How well do you know Sookie & Eric in Season 4

It’s a frustrating time of year for Eric and Sookie lovers. We know the new book is on it’s way but it’s taking too damned long to get here (advanced reviews that go up then come swiftly down don’t help our blood pressure  either). We know filming of True Blood season 5 is well under way, but as yet no word on what might happen to Sookie and Eric this year. So we’ll take what we can get to pass our time, and today Wet Paint have put up a little quiz for us to test how well we know our favorite couple’s relationship from Season 4.

You can take the quiz here

Hopefully it didn’t tax you too much.

We might have to come up with our own – much harder – quiz sometime.

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6 comments on “How well do you know Sookie & Eric in Season 4

  1. They’re test was Easy Peasy!!!! I got them all correct. As if……….. If you don’t get them all correct, then you’d better go back and rewatch the eppies (except for the last one, unless you want to get sick all over again).

    It was too easy, I agree with you Evie, you guys need to get together and make up your own quiz. Anything to pass the time, as all this waiting (for the book, for the season to start, etc.) is starting to get on my last nerve……LOL. I HATE waiting!!!! I miss Eric and if Sookie doesn’t grow a set this season I’m about to throw her to the wolves!!!! (Yuck!!!!).

  2. I passed all the test i hope Eric/Sookie get back together this season please

  3. Yeah, this was way too easy. It would have been funny if they actually put Narnia as an answer for where they went during their V trip. Although, I would have been too tempted to pick that…lol!

  4. I also past the test way to easy having withdrawals on waiting for the new season to start and the new book to come out. Not looking forward to E/B bromance on season 5

  5. I did enjoy and passed the quiz although it is a bit easy for eric and sookie lovers. I also took the quiz about how well one know about Eric and I feel a bit bad for missing the answer about his father- I guess 9 out of 10 correct answers is not bad. While I was in there website I came across a mention about Eric and Pam minisode when they were auditioning dancers for Fangtasia. It is really funny- Eric looks of course so gorgeous in his fav track suit and tongs despite looking bored and annoyed at times with the applicants. Just love him so and of course Pam too- love her much as well.

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