Why True Blood Has Lost Its Glamour!

At the end of last season, I was so over True Blood that I wrote an Open Letter to Alan Ball blog post and gave him the what for and why. Well, that did not do a whole hell of a lot of good considering all the things we have heard for the upcoming 5th season. I have posted a couple more of my opinions but since then have not written a thing pertaining to True Blood. The show can no longer Glamour me into believing that it is worthy of the same amount of attention I gave it in the past.

True Blood has lost its glamour for several reasons and the major one is that it has not stayed true to the ‘spirit of the books’ and because the writing has gone so far off the rails that there is no way to get it back on track. The writing is not the only problem, it’s the never-ending cast of characters that just keeps growing with every season and barely having anything to do with the main story-line. Oh, but that is another post altogether so I digress.

Where do I begin? Well, the beginning is always good. Season 1 was really well written and for the most part, stuck to the story that can be found in the much beloved Sookie Stackhouse Novels. The same can be said for season 2, except for the Maryanne diatribe that lasted too damn long and could have had more to do with the main character but was still pretty good. Season 3 started with the plot holes and devices that made you want to scream and throw things at your flat-screen! Season 4 continued with more of the same but it was so much worse than before. There were too many characters that were merely used as plot fillers or devices, plots that did not intersect with the main. Bottom line, the writing needs to make sense and believable to the general audience as a whole. We, as an audience remember EVERYTHING and would rather not be insulted.

You want examples because boy do I have them?! The following characters were not only boring but completely unnecessary for these were things we already knew. Kitch Maynard taking V? We already knew the effects of V when used consistently by someone! Next! Mavis and her baby or rather Arlene’s, was nothing but a plot filler and it was not needed to prove that Lafayette could communicate with the dead! We already knew that from the jump. BORING! Hot Shit, I mean Shot was ridiculous because we already knew they were a bunch of inbreeding nasty beasts and we did not need to see it again, just to watch Jason get raped repeatedly by the girls of Hot Shot so they could carry on their panther breed. Guess what? Jason never turned because you have to be born as a twoey!

The rape of Jason was one of the most unforgivable travesties that happened in season 4 of True Blood and there were many. I do believe that this one takes the cake. A man being raped is not something that you hear about every day and True Blood could have really went somewhere great with this, instead they turned it into a “well he deserved it for being such a sex fiend” thing. They seemed to think it was his “comeuppance” and that comment by the director was sending the wrong message to me. It is beyond me why anyone would think this was a smart move to make, because making ‘light’ of anyone being raped (man or woman) is not smart. After all this, he is not even going to become a were-panther(as per Alcide and Debbie), which leads me to the healing of Jason by Jessica, so we would have another triangle that never should have been. I have nothing else to say about this except it was just yet another plot device that I mentioned above.

Now Sookie forgiving Bill made no sense at all to me. I won’t speak much on this, simply because I already have, so much so that I can’t really be bothered to do so again. It made no sense for the progression of her character, because she did not deal with the betrayal by having it out with Bill and getting it off her chest. All this succeeded in doing was to make her character go backward instead of moving forward, as far as development is concerned. What is the point of introducing things as part of a major storyline and then do nothing with it? The Rat Reveal was stated as a fact and then it was let go, as if it never even happened. Bill faced no consequences for it at all; in fact he was rewarded for it. This was an EPIC FAIL at best. I am not even going to respond to the threesome dream or the triangle that should never have been, it is not worth it. I won’t even comment about him being King, except to say that it was nothing but a plot device to get back in the Sookster’s good graces.

Regarding Sookie’s microwave fingers of fail and the whole “It only happens when I am upset” concept will just not cut it anymore. She used it in the Moon Goddess to stop Bill, Eric, Pam and Jessica from walking into the “wall of sun” but could not use it moments before when the two men she claimed to love were about to off themselves in the name of love. Nor could she use her power while she was trapped inside the ring of fire, she was upset so she should have used her fear and set her hands aglow but no such luck. Sookie should be made of stronger stuff by now but yet she is not, thus we witnessed her character regress in most aspects, AGAIN!

