3/5 Quopic – Season 4 Episode 5

In True Blood Season 4 this week, the UK viewers finally got to see the wonderful kiss in episode 5 that was most definitely worth waiting for. Eric couldn’t bear the thought that he might cause Sookie harm, Sookie couldn’t bear the thought of him leaving, and then it was the epic kiss, be still our beating hearts, as no one kisses quite like Eric and Sookie.

“There’s a light in you, its beautiful, I couldn’t bear it if I snuffed it out”

“Eric, please don’t go”.

One of the best kisses ever, we certainly think so.

Hopefully we will get some more of the same in Season 5.

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4 comments on “3/5 Quopic – Season 4 Episode 5

  1. OMG what a kiss so passionate i hope we see more of this in the new season .. I love Eric/ Sookie together so bad He truly loves her .

  2. Ya I do to. I remember an old saying ” put hope in one hand and sh*t in the other and see which one gets filled first”. Just saying.

  3. *sighs* So much potential at this point, and then it all went to hell.

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