2/20 Quopic – Season 4, episode 3

True Blood Season 4 is now in full swing in the UK and last night in episode 3 “If you love me, why am I dyin’?” there was a further Eric Northman treat for the viewers, yet another side to everyone’s favorite viking – cute, adorable Eric.

Here at E&SL, we actually don’t think it was physically possible for him to be any cuter or more adorable. Who wouldn’t want to take him home and take good care of him?  So poor Sookie has our sympathy in today’s quopic trying (and failing) to tell him off.

“You just killed my fairy god-mother”.


To be fair to Sookie, she did try to send him to his room in the next episode!

This was the third episode in a row that ended with an Eric and Sookie scene, obviously the producers of the show knew which story-line would leave the viewers begging for more.

What did you think of cute, adorable Eric? Let us know below.

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3 comments on “2/20 Quopic – Season 4, episode 3

  1. love this scene he is adorable the only way Eric was going to his room is f Sookie was going too . they are awesome together on scene you gotta love it

  2. this was a good episode, but all went down to hell in the last few episodes, starting with episode 8… they f***** ruined it… thanks AB for f****** up TB with your bill boner!!

  3. Ya it started out okay, but we all know how it turned out in the end. F*cked up!

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