2/7 Quopic – Season 4 revisited

Being a native of the UK I have made it my mission to find a quopic from each episode of True Blood season 4 over the next 12 weeks as it finally legally airs over here. Will 6 months have dulled the pain? Will I be able to look at it more constructively? Well one thing is for sure, I enjoyed episode one the other night, there’s some good stuff in there that I had all but forgotten about. And by good stuff of course I mean good Eric stuff. Sure, Bill Compton bugged the hell out of me, but that’s nothing new, he’s done that since the night his mournful, lying face first appeared in Bon Temps.

It was a hard call. Eric’s sexy public service address was completely inspired in the way it was interwoven with Bill’s smarmy political speech. I certainly know which one I would trust if my life depended on it. And the final scene in Sookie’s bedroom is one of the sexiest scenes in True Blood EVER. Just don’t get me started on the growl, because if I start I won’t stop.

In the end I’ve gone for Eric and Sookie meeting up again for the first time, after her return from the land of fairy-fail. Eric calmly tells Sookie and the audience what the state of play has been whilst she was away.

Understand this – everyone who claims to love you, your friends, your brother, even Bill Compton, they all gave up on you. I never did.

Yes, Sookie do listen to him (of course she will) Jason has moved on and sold the house, Andy has moved on and didn’t get his plaque (ok perhaps he didn’t love her but I like the plaque bit), Alcide, we will discover, has moved on and moved Debbie back in, and as for Bill, he’s been so busy participating in the cold-blooded assassination of his reigning monarch, and sexing up his wiccan spy, he’s probably hardly noticed she was gone. Eric of course, not only bought her house so she would have a home to return to, but from the clues we are given, has been spending an awful lot of his time there patiently waiting for her return.

Oh and then there’s his exit line.

Don’t forget to let us know what you thought were the highs and lows of episode one, or is it all just a dull blur these days?

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8 comments on “2/7 Quopic – Season 4 revisited

  1. As for the part about Bill, I agree and that’s why I always loved Eric. He didn’t just move on when Sookie and him seperated. He always faught to get her back. Bill just started dating Selah or whoever was around.

  2. A good example of the differences between these two is the look on their faces when they’re woken up because Sookie has returned. Bill has an expression of annoyance, like oh great, I have to deal with her again. His act when he saw her again was just that, an act. He would have done anything to stay in her good graces like the manipulative liar he is. Eric has an expression of relief, and he didn’t waste any time to get to her house as soon as it got dark, even though he knew the Queen would not approve. Of course, there are some theories that he was already in the cubby at the time. I do believe he slept there some nights just to feel closer to Sookie.

  3. “Nice paint” I love that. Yes, this episode showed a lot of promise. Eric was very,very good. Bill had really moved on – shame they later decided to move him back!

    • It’s the same thing with Alcide, Eric was right, they all thought she was dead. Hence the ‘moving on’, but the second she comes back, they’re suddenly all about how much they love her. Yeah, sure, I think Eric has proven that more than anyone else, but she just won’t listen.

      • Yeah, that was a major point Eric made to her that he knew should would come back…..everyone else thought she dead. Knowing Bill he was screwing everyone in sight for the last year and a half…..I know Eric wasn’t doing that plus he fixed her house up 300% better than it ever even put a flat screen tv there. It too bad he couldn’t just say to her at end of the episode that he loved her and missed her that’s why he bought her house.

  4. Iwill say it again , and again Eic is the vampire for Sookie only Eric . I love him . Very well acted out . I tune in to see him every season . I hope he gets his fairy before the season ends

  5. The first episode had so much promise for the whole season. Then as the season went on just to let us down. Damn AB, we could have had a great season,. You had to ruin it with your stupid writers and your hard on for all that isn’t Stephen Moyer. Get a clue the star of the show is Eric Freaking Northman! Not Queen Beehl! I’m still pissed, after all this time.

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