Battle of the Fan Art!

As you know, there are a lot of awesome Eric and Sookie related artwork out there and season 4 brought us more of the same. We know what our favorites were and now we want to know YOURS! With that being said, we are going to have some battles of amazing fan art done by some major Eric and Sookie lovers.

We have some images to show you in groups of two and all you have to do is vote on your favorite to make it to the next battle round. Are you ready? HERE WE GO!

First up is a piece entitled Fate…..you can find other artwork by this artist at Isiri.

Is this one your favorite? Does it bring back memories for you? Don’t forget to vote at the end of this post, if so!

Next up is another piece entitled She Found Me….you can find other artwork by this artist as well at Hazelxxx.

What about this one? Did you want this one as your wallpaper? You will find the poll below to vote on either picture.

Remember the winner moves on to the next battle round so make sure your favorite does not meet the True Death by casting your vote below! They are both strong pieces and I do not envy for having to make this difficult decision. Please tell us what you think of both pieces by sounding off in the comments section!

*photo credit to Isiri and Hazelxxx*

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3 comments on “Battle of the Fan Art!

  1. The first one is my new desktop background.

  2. They are both good but the first one is more intense for me. Besides, I do not like the clothes of Eric in the second one- the shirtless Eric would have done much better. Anyway, thank you guys.

  3. […] Battle of Eric & Sookie Fan Art: Looking for a great way to pass the time until May 1st, when Deadlocked comes out? Are you finding that waiting sucks until True Blood Season 5? Look no further! We have the perfect way to pass the time in our Eric & Sookie Fan Art Tournament! Cast your votes for your favorite artwork, where we eliminate them – one by one, until there is only one remaining! Every couple of days we’ll be posting a new poll! So, come on by and check it out! If you have any favorite artwork you think should be included, please feel free to contact us at: admin@ericandsookielovers.com! […]

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