Stephen Moyer gives Sookie teaser for Season 5

True Blood actor Stephen Moyer has been busy helping promote Season 4 in his native UK, and according to the UK Press Association, he even offered a little tease for Season 5.

The actor hinted that season five will offer more changes for Bill and Sookie.

“There is something that happens at the beginning of the season which changes their relationship again” he teased.

Information source UKPA here

Could this be concerning Tara? Or maybe just that as Bill and Eric may be on the run away from Bon Temps, Sookie will be moving on? Perhaps Sookie becomes immune to Bill’s poisoned blood? Maybe Bill is going to emigrate to Peru finally and they will just become long distance pen-pals?

Seriously, why can't he just take the hint and leave?

We are in a positive mood today so hopefully it means Sookie and Bill’s relationship is going to move further away from how it has been in previous seasons. Team Eric and Sookie must never give up hope!

Let us know what you think it might be in the comments below.

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43 comments on “Stephen Moyer gives Sookie teaser for Season 5

  1. once again all this stupid bill and sookie talk, the show is not about them, have the writers ever read the books or are they so enamoured by paquin and moyer that they always have to talk about the characters they play… and in the beginning there is some sookie and bill stuff? Maybe another threesome?…yuck!!! Maybe Beel is going to introduce Nial to sookie in season 5, not even shocked anymore if they give another of erics storylines to Bil.

  2. I wish I could be as positive as you. After reading the article, I’ve got a sinking feeling that maybe Sookie is going to consider going back to (dare I say it???? ICK…) Bill. I sure hope not cause Sookie and Eric belong together, they are destined to be together. I wouldn’t put it past AB to pull a stunt like that, which will totally turn me off of the whole show.

    If that happens, then I will only watch the Eric scenes on Utube, I swear!!!!!!!!!!!
    I sure hope that I am wrong, wrong,wrong and that it is what you suggested above in your comments.

    I love Alex/Eric and I will always.

  3. I am so sick of Bill. I will be so pissed if Sookie and him get back together. Can’t the writers finally understand that the viewers want Eric and Sookie together!!!???

  4. No Bill please . I love Alex/Eric and i will always myself . Team Eric never give up hope

  5. Well…I thought the same way as you did,,,but then a started thinking that at the end of season
    4 Sookie didn’t choose Eric because she was still in love with Bill…plus she forgave him. So I’m hoping this means that she is mad at him again. And Alex said in an interview that Sookie and Eric were having a lot of issues to handle in season 5 but that the attraction and feelings were still there ( he mention Bill too) UGH! Plus SM is an attention h…, he will said anything to get attention. I never hear interviews with AP perspective.

    • Hi,

      What interview does Alex mention about him and Sookie having issues??…this sounds slightly positive as it does follow the books..I always thought Sookie sought a relationship with Quinn as she was a bit annoyed that Eric couldnt remember their relationship and then he hardly keeps in touch after he finds out that he told Sookie he when he had amnesia he would give everything up for her..

    • Actually, Alex hasn’t said that much about season 5 yet, the onls thing he was really talking about was the stupid bromance…

  6. Two possibilities: Bill is the one who turns Tara, which means she has to deal with him all the time (although my money is still on Pam as Tara’s maker) OR…Sookie discovers that when she and Eric exchanged blood, they formed a special bond like in the books.

  7. I for one really hope that William Thomas Compton goes to Peru!!!
    And he leaves Sookie alone and gets out of her life and finds
    happiness with another Vampire in another part of the World.
    Leaving Sookie & Eric Alone and in love.

  8. I wish Stephen Moyer would keep his mouth shut. That is all.

    What he said could mean a whole range of things, but if it means that Sookie chooses to be with him, I’m out. I would have lost all respect for Sookie and all hope for the story. It’s bad enough that she seems to be able to overlook the Rattray reveal and that SHE asked HIM for forgiveness (since I have absolutely no idea what she could possibly need his forgiveness for) but if she’s able to choose him over Eric after what happened between her and Eric in S4 she’s a complete fuckwit and I won’t want to watch her anymore. I’ll just read the reviews and watch the Eric parts on youtube.

