Wondercon – Battleship Panel Video

If you managed to recover from gazing at our gallery of Skarsporn at Wondercon pictures, then hopefully you can just about cope with some video footage of the event too. Lucky audience member ramasscreen managed to film the panel event and has been busy uploading it for everyone’s future enjoyment.

Here for your viewing pleasure are parts 1, 2 and 3. As you might say it’s the full viking package (especially for Erika)


Enjoy the show everybody!

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12 comments on “Wondercon – Battleship Panel Video

  1. Thanks once again, Evie! :) Can someone please explain to me, why my mind went straight into the gutter, when Evie mentioned Alex’s Viking package?? LMAO!!

  2. I can’t wait to see this movie!!

  3. didn’t they allow questions from the audience?

    • No, from what I’ve heard, they were maybe on stage for 15-20 minutes. No time for audience’s questions. :( I think the only thing missing from these videos is the Battleship trailer they showed.

  4. Thanks for sharing these videos with us Erika. It seems like this is going to be a really great movie. I’m sure the trailers that they showed there will be up on Ytube any day now.

    Oh, yes, I did get your remark up top right away…..My mind is in the gutter too!!! LOL…………
    Yup, really, really would like to see/get Askars package……………YUM!!!

  5. I love the film already can`t wait to see it , I hope this shows Alex in high demand he should be seen as a bigger star than he already is this man can truly act very talented the total package

  6. I get that the Director is you know the “director” but dang, I wanted more Alex!! lol

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