Quopic 3/22 – Season 4, Episode 7

This week in the UK we were treated to an episode, “Cold Grey Light Of Dawn” by one of True Blood’s best writers, Alexander Woo. There are many reasons we like Woo as a writer, but one big one is that he actually remembers what he has written before. In this episode there are little nods to his previous work. In Season 3 “It hurts too much”, Eric uttered one of his most famous lines “I got your rug all wet” and here he definitely did that during their sex marathon around the house. In Woo’s Season 2 “Time Bomb” Eric was willing sacrifice himself for Sookie and Godric’s safety and here Sookie actually remembers this.

Our Quopic this week is simply a very cute Eric & Sookie moment:

“We left our clothes in the woods”

 “Do you want me to go get them?”

“Don’t you dare move”

We’re totally with Sookie on that one, Eric looks far better without those awful clothes!

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2 comments on “Quopic 3/22 – Season 4, Episode 7

  1. I loved these scenes but I missed Eric Northman,owner of Fangtasia.
    Amnesia Eric,was the Eric that’s inside of The Viking.
    He’s Viking Eric’s alter ego,his softer side,the side that’s able to
    show love for a women,to be tender,who has real feelings.
    Viking Eric is the facade which Amnesia Eric uses when he’s
    playing at being the owner of Fangtasia.
    It’s what the tourists want to see, the sexy Viking Vampire,
    dressed all in Black,with fangbangers hanging all over him!.

    Eric Northman,owner of Fangtasia loved being with Sookie.
    He got to show his REAL feelings to her about how he
    Loved her,~He finally said all of the things he’d been
    keeping inside of himself for the past 3 years!!!!
    Being with Sookie allowed Eric to feel real love again………

  2. Eric loved Sookie from the first day he saw her at fangtasia season 1 episode 4 i just hope she will be his before the end of season 5 i love them together he should never wear clothes he was so hot

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