The Character Assassinations of Eric/Pam was really hard to watch and I not I am not speaking for myself only. Eric was played beautifully by Alexander Skarsgard, and likewise with Pam, by Kristin Bauer Van Straten. With that being said, there were serious issues with the characters being a little too OOC for many of the viewer’s sake. Before anyone jumps on the “this is not the books” bandwagon, I will tell you that this has nothing to do with the books, strictly the show. Now, from what we have seen of him in seasons past, Eric is a vampire that is high-handed, full of practicality and pride and would not show that Sookie hurt him in the worst way possible. He would not have been groveling at her feet and begging after she told him she loved Bill too. He may love Sookie but he has his pride.

Pam is a smart, sassy/snarky outspoken vampire, who does not take any crap. This is another character that seemed to regress as the season went on. She started out as the same old Pam but then went downhill by mid-season. In season 3, we saw her withstand days of torture by silver at the hands of the Magister, and never once did she give up Eric’s whereabouts. However, in season 4, when her face was falling off, she gave him up faster that you could say “Gesundheit”. These are just many of the reasons that the writing has gone to hell in a hand-basket and I am not sure it can be fixed or if the powers that be even realize they have a problem? Could it be that they just don’t care? I am leaning towards the latter rather than the former. I think that is a down-right shame. I will still watch True Blood, more out of curiosity than out of a love for the show because * In my best Jeff Probst voice* the first television show taken off my HBO playlist is: True Blood: gather your things (*read truly bad plot-lines, plot devices and huge gaping plot-holes) and bring me your torch! Sorry True Blood, but you have been taken off my favorite TV show list, and there will be no redemption or second chances for you to get back in my good graces. Fool me once, shame on you but fool me twice,shame on me!

Does True Blood still Glamour you? Sound off below!

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I am an avid book reader and when I am not writing for these two (now three) blogs that is what I am doing. I love Boardwalk Empire, Game of Thrones, Big Bang Theory, Criminal Minds, Blue Bloods, Outlander and many other shows. I am also a major hockey fan, especially my Detroit Red Wings! I also enjoy classic books and legal thrillers.

40 comments on “Why True Blood Has Lost Its Glamour!

  1. Whoever has said that TrueBlood has lost it’s glamour is Crazy!!!
    I can’t wait for Season 5!!!

  2. I agree with everything said. True blood has become a poorly written fan fic. Changes can be done as long as the story and the characters keep their essence. if I see season 5 is only because of Alexander Skarsgård, He’s the only thing that doesn’t suck from that show…. It is sinking like the Titanic and nobody could save it….

    • My feelings exactly: I only watch the show to see Eric, don’t even try to follow the plot anymore because it doesn’t make sense. The story has hardly anything to do with the books and I can understand that, though I’ve read them all and love them. BUT the tv show is a series of irrational scenes and plots and totally unnecessary characters, and I just find it too difficult to hang on with that.

  3. Very well said especially about Eric and Pam. Eric will never ever let anyone make him a mere nobody which he did to Sookie and much worse in front of Queen Bill in Season 4! I have read a fanfiction by Sunshine007 and I think chapter 16 is my most fav chapter of all fanfic I have read as somebody took a stand and give it to Sookie right on her face that she lost Eric and why. There is also another chapter in there where Pam is dishing it out to Sookie as well- I guess I am not the only really pissed off with how she treats Eric.

    • Awesome post!!!! The two things that stand out most in my mind from the trainwreck that was the last 1/2 of season four were the “threesome dream” (I can’t even imagine re-watching without a barf bag) and the horrific assasination of Eric/Pam. If not for the last I may have still cared about season 5. I am a huge bookie, and unashamed of it. I come here for safe haven from the bullys and nutbags (they know who they are) once in a while to see if there is any redemption possible for my once fave show. What little I have read about season 5 has convinced me that the train has left the tracks, Elvis has left the building and it’s time to stick a fork in it!!!!!

