True Blood Season 4 DVD Release Date

For those anxiously waiting for the True Blood Season 4 DVD…we have great news for you!

Thanks to our affiliate, True-Blood.net – who found out when the True Blood Season 4 DVD will be released! They had this to say, below…

Good news, Truebies! I was just at the store and noticed that on the poster advertising Game of Thrones: The Complete First Season on DVD (coming March 6), there’s also a little note letting us know that True Blood: The Complete Fourth Season will arrive on DVD and Blu-ray on Tuesday, May 29, 2012!

You can pre-order your copy from Amazon now and lock in the lowest price, plus insure that it will arrive at your house promptly. True Blood delivered to your doorstep. Now that’s a good thing.

Note: This is the U.S. release date for True Blood season 4. We don’t have information for other countries yet. When we do, we’ll post it.

The countdown is on…for those dyin’ to watch all of those great Eric and Sookie scenes, over and over again and add this to your True Blood/Eric and Sookie collection!

I wonder what kind of special features they’ll have? Hmmm…hope they have a lot of behind-the-scenes of Alex and Anna filming, interviews and Eric & Sookie lovin’ features…

Thoughts? Share ’em below!

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13 comments on “True Blood Season 4 DVD Release Date

  1. don’t really have the urge to buy it after the huge disappointment that season 4 was… the Eric sookei parts were just too short and beehl was in almost every scene with them and don’t know how someone can enjoy their parts, knowing, that it turns into a threesome crap with Sookie asking bill for forgiveness which still makes no sense at all…

  2. I have no intention of buying Season 4. Because of what happened in the end, I don’t want to see any of it again. The idea of spending my limited resources on something that will only give me heartache has no appeal whatsoever.

  3. i burned season 4 of my xfinity package on hbo so i don`t think i will buy it . i was disappointed by it Eric and Sookie parts to short Bill i n every episode almost then Sookie dumped Eric in the end .But i did enjoy Lafayette and Marnie /Antonia parts as well Just not that excited but True Blood is my Favorite show all because of Alex/Eric my favorite actor on there I really wanted him and Sookie to be together . We all know Anna /Stephen are married so i don`t get why we have to see it on the show as well . I love the books on this couple they are so much better

  4. I have all the episodes on my computer, but since I have the first three seasons on DVD, I’ll likely be getting this one as well. No matter how disappointing the season was for the most part.

  5. I’ll definitely be getting it. It’s a shame if Eric fans reject this whole season as Alex did some really great work and there are some very memorable scenes. I understand people’s feelings though. I can’t see myself re-watching episodes 9-12, those might have to be trashed!

  6. What’s most painful is that this was Eric/Sookie season, and DVD sales will obviously seriously drop plus i know a lot of ppl who won’t buy it (i’m definitely one of them) and that will be the only fact AB will have in mind- something like you got what you wanted (until the end of fuc**** episode 8 writen by the Devil) so it’s almost the whole season of ’em (building up and the real stuff that lasted only let’s say 2 episodes) and nobody’s buy in it :S :S :S

    Not even in the books are they together immediately after, so sometimes i just think we should be patient, but having in mind how AB is pretty much running his own show at this time judging by all the crapy and uninterested spoilers , that hope is on a shaky ground… idk….

    Bromance: uggggggggghhh makes me wonna vomit, pull my hair out, jump of the roof
    *slamming his fingers on the keyboard*

  7. For those who are interested UK release date 21st of May

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