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Hope you are sitting comfortably ladies as we are about to go into “Skarsporn” overload. Our favorite viking took time out from his busy True Blood night time filming schedule to attend Wondercon yesterday. Along with director, Peter Berg and Brooklyn Decker, Alex was there to promote the soon to be released movie Battleship.

The trio took part in a panel session and then afterwards signed autographs for a lucky few fans before Alex was whizzed away to catch up on some sleep!

A report from the panel is posted on Collider.com and this includes a write up about the new clips that were shown at Wondercon.

Let’s start off with the clips as they gave a pretty good indication of the level of action and humor we can except to see in this summer’sBattleship. The first one, surprisingly, highlighted the relationship between the Hopper brothers, Alex (Kitsch) and Stone (Skarsgard). They’re out at a local bar for Alex’s birthday with big brother Stone buying drinks and doling out unwanted life advice. Alex is apparently on hard times and is unemployed, while Stone is in the Navy, following in their late father’s footsteps (which is why Stone feels the need to look out for Alex).

You can read the rest of their report here

In the meantime – Happy Skarsgazing!

Photo sources – Santress  askarsswedishmeatballs  Just Jared I’m here for Sookie

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11 comments on “Alex at Wondercon – Photos

  1. Wish I could have been there and I can’t wait to see Battleship!!!!
    also looking foward to seeing another trailer clip before the
    film makes it’s debut on May 18th in the USA.

  2. Yum! I’m just glad to hear that he’ll be getting some screen time. It will totally be worth the price of admission to see him be all pretty and brotherly and fighting aliens.

  3. Thanks Evie!! :D I could wake up to seeing this every morning! LOL He looks so adorkable!! *sighs*

  4. I can`t wait to see this film Battleship and his other films later this year . He is a wonderful actor i hope much success to him in the future

  5. is he shooting for TB at all?

    well, when you think about it, when you have to shoot max 6 minutes per episode – it doesn’t take away too much time for you…

    • What’s up with the dislike on this one? Girl is right!
      That’s because AB can’t recognize THE right thing and doesn’t care about his audience well except for the cca 1000 Beehl lovers in the whole world!

  6. Is it just me or in some of these pictures can you just SEE Eric in him? Yes, ladies I realize he IS Eric but usually when he is giving interviews I see Alex and not Eric. In some of these shots, I see glimpses of Eric. Just an observation…I don’t care either way…I like him in whatever form he takes. lol

  7. I agree Shari I can see Eric in those picture too my heart skips a beat, my heart skips a beat.

  8. […] at WonderCon 2012! We have a couple of posts related to this one! First, we have some photos. Next, we have some video coverage, that comes in three parts. […]

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