2/16 Quopic – Season 4 revisited

Here in the UK we were (legally) treated to Season 4, episode 2 this week. It is without doubt a great Eric Northman episode. From his saucy kitchen exchange with Sookie to his sarcastic bowing to the unworthy king, from his grand entrance into The Moon Goddess Emporium to his dazed and confused wandering down the side of the road. It’s all so good. And let’s not forget Sookie either, her reaction to Eric’s unauthorized cubby building is one of her season highlights. So just how are we to choose a single quopic from this episode?

Well, on the same night True Blood aired, the British Film Academy gave their highest award, Best Film, to a silent movie (The Artist), which just goes to show that sometimes something can be so good you don’t need to speak at all. So here is our first (and possibly last) silent Quopic.

And whilst we are on the subject of something so good it doesn’t need words, the award for the season’s most awesomely incredible acting goes to this gentleman here

Alexander Skarsgard proving that there are some actors who, without even uttering a word, are so good they can make a scene completely perfect.

Don’t forget to let us know in the comments what you remember from episode 2, do you agree it was a great episode for the viking?

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5 comments on “2/16 Quopic – Season 4 revisited

  1. “Y’all looking for a dead body?” Best scene of eric/alex in a while!

  2. Yep, this was when I still held hope for the show, Alex was fantastic throught out the season natch, but when the storyline took a slider was the shower scene and it was all downhill from there………….

  3. I think he was superb here,his entrace in the witches room is really powerfull its so Eric

  4. Of all of the actors in Trueblood,Alexander Skarsgard, is the one who has the most
    expressive eyes,he doesn’t even have to utter a single word all he has to do is
    look at you or look into your eyes and you’re under his spell.
    His eyes tell stories,they’re where he keeps his secrets and his secret dreams.
    You wonder what’s going on inside of his brain,what’s he thinking?
    When he does open his mouth to speak, you’re caught up instantly.
    Alexander is Eric Northman come to Life onscreen.

  5. No one can make an entrance quite like Eric Northman, Bill should take a few pointers. I was so looking forward to the amnesia storyline. Even though a lot of it was cheesy, escape to Narnia aside, it was handled a lot better than the rest of the craptastic season. I just hate how Alan Ball gives us what we want one second, and then takes it away the next. I don’t see that changing any time soon.

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