True Blood Season 4 Encore Presentation

HBO is going to be showing an encore presentation of True Blood Season 4, beginning on April 5!

Watch the promo below – thanks to True Blood News.com!

Episodes will be airing every Thursday at 9 pm EST!

If you’re interested in reliving all the great Eric and Sookie moments of season 4, you should definitely tune in! Hope this makes waiting NOT suck as much!

I think I’ll watch the first half…not sure about the last half of the season, but I loved all of the great Eric and Sookie scenes up until episode 8, when it started going downhill…

Who’s going to re-watch? Sound off below!

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12 comments on “True Blood Season 4 Encore Presentation

  1. Hmm… The beautiful thing about HBO GO is just watching whatever episodes I want, whenever I want, and fast forwarding through the parts I don’t like (Queen Bill). I don’t see the point in sitting around waiting for HBO to air S4 over again for me. I can just sit and have a TB marathon anytime I feel like it.

    • The unfortunate thing is that since I live in Canada, I’m not able to get HBO GO even though I pay for HBO Canada. :(

      • That truly sucks worse than AB’s interpretation of Queen Bill’s character.

        • IKR??

          Although, it’s hard to top the way Queen Beehl is portrayed too. The sight of him makes me sick. Ewww…I’ve never hated a character more, and it’s thanks to TB and AB for that!

  2. Of course I’ll be watching, I loved Season 4.
    Especially the scenes between Sookie & Eric.
    I really didn’t need to see the scenes with Marnie.
    But any scenes with Eric & Sookie I’m in for!!!

  3. Well, I have been rewatching the season 4 eppys up until eppy 8 for awhile now, as I have them DVR’d and can play them whenever I want to watch them. I am quite confused tho, as HBO2W has been showing season 4 for two weeks now at 10pm on Sat. nites.

    Although I’ll probably pass on the Thurs. nite one, I might watch if I don’t have anything else on to watch. I could watch Eric and Sookie lovin’ on each other almost all the time. I swear its’ my obssession!!!!!

  4. I am already watching it over and over again i burned it to disc on my burner until the disc set comes out i love Eric/Sookie together anything with out bill in our face . I hope sookie goes back to Eric before season 5 ends TB please get this right

  5. I have no intention to rewatch, but I have every episode on my computer if I ever feel the need to. Besides, I have something else on at that time.

  6. I’ll be watching season 4 again just to look at EN/AS I saw the first episode this past Saturday on HBO2. Not to interested in the Bill seen though.

  7. I have no intention to rewatch anything of the season 4 mess, The first few episodes of sesaon 4 were still good, but if I would rewatch it, I would just remember how horrible the sesaon ended, it started all with episode 8 – such an horrible episode…

  8. […] HBO True Blood Season 4 encore presentation! If you’re interested in watching True Blood Season 4 once again, to relive all those great Eric and Sookie scenes…we have great news! Find out what it is here! […]

  9. I’ll no doubt put it on, ignore the parts I don’t like by reading a good book, and then watch the Eric parts! LOL Well, some other parts, but he’s most of what I want. I watch TB for Alexander Skarsgard. If he leaves before the show goes off, I probably will watch once! LOL The only thing that gets me past the BillShow IS Eric “the Erotic” Northman! GO, Alex!

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