Book Eric plots we want on True Blood

Looking to pass a little bit more time before it all goes crazy in 52 days time? Well our friends over at Wet Paint are running a little poll to find out which of 3 suggested Book Eric story-lines you would like to appear in True Blood. Circumstances in the show are of course  very different now for Eric than they were in the books. but hey, we can dream can’t we?

Besides whatever storylines from Charlaine Harris’s books they decide to choose, they will always be better than the dreaded “Bromance”.

Here in Sookie & Eric Land we just want our number one couple back together where we know they belong!

Check out the Wet Paint suggestions and vote for your choice here

If you think there is a better story from the books for True Blood Eric let us know below.

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11 comments on “Book Eric plots we want on True Blood

  1. There is only ONE ending I want to see and that is Eric and Sookie together forever!! In the books, on the show everywhere!!!!!!! If that doesn’t happen, it will still happen, but only in fanfic and in my heart as that is the only real ending to the SVM stories………..

  2. please have Eric/Sookie together on the show everywhere is exactly what i was thinking too . Eric and Sookie love each other . I hope at the end of the books as well Team Eric rules

  3. Of course the first choice is the best for me: Sookie and Eric back together.
    There was one scene I like in CH books: Eric changing Debbie’s corpse from one tomb to another, then he has to take a shower at Sookie’s and …well…we know ;)

  4. I want them together or married or both!!! Whatever in the hell it takes…haha…just reread Dead in the Family and it was such a good book! I always hate for them to end….

  5. I don’t need them to be married, just as long as they end up together. But yeah, I have a feeling we’ll need to stick to fan fiction for that.

  6. seriously, nothing of the book stuff is ever going to happen, they will either give it to Bill to prop him up or let Bill be involved in everything, it is just too damn stupid what they are doing with the show. I wasn’t one of those who needed to see the shower scene from the books on the show, but they turned it into f*cking narnia, it can’t get more ridicolous…

  7. Fanfiction is probably where we get the ending that we all want …..but I still hold out hope of we will get them together at the end in the books and on TB…..wishful thinking

  8. I agree the fanfiction is the only place we will get our wish. But one can only hope the book will turnout to be better than the show fingers crossed.

  9. Ladies:
    if you really want to be happy, then I suggest that you read a wonderful fan fiction.
    It’s called “Late!!!” it’s one of 6 written by Morgaine Swann.
    But there are three that must be read~ and they have to be read in order.
    1.The Understanding 2. She’s coming home 3. LATE!!!

    The last story is 107 Chapters~ and growing!!
    you will LOVE IT. Beleive me I’ve read it more than 10 times.
    I can’t get enought of it and it has just what you want:
    GO TO: http://www.fanfiction.net
    then look for: LATE & Morgaine Swann

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