2/11 Quopic of the day

With New York Fashion Week in full swing, a girl’s mind can’t help but turn to the greatest male model of them all.

But just which of the True Blood characters would have been most at home this week, strutting their stuff on the cat-walk and sipping gratuitous amounts of orange mocha frappuccino?

Of course it can only be a man so overwhelmed by the sight of beauty that he couldn’t see the vengeful viking warrior king from the walking personification of gorgeous that stood before him.

“Hello, have we met”

“Eric Northman, Sheriff Louisiana Area 5, come to see the king”

“Talbot royal consort, permit me to facilitate”

Poor old Talbot, he was doomed from the start, but I do kind of miss him and his exquisite taste in decor. Anyone else have fond memories of Russell’s toy-boy? Did he really deserve to be emptied down the drain in such an unbecoming manner?

Zoolander gif source Kamehouse

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6 comments on “2/11 Quopic of the day

  1. Absolutely not!! Talbot deserved better. Theo played the role of Talbot wonderfully. Of course it was destined to happen the way that it did. I can see that. But its’ too bad that the powers that be picked him for such a small part. I think Theo could have been chosen for a better recurring role than Talbot. There again, AB in all of his infinite wisdom. Kills off the good characters and lets the bad characters live………..

  2. Theo was a excellent at playing Talbot I love the way he acted out the character I miss him wish we could see him again on the show unfortunately Eric staked him . True Blood killed off a lot of great characters on the show over the seasons . I love the show but wished others have still been there too .

  3. Absolutely deserved it,one of my fav Sookie moments (crazy laugh and all) but I loved him anyway..

  4. He had his moments, but when it comes to fashion, I immediately go to Pam.

  5. Talbot was so much fun, but Eric had his reasons for killing him off. I can’t help but miss both him and Franklin.

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