50 Days to Deadlocked

That’s right folks it’s just FIFTY days until we get the next and penulitmate chapter in the adventures of our favorite mystery solving telepathic waitress and her viking vampire  boyfriend. And as you can see Eric Northman is getting very, very excited.

(Synopsis spoilers ahead)

Ah, take no notice of  Mr Big, Blonde Grumpy, he’s just a little ticked off as he’s read the synopsis on Amazon UK and it looks like someone is out to frame him. Will Sookie Stackhouse stand by her man? Will she manage to entangle the web of deceit, put in her shifts at Merlottes, keep her fairy lodgers in line and still have time to spend a quiet evening sweeping the yard with Bubba? We will soon find out, and let’s hope she stays a little bit calmer about the whole situation than most of us Eric & Sookie supporters are managing to be right now.

We must try to remember that things in the Sookieverse are not always as they seem though. It’s not quite time to hit the panic button yet. We know Sookie still loves Eric in Chapter 2, she told Dermot in the extract on Charlaine Harris site. You can reread it here. So the big break up that some people were predicting right after the end of Dead Reckoning never took place. Also in Charlaine’s interview with The Washington Post last year, she confirmed the Sookie/Eric relationship is a major part of the last 2 books.

Question: Obviously everyone that has read the Sookie Stackhouse novels are enamored with Sookie & Eric’s relationship. I know you have said before in interviews that Sookie will probably never be turned into a vampire. If this isn’t the case, what can we look forward to in terms of Sookie & Eric’s slightly rocky relationship?
  • CHARLAINE HARRIS :That’s a key part of the last two books, so I’m not going to get into it here.
 So whatever happens in Deadlocked there will be time and space for some more of the same in the final book. And that is only 415 days away!
We want to know how you feel with the latest installment less than 2 months away, are you  nervous, excited, terrified? Vote in our poll and we’ll see how Eric and Sookie lovers are bearing up with just 50 days to go. And feel free to let us know how you are feeling in the comments below.
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6 comments on “50 Days to Deadlocked

  1. OOH I can`t wait i am excited to read this book sounds juicy . I hope Sookie Saves Eric and they be together

  2. You’re right, I am excitied and terrified all at the same time. After the last book, I had a sinking feeling about E&S’s relationship. I hope I am wrong and everything works out for a HEA ending between our two lovers by the last book. If not, as we’ve said all along, I’d rather have Sookie be alone at the end of the last book. I don’t want to see her with anyone else but Eric.

    I will be reading the book shortly after May 1st and then I guess, we’ll just see what happens…….

  3. OK. I’M terrified and I am excitied….i also think that sookie will end up alone without eric by her side.. :( i think that sookie and eric at the end, they will be friends, lovers, but not a normal relationship … something else , something special, ALONE but TOGETHER all at the same time…. and yes I’d rather have Sookie alone , and NOT with another man…with eric loving her, and protecting her with or without her knowledge… PLEASE EXCUSE MY ENGLISH HOPE YOU WILL UNDERSTAND :D

    • Yeah, but with CH, I got the impression that Sookie will be with someone in the end. I just hope that someone is Eric, nothing else would make sense. So as of right now, I’m just terrified.

  4. They just have to be together in the end. They have been through to much not to. They love each other without to bond. That has to mean something, right? I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

  5. […] With only 50 more days until Deadlocked comes to a bookstore near you…we wanted to find out how you’re feeling about it? Nervous? Anxious? Feel free to take part in our poll and/or sound off in our comment section here! […]

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