  9. Wow, you guys get all worked up over one little tease, that could mean anything. It’s probably something that will tear them even further apart, not bring them closer together. I for one hope it means that he’s the one who turns Tara, just as long as it’s not Eric or Pam. Of course, he would probably think he was doing Sookie a favor, but in reality, that would make her even less interested in him. We can hope, anyway.

    • Yes……I don’t think its a positive thing that changes their relationship…..whatever it is he’s talking about. What AB and co. should be transitioning them into a friendship like the books…..but AB will never do that unfortunately….

  10. They finished S4 as “friends” —yuckkk— it’s all good between them, forgivness and all that sh**, so he said something that changes their relationship again, so it can only be something bad for them, and good for us!!! *thumbs up*

  11. I read the full article. SM states that they BOTH (AP/SM), miss working together. With this in mind, no matter what type of conflict sookie/beel will face next season, they’ll certainly reunite (puke). AB will do anything to make beel happy again.

    • The problem is that AB translates the marriage of AP/SM into the show when he obviously,should not. The character’s relationship and the real life relationship has nothing to do with each other or to be clearer it shouldn’t. This is our complaints about TB and the reason why most people believe sookie will end up back with Bill when it makes no plausible reason for this to happen.

      • It makes you wonder what would happen if Anna and Stephen actually get divorced. Hollywood relationships are dropping like flies, you never know what might happen. That’s why it’s ridiculous for him to base their characters on how they are in real life, I see that coming back to bite him in the ass.

        • I also wonder. Every time they go to the premiere, AB always takes a picture with both AP/SM only. You don’t often see him take a picture with only him and AS or any other cast member. It literally shows whose his favorite man.

          • No, I’ve seen pictures of just AB and Alex at one of the premieres before. I think it was for season 3 or 4, and I have seen some with other cast members.

  12. I wish I could be more positive, but AB has made TV “The Bill Show” from day one and he will continue that theme to the bitter end.y take is that Bill will save Tara and Sookie will be so very grateful because she does not want Tara to die no matter what has to be done to save her. It always has been and always will be Bill to the rescue from AB. I like all the others am completely disgusted with AB and TB.

    • Intended to say made TB “The Bill Show”

      • But that’s not saving her, and there is no way Sookie could be grateful for Tara becoming the one thing she hates above anything else. Their friendship would officially be over, Tara would never forgive her for that. Therefore, it would cause problems between her and Bill.

  13. True Blood sucks and not in a good way. We all hope that Sookie and Bill are done as a couple, but with Alan Ballsack at the helm, we know they will be back together. I’m preparing for the worst and hoping for Eric and Sookie to reunite. I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

    • Cheryl, I feel that real Eric and might get together but it wouldnt last for long on TB …….I think that Bill and Alcide and vampire politics would be an issue for them….bill and alcide would constantly talk bad about Eric to her…..they would be freaky hot sex between them but they would have problems and AB would Eric would have done something unforgivable for sookie then she would break-up with him and then Bill would come back to her that’s would make us all throw up…..I think that what we might see by season 6.

  14. I bet he’s referring to Sookie moving on because Bill & Eric leave Bon Temps for a while so…I hate to say it but Alcide could have his chance… ought :p no no noooooooo

  15. Judging by AP’s latest comments, I think she has a problem to distinguish reality from fiction and as an actress this is a problem if you can’t work apart from your husband. I’ve never read Angelina Jolie winning about how much she misses Brad when he’s away filming a movie. It also demonstrates she doesn’t care about the character she plays in TB, no wonder is so hard to feel some sympathy for her portrayal of Sookie. So, when this series ends, what’s she’s going to do? Maybe she should consider a change of career.

