother and Fintan…..

  7. Okay. I hated this. Leaves too much to wonder. But, what can you expect from True Blood lol.
    I am thinking it may be about Russel..But who knows. Could very well be about secrets though too. Either way, I cannot wait until the season premier..Waiting Sucks.. :|

  8. It could be anything, but I would hope Debbie stays dead. They’re already bringing Tara and Russell back, we don’t need more characters, and her being dead would be one thing from the books they got right.

  9. WTH? It didn’t show anything new nor exciting. As everyone pointed out, it’s obviously debbie or russel. I personally though it was lame, there wasn’t any freaking characters or scenery. Show a house, tree, fangtasia, ……something. It’s definitely just another F_ed up beehl show.

  10. Russell was the first one that came to mind. But he never actually died his final death. With some becoming vampire and others becoming ghosts, who knows. It was the worse teaser they’ve ever come up with.

  11. I think it’s about a number of things probably. Russell obviously, Debbie’s body perhaps. Was also thinking about Sookie’s parents death, which could be fairy related. Also probably other buried secrets of the people who live in Bon Temps.

  12. I think its about Debbie Pelt’s crazy adopted sister Sandra coming to find out what happened but also maybe Russell coming back in replacement of Felipe De Castro and taking over Area 5, causing Eric grief?

  13. the trailer was just lame… we will get disappointed anyway, the trailer could mean that russel will return or debbie pelt, and of course the writers once again didn’t include a book plot of eric, the whole debbie pelt incident…. so beel will probably be involved…

    • There is a trailer on HBOGO (HBO for the Ipad2) that is fantastic. Its been on for a few months.. So I have known whats going to happen. :)

      Its Russell; the sneakpeak shows the finished parking deck/garage that was being built (By Alcide’s company- i believe) and there is a huge hole in the cement where Eric and Bill buried Ressell. Plus, you see Russell on a porch and he drains the guy who answers the door.
      And Debbie Pelt’s parents try to kill Sookie.

  14. I think it is about Debbie Pelt since her parents will be casted in Season 5 isn’t it? I don’t care if Sookie gets in trouble as long as Eric is there with her as she will be always rescued and protected- sigh* (wishful thinking)

  15. i know it’s probably just wishful thinking, but I’m hoping at least part of the “secret” is introducing Niall into the series, since he’s an important character in the books! if the writers would just listen…

  16. I remember that Eric and Sookie buried someone together but I think the promo could mean a lot of plots: Russell, Nan’s murder, Debbie….I just wish Eric involved and a lot of screen time for Alexander

  17. Its going to be Russell. On HBOGO (HBO for the Ipad2), you got a small sneakpeak of season 5 and it shows where the Parking Deck was built and there is a big hole in the cement where Eric and Bill buried Russell (I know because I saw it). Plus, you see Russell covered in cement standing on a porch and when a guy comes and answers it, he drains him. (Thats where the sneakpeak ends)
    And Debbie’s parents come and try to kill Sookie. (That part is in the books I believe)


      • Yeah, that’s why I’m thinking this video doesn’t exist because it would have been posted everywhere if that was the case, or it was someone else other than Russell.

  18. I actually liked the trailer. Yeah, it wasn’t the best and, yes, immediately you think of Russel. But it could mean so many other things. Buried secrets, buried feelings…..

    • Yes the trailer was okay….Russel, Debbie Pelts’s body, what is the agenda of the Authority, were wars…..and also who does Sookie really love is what is buried and might come,out……we will see how interesting the season really will be.

  19. When we saw that hole in the basement of that parking garage and the look on Alcide’s
    face we knew he was scared,he knew it was the silvered concrete tomb that was poured
    only a year ago of The King of Mississippi,Russell Edgington.
    Now someone had gone and freed Russell from his tomb,but who had known where
    the tomb was or where Russell had been buried?
    And where was he now??? Who had found him and who had dug him out???
    And the new Vampires we’re being introduced to some of them are going to have ties
    to Eric Northman,one is going to be his Sister Nora and the other a former lover.
    The former Lover,a woman by the name of Salome,was the one who asked for
    the head of John The Bapitist on a silver platter,,,,,,,the Same one as in the Bible.
    Season 5 is going to be very interesting indeed.
    WE have 146 days till Season 5 begins on 6-24-2011 at 9:00PM

  20. You know they always have a recurring theme that runs throughout each characters life in each season. I haven’t seen either trailer but I think you’re all right. In the last season each of the main characters (and a couple minor ones like Andy) did something that could come back and bite them in the ass for season 5. Sookie kills Debbie, Eric and Bill kill Nan and of course their actions with Russell in season 3 have repercussions, Terry’s got some war hero stuff coming up, Sam killed the head werewolf guy, Alcide helped clean it up. And of course Lafayette deals with unburied things all the time so we know Tara and Jesus will be back warning and spooking the he’ll out of him. In Tara’s case her and Pam’s paths might cross bringing her back (which I hate btw, would they let that screamin bitch die already? Damn). So yeah that’s my take on it.

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