Battleship On The Set: Rocking The Boat

Here’s some behind-the-scenes footage of Alexander Skarsgard and the rest of the cast and crew of Battleship showing how they made the boats rock, in a video titled, “Rocking The Boat”!

Check it out below…

I don’t know about you…but I don’t think I would need special effects to make Alex rock my boat! If you know what I mean…? Hehehe… ;)

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7 comments on “Battleship On The Set: Rocking The Boat

  1. Just looking at Alex on that poster rocked my boat enough it took me a minute to get to the video… Mm, that uniform on him… Is it getting hot in here?

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  3. I’ve been rocked by Alexander Johan Haljmar Skarsgard since the first time I laid eyes on him!.
    That was August 25.2008 and it was in a HBO Preview commercial for Trueblood.
    All I had to do was see “Blond hair,blue-green eyes,6’5″, sexy body of a Viking God & Fangs”
    And I was hooked for life!! put a fork in me as I was done~or so I thought.????
    All I had to do was see 9 colour photos of him in Navy Dress Whites and I almost had
    a full blown coronary!!!!!! OMG was the man sexy in that uniform!!!
    I was totally blown away by his hottness!!!
    We all wish that we could be the girl who ends up with Alexander.
    But the day he does settle down that lady or actress will be the luckiest woman
    on the damn Planet and all we can do is be happy for them or be jealous of her.

  4. I totally agree he makes me shiver everytime I see him, just doesn’t make sense for someone to be that gorgeous and sexy. Counting down the days getting antsy.

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