Charlaine Harris “Deadlocked” signing

With only 35 agonizing days to go Deadlocked is getting closer and closer and today Sookie and Eric’s maker, Charlaine Harris, visited Penguin Publishers in New York to sign a “ton” of copies of the book, which are to be shipped out to various stores across America. Details of the stores where lucky readers are going to be able to buy these limited edition, signed copies will be released shortly, and don’t worry we will let you know when we get the list. Hopefully there will be a store in your area!

Oh my, what most of us Sookie and Eric lovers wouldn’t do to get our hands on just one of those gorgeous babies!

You can see the rest of the photographs from Charlaine’s mass signing on her facebook page here

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11 comments on “Charlaine Harris “Deadlocked” signing

  1. I can’t wait to get to my Barnes/Noble to try to get one ot these
    copies of Deadlocked!!!

  2. You know, thats’ one thing I do miss by using an e-reader now. The smell of a new book!! I know I’m probably crazy, but I just love the smell of the ink, paper etc. But, yes, I am totally excited to read the new book. It won’t be too long now, just hope it won’t be too angst filled, but we’ll see in a few weeks now…..

  3. I want one of those really really bad, sometimes it is hard to make it to a signing! I love the smell of a book, I know I am not the only one!

  4. Can`t wait to get my copy i love the books

  5. My daughter went to hear CH speak in Atlanta Georgia when Dead and Gone came out and she got me a signed copy. I already had one but I’m so glad she got me a signed one!

  6. I’m in no real hurry to read it.

  7. Me=want…and I don’t care how many copies I get! LOL I’ll probably get one for my Kindle and I’ll probably get the hardcover too. But one of these that are autographed, would be especially SWEET!!

    Add me to the “sniffers” group…I love the smell of new books too. And I love the smell in a bookstore. I could be in one of them for HOURS.

  8. Oh I can’t wait to read this BOOK!!! I also love just holding a book the smell of it… Libraries and book stores are some of my favorite places to be… Got a Kindle but I’d rather have the book…

  9. […] Charlaine Harris autographs Deadlocked: The Maker, Charlaine Harris signed over 3100 copies of Deadlocked to give to fans! The picture to the right, kind of gives you an idea of what 3100 books looks like! Sure hope some of us get one! Find out more here! […]

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