Alan Ball Quitting True Blood?

Yes, you read the title right! Well, it’s not that he’s quitting True Blood altogether…read on below!

Alex, Anna, Stephen and Alan at the 2010 Scream Awards. Image Courtesy of True-Blood.net

Forbes.com reported earlier today that Alan Ball is tired of True Blood and wants to leave. This is what they said below…

Exclusive: There’s a rumor going around that Alan Ball, creator of the great and successful HBO series, “True Blood,” may leave the show. No disputes. He just says he’s exhausted. Well, he’s given a log of blood. Maybe he needs a transfusion. My guess is that HBO will persuade him to stick around and keep an eye on Sookie and the vampires. Ball, of course, created and wrote “Six Feet Under” and directed the Oscar winner “American Beauty.” Vitamins please! I don’t know how he does it anyway. “True Blood” really is a complex masterpiece. Anyway. this is just a Friday rumor and not confirmed.

They later, go on to say…

update: I am told that Ball isn’t leaving but will step down from running the writing staff. He will remain as Executive Producer.

I’m not sure what to think. Is this a good thing or a bad thing? The writing staff will still have to answer to Alan Ball and his “vision”. He will still be calling the shots. While he won’t be writing episodes anymore…overall, he will still have the final say as to what is shown on True Blood.

What do you think? Share your thoughts below!

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17 comments on “Alan Ball Quitting True Blood?

  1. I’ll take it as a positive, I don’t know how the show could possibly get worse.

  2. Well I say if he is so ‘tired of True Blood’ and he is so exhausted then he needs to leave. Now, if he stays on as Executive Producer then I hope it is in title only and he keeps his thoughts far away from the writing process. He has to know that fans think he has been lacking of late.

  3. I may start watching the show again……..((yes I am smiling)))

  4. I hope he steps down fully and lets the other writers have a big say in what they want. he can’t have it his way all the time if he decides not to write anymore episodes. I am hoping if he steps down then we will get our sookie and eric the way it should be

    • Unfortunately, the other writers are just as bad. They’ve all been brainwashed by him, so even if he did leave at some point, the damage has already been done.

  5. My guess is that AB got bored with the show when so many fans realized his golden boy Bill was not the major player AB envisioned.

  6. Hmm. If he’s still there as Executive Producer he will still have influence, and in view of his obvious Bill Boner, I don’t think this is a good thing. If he’s bored with it he should go and let someone else step in. If they are not working under his shadow, there is a chance of things improving whereas if he’s still there nothing will change.

  7. I don’t care if AB is still there as long as he listens to the fans and to those people who watch TB. For one, stop murdering the characters from the book. Secondly, at least adapt a bit of similarity with the book storyline as totally copying the books might be boring but totally not taking anything from the book is just a disaster which has been excruciatingly watched by TB followers. And lastly, for him to always remember that more happy viewers means more success in the show.

  8. well sadly, its already too late, the other writers also got already brainwashed with balls bill love, they will continue with the bill chronicles…

  9. Whatever, I think this couldn’t get much worse… Ar this point I only see it for Alexander Skarsgård.

  10. I don’t think anything will change, Beel will still be put forward way too much… And together with Eric *cringes*. Even if True Blood becomes more pro- Eric, which it should have been from season 1, it’s not very likely. The damage has been done, I too only watch for Eric. If they’d screw him up much more, I’m out for real.

  11. As already stated, it doesn’t mean “a hill of beans”, he already ruined the show and since he still has a say in what goes on, nothing will change. I for one, only watch the show now to see Alex and thats’ it. My love for the show died awhile ago………

  12. If they continue screwing up Eric and making him humbly say things like. “I’ve glamoured the ones you requested your MAJESTY” or like what he said to Nan: “You should be kissing his ring” or anything that implies that Bill is superior, not even Alex will be able to save this show for me… I’m gonna be out!!! Thank God there are other things that can provide needed Alex-dose cause him constantly being underrated in those poor 5-6 minutes are certainly not enough anymore!

    • It’s never going to happen, as far as I’m concerned after that last finale, Bill is no longer in charge. Eric doesn’t have to do anything he says, I’m hoping for lots of the snark to return.

  13. Not impressed cause he will still have to call the shots to it . don`t they have to get his approval .I love the show i hope the writers will be able to straighten this out . hopefully i will still watch it

  14. […] this news first broke…we posted it here, but it was only rumors at the time. Thanks to EW.com, we now have official statements from HBO and […]

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