3/8 Quopic – International Women’s Day

Today is International Women’s Day and on behalf of everyone at Eric & Sookie headquarters, may I wish you a happy and empowering one! It seems only fair for such a special female day that Eric Northman takes a back seat for our Quopic today (although I may just have to give him a little mention before the end of the post). Sookie doesn’t have too many human female friends in either the show or the books, but there is of course always Tara. In the books Tara is happily married and about to pop out  twins in Deadlocked from what we have heard, whilst the luckless True Blood Tara’s fate will be revealed in Season 5. We’ve gone for a book quote, as Charlaine Harris is one damned awesome International Woman herself after all. We find Sookie enjoying a rare girlie moment on the dance floor at Josephine’s in Club Dead.

In a perverse way we were having an “I am woman, hear me roar” moment and by golly, love sure was a battlefield. Benatar was right about that.

We had our sides to the audience,Tara gripping my waist, for the last few bars, and we pumped our hips in unison, and brought our hands sweeping to the floor. The music stopped. There was a tiny second of silence, and then a lot of applause and whistling.

Of course Sookie’s chaperone Alcide just “glowered”, however someone else at Josephine’s that night found the whole scene very entertaining.

A parting of bodies crowding the little dance floor gave me a glimpse of Eric, leaning against the wall behind the small stage. His eyes were on me, and they were full of heat. There was someone who wasn’t pissed off at me, someone who had taken our little routine in the spirit in which it was offered.

So let it never be said that Eric Northman doesn’t appreciate the importance of women.

Happy International Women’s Day. Let’s hope for a kick-ass, no nonsense Sookie Stackhouse in 54 days time!

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  1. Yes, I totally agree. Sookie really, really needs to come back this coming season with a total ‘tude adjustment and kick some ass……. She needs to empower herself and let it be known. Most of all to Bill, the wolves etc. but, with Sookie coming back in charge, that would only draw Eric closer to her, as he enjoys that in her Fae spirit.

  2. I can`t wait for the book to come out i am dying to read this . I hope on the show that Eric/Sookieget back together on the show

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