3/17 Quopic – Season 4 Episode 6

Better late than never, last week UK viewers finally got the moment they had all been waiting for, when Sookie Stackhouse and Eric Northman got it on among the grass in the Bon Temps Woods. But this episode wasn’t just memorable for their gorgeous love scene, there was a good amount of girl power in this episode with female characters actually telling it like it is. (A rare event in True Blood).

Pam seems to get all the rave reviews when she uses bad words to describe how she feels about Sookie, but her speech to Eric in episode 6 was my Pam highlight of the season.

“Let me tell you a little something about King Bill, he’s a self-loathing, power hungry, pompous little dork and you hate his guts”.

“You are a viking vampire god and you bow to no one. If someone crosses you, you rip out their liver with one fang”.

Yep, that pretty much sums it up!

But let’s not forget Sookie, and how well she was doing before another convenient dose of Compton Blood Poisoning wrecked her character later on. She pretty much had Bill sussed out too.

“You’ve been running around sticking your fangs and who knows what else into every girl in town, but the second I move on you arrest him”.

Shame she couldn’t keep it up, maybe next season?

Hard to believe that this episode was written by Raelle Tucker who is responsible for the season finale, the episode that is now universally known among Team Eric as the The Worst Episode EVER. Go try to figure that one out, because I can’t.

Anyway “I wish I was the moon tonight”.

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6 comments on “3/17 Quopic – Season 4 Episode 6

  1. this was the episode where William Thomas Compton almost killed
    Eric Northman~that is until he heard Eric Northman told him
    that Sookie Stackhouse still cared for him.
    But it was also the night that Eric and Sookie consumated their
    love in the forest & Alcide saw he’d lost her to Eric.

  2. It was a good episode, and as usual, Alex and Kristin were awesome. In a rare moment, Sookie acted like a strong woman defending the Viking from the king wanna be…. too bad the season went downhill after the Narnia Magical Mystery Tour……

  3. Yeah, it’s such a shame how Bill’s blood makes her completely forget everything he’s done. She was actually someone I could respect in the first half of the season, but that all got shot to hell.

  4. Whenever I watch this episode…all I can think about is: GIRL POWER!! LOL Too bad, Sookie didn’t stick to her guns (thanks to Bill’s blood). But I really loved this episode for a number of reasons. 1. Eric & Sookie SEX!! LOL 2. Sookie telling Bill off! And basically fighting for Eric. 3. Pam and Eric are reunited in Bill’s jail. Love their scenes together, even though Eric didn’t remember her at this point. Pam always has the best lines. LOL

    Wish more episodes had been written like this one. :( Got that TB writers??? Watch this episode again…WE WANT MORE OF THIS!

    • Raelle must have really been brainwashed by AB to go from this to the suckfest we got of a finale.

      • Amnesia Eric had good lines showing how much he had fallen in love with her…..making bill feel like the d*ck he is for wanting to kill him because he found him between Sookie’s legs…..the fight if you want to call it that when Eric threw bill like a rag doll and about to take him out till sookie said that was his king…..and finally sookie being made love to by eric…not being screwed like bill would do just to get blood from her too …..Eric made love to her because he just wanted her and he love everything about her and it showed by the way he touched her….I really did like this episode…

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