True Blood VS The Vampire Diaries: Which Cover Is Better?

The threesome (yuck, how I hate saying that word) of Damon, Elena and Stefan from The Vampire Diaries graces the cover of the March issue of Entertainment Weekly which reminded us of the True Blood Rolling Stone cover in the spring of 2010.

You know the one…with Eric, Sookie and Bill covered in blood?

This got me thinking…why couldn’t we have a hot cover with Eric & Sookie like the one pictured below of Damon and Elena? WTF?

Instead, all we got was this fully-clothed cover of TV Guide and the one in Entertainment Weekly. AGAIN, FULLY CLOTHED!

Not that Eric and Sookie HAVE to be naked, but it would’ve been nice to have a hot, partially clothed picture of Eric and Sookie, like Damon and Elena’s, for season 4 – since this was the season they became lovers.

Sorry, if this sounds more like a rant, but this makes me NOT a very happy Eric and Sookie lover right now!

That being said, there are a couple of polls to cast your vote to decide, ‘which cover was hotter: True Blood VS The Vampire Diaries’? The first poll is over at Wetpaint Entertainment and the other poll is over at Celebuzz.com!

What do you think? Share your thoughts below!

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25 comments on “True Blood VS The Vampire Diaries: Which Cover Is Better?

  1. Yeah, I’m really noticing a lot of bias in the direction of images used! There seems to be really sexy shots of VD… but not our Sex God in House, Eric… what are they afraid of? If they show him in all his erotic glory…the other “boys” won’t have a chance! LOL

  2. The newest cover for Entertainment Weekly is a blantant ripoff of RollingStone’s TrueBlood
    cover of a few Summer’s ago. And Rolling Stone’s cover is the better cover if you ask me.
    TrueBlood is for adults and vampire Diaries is for teenagers/young adults.
    TrueBlood/Rolling Stone cover featured Alex Skarsgard-AnnaPaquin-Stephen Moyer
    naked as the day they were born covered in fake blood.
    EntertainmentWeekly/VampDiaries has the three stars semi nude &covered by red silk.
    What are they afraid to show skin???
    I have to give Best Cover to : Rolling Stone/TrueBlood.
    Loved the TVGuide cover with Eric & Sookie, still have it.

  3. Hands down trueblood cover is the winner . I still have my magazine too. the vampire diaries rip off sad there is no competition with the covers in my eyes why did they stoop the low copying or trying to anyway . Trueblood all the way baby

  4. Of course everything True Blood. I am not a teeny bopper and Vampire Diaries is definitely for the kiddie set.

  5. Um, yeah, if you actually watched the show, it’s not just for kids. Sorry, True Blood doesn’t win this one for me. Ian and Nina are also together in real life, hence them probably getting the hotter picture.

    • I do watch the show because there is a teen ager in my household and I monitor what she watches. As far as I am concerned no really mature individual would consider the show anything other then the WB pandering to the teen/young adult set. I also find it amusing when ppl assume that because actors are seeing each other in real life they have more chemistry in pictures and scenes. These are professionals. What they do in their personal lives should not affect their performances and if it does then I question if they have real talent or are they skating by on their looks.

      • I prefer her with the other guy on the show, so I really don’t care about them dating in real life, but a lot of people base what they watch on that.

  6. TVD cover is better looking I guess. Bill spoils the TB one. I don’t like threesomes of any kind, so both pictures have one too many people on for me. TVD one would be better with Klaus on as he is the hottest on that show, but as both Damon and Stefan are much better than BIll, I’d have to vote for them.

  7. sorry, Vampire diares so much better and more tasteful and Bill is just ruining the threesome cover, the whole thing with the blood is just unsesy, the VD one looks definitely better… and its not only this, their show is better written and their love triangle is at least bearable.

    • Bill ruins every picture.

    • If you are watching one program where the stories is based on vampires then you should expect to see some blood, otherwise would be like drink pepsi in a coke can !

      • still the VD one is better done, the blood doesn’t really make the TB one better, especially with Bill on it… and VD has a big fanbase, also older people are watching the show and like already said, their love triangle also can be annoying at times, but it is so much better done and written than the cheesy TB one…

      • There is blood in Vampire Diaries, it doesn’t need to be on the cover of a magazine to get people interested.

  8. Nobody who watches TVD can say that’s for the kiddie set… Seriously?!

    IMO TVD cover is so so so much better (main reason: no Beehl there to look at you with those ‘Sookeh is mahn’ look (i picked that spelling up from http://fuckyoubillcompton.tumblr.com/ btw Tammy thank you for introducing that site – can’t believe i didn’t know about it :-D ). OK, maybe E/S/B picture is for more mature public with all that nudity that actually shows nothing, but i think there’s just enough skin in TVD cover to make it as sexy as it is – they all look really hot!

    Also have to say i agree with Laura – their show definitely is better written : maybe it’s because woman is mainly in charge: Julie Plec who is head writer and executive producer… One woman does so much better job than 6 incompetent writers of TB or how many of them are there idk… There are no inconsistencies and plotholes, boring or filler storylines- every character is interesting and those ones who are not main characters don’t even appear in every episode cause that time is dedicated to the ones who are main characters unlike Eric who gets 10 minutes maximum (on a lucky day) out of almost one hour episode… Ignorant staff of TB could really learn something from ppl in charge of TVD…

    • seriously, people who say The VD is for kiddies have probably only watched the first episode of sesaon 1, because the show has become more and more mature in the later episodes and sorry, beel is just ruining the one cover and the way they arranged the VD is much better, you don’t have to throw in unnecassary gore blood and sex to make a show sexy…

      and is a BL on here again, someone is giving dislikes for the bill dissing *laugh*

    • Exactly, and everyone in here needs to know about that site. It has brought me many joys in life;)

  9. The True Blood cover any day (even if Bill is in it. At lease we get a naked Eric)! The VD cover is so vanilla! I (still) don’t get the EW cover with Sookie and Eric. That just reminds me of the Beverly Hillbillies and I totally don’t see the TB connection.

    • Eric is the only sexy thing in that cover, but Beehl/SM is a complete turn-off…His presence ruins the picture.

  10. Rolling Stone magazine cover is the best!!

  11. The Rolling Stone magazine cover is way better thanks to Eric being in it. Alex is so sexy!

    Hey everyone, come save Eric. We are playing Vampire Elimination on the True Blood board at IMDB. You should come over and vote for Eric. Sign-up if you don’t already have an account, it’s free. You can only play once a day. Go to the last post, copy the names and numbers, hit reply, paste text in reply box, add one point to Eric and take a point away from another TB vampire.


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