True Blood: The Final Touches

Have you wondered how they make the special effects or why they use the ones they do in episodes of True Blood? Wonder no more!

A new behind-the-scenes look at the filming of True Blood has surfaced. Alan Ball and the rest of his production crew discuss the use of special effects, in this behind-the-scenes video!

Check it out below!

Source: True Blood: The Final Touches

Here are some gifs taken from the video.

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Special thanks to Life is Unique on Tumblr for the gifs,  Souzan Alavi on Vimeo for the video and Eric Northman Fans on Facebook for the You Tube link!

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13 comments on “True Blood: The Final Touches

  1. that burning on the stake scene was another stupid thing of season 4 and of course, eric had to share the stake with Beel, season 5 will be so bad if its going to be like this the whole season *eyeroll*

    • That scene had the same problem as most of the season: it was supposed to be significant and compelling but had zero momentum or real emotion behind it so everything came across as just underwhelming and MEH…
      Everyone is in “mortal danger” every five minutes but since no main character ever dies or suffers believable consequences (see handling of Jason’s rape) there’s no sense of real danger and it’s increasingly hard to care about it all… some great writing there *sarcasm*…

      • Trixie, I totally agree about the non-dealing with Jason’s rape. The show isn’t serious or deep, but they still should have addressed it. When Lafayette was tortured in the Fangtasia cellar, he was traumatized and suffered PTSD, which made sense. I think if Jason were a female character, she’d have had major fallout like Tara did after being abducted and raped by Franklin. That pushed her over the edge and he moved away. How is Jason being held prisoner, basically poisoned, gang raped, and bitten by panthers not traumatizing? That should seriously screw him up, which would add some needed depth to his character.

  2. I didn`t like this scene either still looking forward to season 5 only cause Alex is still in it .. Then the part with Gran coming out of her grave and Marnie saying that the dead was having her tell there thought . LIke earlier episode when Sookie went to get her palm read Marnie ask Sookie if she was falling in love with a new man in her life she said she didn`t think so channeling Gran to saying don`t give the new man her heart pissed me off . but Gran inner voice said this woman poses great danger run so i wonder why that was put in the show . Eric loves Sookie he would never hurt her so i don`t get it . and Sookie telling Eric she still loves Bill made me confused after all that great love making ..

  3. The Special effects in TrueBlood are outrageous!!!
    And also so beleiveable that you actually beleived the Eric & Bill were burning at
    the stake that night in the Cemetary.
    I just wish that TrueBlood’s special effects team would get nominated for some
    awards in their field.

  4. Alan Bola Loca should have been with Beehl in the pyre……LOL…. If I will watch next season is because ASkars is still there and I want to see how this mess ends.

  5. […] to EricandSookieLovers.com for the heads up.  A new behind the scenes video of True Blood for season 4 has been released and […]

  6. Not watching this season. I’m getting really annoyed by AB ideas. Just watching this video makes me want to throw something at him and try to knock some sense into him. Perhaps a CH book. with a side note, “Read it, ALL OF IT.” And sorry to break it to you guys, but I can tell that the fire around sookie looked really fake. Maybe if AB was in that circle, I might change my mind. LOL.

  7. This scene was awesome for only one reason…..Alex was shirtless. Even covered with burns, this man is breathtaking. Imagine being the person to apply the makeup to his body!

    Ok, so now that I made my palms sweaty, I will tell you my least favorite part. Besides stupid Marnie who caved in faster than an igloo in FL, Gran coming back was the worst. She tells Sookie not to be afraid of being alone and that’s it?!?! Yeah, thanks Gran for making her walk away from Eric…..grrrr.
    On the plus side, hopefully Sookie sticks with Gran’s oh-so-great-advice in Season 5 and gives a big FU to the wolf when he starts sniffing around for a bone.

    • I agree with you but sookie has a sex scene every season…..so if she is hanging around Alcide doesn’t look good that they won’t be having a sex scene….AB likes this kinda stuff?

  8. […] Video: True Blood: The Final Touches: Ever wondered how they come up with special effects on the show? Ever wondered where they come up with their ideas? Watch this video, as Alan Ball and his production crew take you behind-the-scenes, as they discuss the special effects! […]

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