      • I am a major bookie myself and for that I shall never be sorry. True Blood will never hold a candle to the SSN, EVER! I will watch Season 5 but as I said in my post not with the same enthusiasm and I will be giving my HONEST fangpinion every chance I get!

  4. I `m still a big fan of TB i will faithfully watch it . I never nmissed a episode The whole cast is amazing but my favorite is Alex character Eric always have and always will

  5. I’m a big fan of Alexander and his character, that’s the only reason I’ll be watching the new season. Hopefully they will do a better job on season 5 than last, but I doubt it too many characters on the show again.

  6. I, too, completely agree with the writer of this post. I won’t waste my breath on repeating what I have been saying for such a loooong time now. TB jumped the shark a while ago and I lost my “love” for the show then. The ONLY reason I watch and will continue to watch it is because of Alex. But at this point, I really don’t know if they would even consider trying to correct all the wrongs that AB has done to murder the plot and storylines of the SSN series. I am and always will be a bookie first.

  7. I am still on the fence if I am even going to watch this season or not…..I just don’t really care either way. I am also someone who is sick of hearing the “but this is not the books” line. None of us are asking for it to be exactly like the books! That would be boring because we would KNOW everything. They could have stayed true to the source material while keeping it fresh and giving us surprises….they could make everyone happy if they tried. My oped would be…

    “To the producers & writers of True Blood and to HBO,

    I loved your show. Would never miss it it! Then you decided to go off on your own little way, disregarding the books…using them only as a source for an outline at best….and even disregarded you own storylines and character developement. Instead of keeping the fans of both the books and the show happy and excited for each week, you decided it would be fun to make us go “WTF??” by tearing down the very characters we came to love so we barely recognize them anymore. Then you changed just about EVERY important storyline from the books to upset us to the point we were throwing things at our TVs. Your answer to these complaints? “This is not the books”………well I say NO SH~!!

    My advice for the people who work on this show is to change the channel to another show that does exactly the OPPOSITE of what you are doing on yours. They also have a rapid fanbase of readers of the source material. They also have fans of just the show, but unlike YOU over at True Blood……..they have managed to keep us all very very happy. They too have changed things up to keep it fresh for the readers of the books, they ALSO have added new characters not seen in the source material and have even killed off a couple of characters that are still ALIVE in the books……but they have NOT destroyed what made those books compelling and popular enough to have a TV show in the first place!! They have NOT disregarded MAJOR plot points and character personalities in a way that would insult the source material. And that show is presently kicking your A$$ in ratings as well! WHY???? Because they have kept the BALANCE between being surprising and different with everything that made it great to begin with going strong! So I suggest everyone who works on True Blood to turn on AMC and watch a little show called The Walking Dead and see how YOUR show COULD have been! Maybe you can get some pointers on how NOT to alienate your fanbase while still making it surprising, exciting, compelling and GOOD…like you were in Season 1 & 2. Maybe you can also get over 9 MILLION viewers like the Season 2 finale of TWD just got!!!

    So please..remove your heads from your…you know whats…..and listen to your damn fans! With out US…you are not a show…you are just cancelled.

    A disillusioned viewer.

    PS…waiting doesn’t suck this year.”

    Now that I got that off my chest, as I said…I am still on the fence this year. I don’t know if Russell will be enough for me to watch every Sunday or just look up the good parts on youtube the next day. I want to have hope but after last season…..I just don’t expect anything but getting angry every weekend. I still love Skars though…but I can go see him in Battle Ship this summer!!!

    • Well said Michelle!!! Sure wish the powers that be would read what you wrote. But, alas, it hasn’t helped when anyone wrote to them before and now I fear it is too late to help TB. I will for one, still watch the show but not with the same zeal I once had and that is so I can watch Alex.

