The Crazy Things We Do For The SVM Books

What’s the craziest, most insane thing you’ve done when you were buying one of the books in the Southern Vampire Mysteries aka. Sookie Stackhouse series? One of our favorite bloggers, TB Rants & Raves, shared one of her stories, in anticipation for the upcoming book, Deadlocked!

Here’s some background as to why she wrote and shared her experience…

My love for Charlaine Harris’ Sookie Stackhouse series makes me do some things that are a bit … odd. I suspect I’m not alone in this. So, as we approach the release of the 12th Sookie book, I thought I’d share with you one of my more colorful fangirl moments.

You can read her experience in her tell-all in The Things I Do For a Sookie Book!

Now, I’m probably tame compared to her or some of you…unless you count standing outside the bookstore, waiting for the doors to be unlocked, then opened…but feel free to share with us – your craziest, most insane or just plain unusual way you got your hands on any one of the books in the series!

Go ahead…make our day! Share your experiences below!

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  1. Mine’s not much of a story, but I did do something a bit crazy, for me. I ordered it online a few weeks ahead, but as the release date got closer I started getting into a frenzy and realised careful planning meant that I wouldn’t get the book till a week or so after its release, and that wouldn’t do. I found out a particular book chain which had a shop about 90km away would have it for sale bright and early the next day. I couldn’t be sure of the local book stores so I made the 2.5 hour return trip up there and bought it, and devoured it within 24 hours. In due course the hardcover I’d ordered arrived, so now I have 2. I haven’t pre-ordered Deadlocked and expect to make the long drive north again in a few weeks. It’s a long way to drive just to get a book a few days early, but at least this year I won’t end up with two of them.

  2. I pre ordered it so i can`t wait to see where it is headed i am excited . i love the books plus the show based of it Ms. harris is a great writer i love her stories

  3. This is the first year I’ve been a little crazy about the book. I bought the first 8 as paperbacks and now I have a thing about not wanting to switch to the hardcover, so I’ve been borrowing the hard covers when they come out either from a friend who reads them or by being put on the waiting list at the library. I then buy the paperback for my own collection when it comes out. THIS year, I knew I just couldn’t wait that long to read the book, so my compromise is to 1. buy the digital version on Kindle for PC so I can read the book ASAP and then 2., buy the paperback when it comes out for my collection. So essentially, I am buying the book TWICE.

  4. Can’t say I’ve ever been that obsessed with the books, even less excited with the new one. I just tend to order them online, but I will be waiting for the reviews to come in before I bother getting this one. Honestly, I’m glad there are only two books left. True Blood has just ruined them for me, even though I saw the show first.

  5. Since I have been reading the SVM Sookie books since the beginning, I honestly can say that I haven’t done anything stupid when buying them. Now since I have my Nook, I will just buy it online and read it when it comes out. No fuss, no muss.

    I am getting really excitied to read Deadlocked as I do want to see where our Sookie and Eric are headed. I am very aprehensive(sp?) that the storyline is going to go “South” as far as E&S are concerned, but I hope that CH keeps them together in the end.

    • Yes that’s my feeling as well…..the two ladies that read the advance copies of Deadlocke are very excited about what they read and since they have stated they want Sookie to end up with sam…..that means that more than likely Eric and Sookie aren’t together at the end of Deadlocked? Still hopefully they will be together at the end of the last book….keeps fingers crossed.

  6. […] What are the most crazy, insane ways you have got your hands on the Sookie books? One of our favorite bloggers, shared one of her experiences, and we felt it was fitting to share some of ours! Read them in our article, The crazy things we do for the SVM books! […]

  7. I’ve not done anything crazy getting the books. I order them on line. I don’t read reviews til I’m done reading though, once the books are released. However I might this time. I’m so afraid CH is going the same way AB is and is going to disappoint us Eric and Sookie lovers. I really hope not but that seems to be the feeling I’ve been getting. I shall keep my fingers crossed and hope CH doesn’t let us down. It will be a travesty in my opinion.

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