Latest Poll: TV’s Most Crushworthy Supernatural Creature

In honor of Valentine’s Day, Zap2it is celebrating some of the greatest loves on television. They want to know who TV’s Most Crushworthy are, starting with the Most Crushworthy Supernatural Creatures.

The winners of the various categories will be announced later this month (and then they’ll face off against each other to find out who the Ultimate TV Crush is).

Eric Northman is the only guy to be nominated in this poll from True Blood! Hehehe. You don’t know how happy this makes me, because there’s SO many other supernatural male characters on True Blood! I guess this means they think both Bill and Alcide SUCK?! Hahahahaha…

Jessica Hamby is the only girl to be nominated in the poll from True Blood. Wait a minute…why isn’t Pam on there? WTF?

Anyways, you can cast your votes here: TV’s Most Crushworthy Supernatural Creatures

At the time of this post; Eric Northman had 2.45% of the votes, and Jessica Hamby had 6.08%, in their respective polls.

We have an uphill battle to climb, because Eric is up against both Damon Salvatore (The Vampire Diaries) and Castiel (Supernatural), who are in a neck-in-neck race for 1st.

Thanks Eric & Sookie Lovers!

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15 comments on “Latest Poll: TV’s Most Crushworthy Supernatural Creature

  1. No chance, Damon and Castiel win everything and I’m so sick of it. I especially do not understand the appeal for Cas. He’s so dull and not the least bit attractive, in my opinion. His popularity makes no sense to me.

  2. Vampire diares is more popular, so Damon is going to win this again…and the same is with castiel, its just that more people watch those shows, and yes, these shows have lower ratings on televison, but lots of people probably watch it on dvd or in some other ways, and those shows are more consistent and more people are devoted to those shows because they are well written, true blood only gets watched nowadays to see some hot naked people and the storylines are just there to prop up bill meh…

    • I think it’s way more to do with the fact that True Blood is in it’s “off season” right now and TVD is right in the middle. Same with supernatural. Plus, huge online fanbases for both Cas and Damon because the target demographic is younger. TVD is a good show, but I wouldn’t call it well written. It’s made me go WTF many times. And well written isn’t really something people look for in online fandoms today anyways, LOL. Look at Gossip Girl and Glee.

      • The only reason to watch Glee is for the music, but yeah, a lot of the show has left me wondering what the hell they were thinking. Still, I enjoy it way more than True Blood. I dread every time a new episode comes on, so I actually like this long break between seasons.

  3. I totally agree with you Tammy. I don’t get Castiels’ appeal either, hes’ absolutely nothing to look at and has a blah type of personality. Of course, Damon will win, as their are too many VD fans on these polls. I guess the lil’ chippies just love him.

    Thats’ all right tho’, as I know who is the best in this catagory anyway and I voted for him, our big swedie Viking sex God. In my heart, he’ll always and forever be number one!!!!

    • Exactly, he has like no personality whatsoever. And some people find that to be sexy? I think I’ll pass, at least Damon knows how to crack a joke and do it right. Although, I’m kind of over him, not that I was ever really into him much. Unfortunately, I had to vote for Spike. He will always be my favorite vampire, but Eric comes in a close second. I’m just so glad Bill wasn’t on the list.

  4. Eric/Alex has a couple of major strikes against him in this contest, though as far as I’m concerned he is the CLEAR winner. 1) With HBO being a paid subscription network, it’s viewership is much lower than the CW, which is free to basic cable viewers. 2) Both Vampire Diaries and Supernatural are targeted to a younger audience, especially teenagers, and teenagers are more likely to visit sites like Zap2it and vote in online polls.

  5. TVD has a huge online fanbase, and Damon is the most popular character, so that’s why he always wins. TB gets way more viewers overall but the online TVD fanbase is just insane. Although I don’t agree with the poster that said TVD was more well written. It has just as many inconsistencies and ridiculous plotlines (Bonnie becoming super-witch in matter of weeks & the more recent ghost storyline for example) and in my opinion the triangle is just as if not more poorly handled than the B/S/E triangle. Just my opinion though.I don’t watch Supernatural, but the ratings for that are dismal. However ,yes, there is an insane number of Castiel fans. So overall it’s big competition. I already voted though. I will vote for Eric over any vampire always.

    • The triangle on TVD is much more bearable, she at least has a reason to love both of them. There is no reason for Sookie to still be in love with Bill.

      • No reason at all except AB wants the “teams” to all have something to looking forward to…..just stupid as hell

    • You’re obviously not a regular TVD viewer because every single plotline including the ones you’ve mentioned are everything but inconsistent, they make perfect sence of course if you’re regular like i said… and bonnie has a tones of her gramma’s “witch cook-books” (like Damon says) LOL with tones of spells so it’s really more about finding the right spell and not being the super-witch, Elena and Caroline helped her a lot of times blah blah don’t wanna spam but seriously IMO it’s one of the best written shows ever, but if you’re comparing with TB the bar is set kinda low so Dora the explorer makes more sence LOL

      • LOL, I wouldn’t go that far. I don’t understand a lot of what’s going on half the time, but it’s definitely more consistent than True Blood. I can agree that much.

        • you really have to be into it in order to keep up cause a lot of things are going on and constantly connecting with previous seasons so you have to have a good memory :-D which implies a lot of interest in TVD which i obviously have LOL but trust me it all makes perfect sence – really i only started to watch TVD because of my dissapointment in TB so i kinda developed a new addiction but i have to admit that hundreds of Ians/Damons will never top just one Eric Northman… :-(

          • Nope, he is in a league all his own. I watched TVD because I can’t seem to pass on anything having to do with vampires, and I was a huge fan of the books as a kid. But luckily for me, I hardly remember anything about them. There is no way I’m going to bother with the new books, I’ll just stick to the show. I’ve learned my lesson before.

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