  8. Agree with every word nymerias – but particularly the comments about Eric and Pam. As you say taking the books out of the argument, you’re still left with words and actions from Eric and Pam that just don’t fit with the established TB characterisation. Eric had amnesia, he didn’t ahve a personality transplant. Same goes for Pam. Honestly, I think it makes more sense that Sookie had amnesia in S4. I mean that apology FFS. I still don’t get it

  9. I agree with all that you have said, and as others will only watch season 5 for the few scenes we will get with Alex/Eric and Kristin/Pam. I know that nothing any of us say to AB and company or even HBO will change anything. It seems to me AB intentionally destroyed his show for reasons I can’t quite figure out, but believe must have something to do with a number of fans not sharing his love of the Bill character. I think his own personal character preference got in the way of his artistic abilities. As much as I have enjoyed much of his work, I am so annoyed at what he has done to my beloved SS series I will never watch any new productions that he has any association with.

  10. Very well put. I have to say though, my biggest complaint is that by the end of season 4, I could not stand Sookie. I’m not rooting for her anymore. These writers have effectively turned a charming character into something I barely recognize. For this reason I have given up True Blood.

    • exactly, thats the biggest problem, sookie is unlikable on TB, most people can’t stand her, book sookie is such an interesting character and I like her but TB is just like a braindead woman who even asks a guy who lied to her the whole time for forgiveness… so ridicolous…
      and the book 4 storyline got ruined because of ABs huge bill boner, hated all of it and it was so damn cheesy and ridicolous…

      • All of season 4 was not bad ..just the last 3 episodes was horribly written and didn’t make any sense…..until they messed it up Sookie had some sense and had moved on from bill…..then AB had to bring bill and then Alcide back into the picture which is stupid as hell.

  11. Very well said. I couldn’t have said it better. It could have been such a great show. But Alan Ballsack blew it after season 1.

  12. yeah, the thing is Alan loves Bill, and that is a recipe for disaster, it was only a matter of time before he ruined TB, and guess what Alan you did it!! so congrats!

  13. Season 4 was a hot mess. I have lost interest in TB and am moving on to other shows like GoT and BE, that actually make sense.
    I’m tired of seeing the cast of thousands, the dumb love triangle, and Pam and Eric reduced to mush.

  14. Wow, amazing. After 4 seasons of True Blood, you genuinely think that NONE of the characters would change or make mistakes? You genuinely think that every injustice will be addressed, and no lie will ever be forgiven? You genuinely believe that a woman who shows compassion is a fool, and a man who is honest about his feelings is a pussy? You, guys, are all idiots who can’t see beneath the surface of the show or the books to understand what it’s all about. I would explain it to you, but it would be a waste of my time and beyond your comprehension anyway.

    • And……………………in walk one of those bullies I referred to! Not sure what you are doing here but there are numerous places for you where venom spewing and hating are normal behavior. In case you didn’t notice this is an Eric and Sookie fan site. A peaceful place to have conversations about our favorite characters and a safe place to commiserate when we feel things are going badly. Please go back there. We love in peace here.

    • It amazes me how most of us are watching a completely different show to whatever you are. I forget, showing compassion to your abuser is something to be respected? Wow, yeah, we just wouldn’t understand that at all.

    • Yes please explain it to me. I’m so dumb because i don’t share your love for this show anymore that i need for you to waste some of your time to explain it to me :lol:

      Seriously, i don’t mean to be rude, but i’m happy if you still love this show no matter what but there are people who don’t, no matter what. If you want to fool yourself that this show is pure gold and AB some kind of God on earth you’re free to do it but don’t come here like you’re the only one knowing what’s going on or like you’re the only one who get this show and its secret meaning behind every scenes. Cause there are no secrets meanings and by coming here you just proved this post touched a nerve.

      I bet there are some other blogs that share your passion (blind passion maybe?) for TB. Try tumblr.

  15. Well, it seems as if my post has hit a nerve, so much so that it showed up on Tumblr! Thanks by the way, you only brought more attention to my article. That’s a good thing, just saying! Now there is something I would like to address and yes I am looking at you Rina!

    “Wow, amazing. After 4 seasons of True Blood, you genuinely think that NONE of the characters would change or make mistakes?”

    Yes, I do think that characters will change and make mistakes but that is not what happened here. Eric while having amnesia was supposed to innocent and funny and be a little changed once he got his memory back but not to the extent that he was. He was OOC and so was Pam. Pam would never have given Eric up not matter what. I am all for for change as long as that change is for the better and is consistent with what we have seen or known about that character before!