    • I totally agree… Ever since they got married she became different, her acting is different… For example: that last scene in S4 *puke* where she’s leaving them both, she hardly looked at Alex at all, he got only half-second look… You obviously see that she’s feeling uncomfortable, that she acts a bit easier while looking at her hubby’s eyes – which is ridiculously outrageously stupid and 100% unprofessional… i mean get it together woman! You’re an actress so ACT AS YOU SHOULD! Even those sex scenes (especially that one in the woods) seemed extremely uncomfortable for her, like a business that she unfortunately has to do, … She just doesn’t portray properly attraction that she should have for Eric anymore… In the books Sookie always needs an ice pack after encounter with Eric, she’s always struggling to keep it together, and now all that situation is just stupid- everything’s the other way around, she looks at Bill like that, like Bill is a bone and she’s a hungry dog… I really started to dislike her cause in real life too she gets on my nerves – at every single event or awards whenever they call her name she immediately looks at Stephen, she’s firmly holding his hand in a such a trange and weird way- get some independency woman! (I’m under the influence of a few youtube videos i’ve just watched, but still it’s really annoying)…

      Sorry this post is so long, but i really had to get it out of my system :-)

      • and also sorry for a few mistakes, but u understand i’m sure :-)

      • so agree with you, thats also a problem I have, and her acting has definitely changed because of that, I have scene lots of people saying that the eric sookie scenes were awkward looking, because Anna was so stiff in lots of scenes, she is an actress and gets payed for her job, we don’t watch the show because of her and her husband doing sex scenes on screen, which are actually much more weird to watch, its kind of weird to watch two people doing a sex scene on screen when you know they are married…

        • I’ve never liked her since she did an awful job as Rogue in the X-Men movies and yes, I felt she tried to sabotage her scenes with Alex, the scenes were worth to watch because Alex is a superb actor and transforms himself as Eric. She was robotic and stiff in most scenes, too bad because as an actress you have to play a character and convince the audience you’re that person. I’m not interested in seeing videos of a married couple, if want to see that stuff, I rather watch porn.

          I can’t see her as Sookie, she’s just a bad actress pretending to become a character from Charlaine Harris’ books.

        • Stiff – that’s the word – absolutely!

          • Her husband SM doesn’t seem to have those stiff problems in loving other women …..he seemsto enjoy screwing at least 2 women last season…

  16. No one seems to get on Stephen’s case about screwing other women on set, but it’s always about who Anna’s doing it with. They shouldn’t have gotten involved until after the show finished if it was going to be such a problem. If they know anything about the books, Sookie does not last with Bill for long. That’s how it’s supposed to be, but of course never in AB’s world. He’s brainwashed everyone and now they all have a hard time distinguishing between fiction and reality.

    • I am not against AP being in love with her husband….but I am against it when it interfers with TB ….In the spirit of the books Sookies love of her life is Eric not Bill. Even on TB with AB trying to have Bill in it as a suitor for her people still prefer Eric with her over anyone particularly Bill. It’s really stupid

      • It is, and I’m not against them either. I like their relationship off screen and wish them the best of luck, it just gets on my nerves when that affects the show. It should have nothing to do with it, but some people just don’t get that.

      • Whenever there are polls eric wins by a large margin … Not even a close contest.

        • Even if she acts stiff in love scenes they look so good together….a beautiful couple …and have good chemistry that people still would like to see them together

          • Exactly, but I actually didn’t notice their scenes coming off as stiff last season. It may have been awkward for the most part, but those scenes were still hotter than all of hers with Bill combined.

  17. As far as I remember this is the first television series where the relationship between two of the actors influences so much the plot. As an actor/actress you should be able to transform into the characters you’re supposed to play and real world should be left out of the studio. If AP is unable to do that, she should consider a career change.

    • Honestly, the show probably would have still gone this way even if they weren’t married in real life because of AB’s Bill love. We were always screwed.

  18. […] Stephen Moyer gives a spoiler tease! WARNING – this post may contain spoilers which will make your stomach super queasy! Please read at your own risk! […]

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