    “You genuinely think that every injustice will be addressed, and no lie will ever be forgiven?”

    Yes, I do think that issues and injustices from the past and present should be addressed, why because it gives validity to the story we are presented with. I also think that lies can be forgiven, if the lie was dealt with and addressed by the person who was lied to. If it is not dealt with, then the matter in which the lie was told, might as well have never happened. *cough rat reveal *cough*

    “You genuinely believe that a woman who shows compassion is a fool, and a man who is honest about his feelings is a pussy?”

    I am not sure what you are referring to with your “woman who shows compassion is a fool” comment because I never said anyone was a fool. No, I don’t think a man being honest about his feelings is a ‘pussy’ as you stated. I simply said that Eric as he normally is would not have acted that way, even though he loves Sookie. The pragmatic, tough Eric would have acted like it did not bother him and would have been stubborn and not shown his pain.

    “You, guys, are all idiots who can’t see beneath the surface of the show or the books to understand what it’s all about. I would explain it to you, but it would be a waste of my time and beyond your comprehension anyway”.

    Finally, I am going to comment on the lovely part above.*rubs hands together* Since you want to be rude and call people idiots,I think I will say a few choice things about your lack of etiquette. It is extremely rude for you to call people idiots that you do not even know and then proceed to tell them that they could not possibly understand anyway. Do you have a crystal ball or can see into Alan Ball’s mind or Charlaine Harris’s for that matter? The answer to that would be NO!

    There is nothing beneath the surface of True Blood, and there is no ‘magical pill’ you can give me to think otherwise. Alan Ball is not a genius that is taking us on a ‘magical mystery ride’ and True Blood will start to make sense. It is nothing but a hot mess and will continue to be one until the powers that be realize that major continuity issues, plot holes and devices are there and are taken care of in a way that makes sense to EVERY viewer. Again, this is just my FANGPINION and you do not have to agree but DO NOT call me or the readers of this site idiots. If you want to write your OWN opinion on your OWN blog as a rebuttal to mine, then fine, I welcome a challenge! Rest assured that I will not be calling any of your readers IDIOTS! Thanks for posting Rina! :)

  16. No, TrueBlood has not lost it’s glamour. I am anticipating Season 5 to be even more fun and fantasy! I love ALL the vampires in TB, I love the humans, and I love the other supes. It is a great show, with all the ingredients for drama, comedy, thrills, chills, romance, sex, bloody gore, and fangs galore!

    • Well, I am glad you love the show and are excited to see it, to each their own. It is still of my opinion that the show has jumped the shark!

      • most people think the show has jumped the shark nymerias, mary is just one of the few who are still interested, but most people, thats the impression I got, are sick of TB; season 4 was just a hot mess with lots of plotholes and anyone who has read the books knows that the show is too Billified, its all about Bill bill bill, so sick of the the bill gorlification ohn thtat show…

  17. I can’t believe it, but I have to agree with some of the comments I have read…the show has gone to hell, if Anna P and Stephen M, hadn’t gotten engaged in life, would the show have stuck with the books as the main theme? I doubt it, but still….I understand they are pros at acting, but still…the Eric and Sookie scenes that we all imagined from the books was hot…hotter than hot. Then with the show, they stood by the Bill stays with Sookie…it is going to die off with the fans, don’t get me wrong I love watching Stephen M lord it over the rest, but to keep him with Anna in the show, just sucks… the Sookie from the books with stay with us forever but I am sorry to say that the director screwed everything up for the show, just wish Bill will dump Sookie on the show n marry someone else, if there screwing with the deadlocked book then hopefully Bill marries the Queen n Eric n Sookie finally come together…that would be soo awesome..

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  19. If nothing else, they left the opening theme song alone. Could you imagine…’Onward Christian Soldiers…..’

  20. Tara and the fighter (don’t even remember her name) hated that story line it was so unnecessary ahhhhh clearly just a way to show girl on girl action so shameless,obvious and tacky boo!

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