What did Rihanna think about Alex?

Music superstar Rihanna is of course making her motion picture debut in the big budget, alien packed, action blockbuster Battleship, and she was in London yesterday to publicize the movie ahead of it’s UK release on April 11th. Swedish magazine / website “Expressen”  took the opportunity to ask her what she thought of her Scandinavian co-star Alexander Skarsgard, and here’s what she said:


When Express asked Rihanna what it was like playing against Alexander Skarsgard calls her up:

– Alexander Skarsgård is so hot! I had to force myself not to look. He is so wonderful to watch. I could stand and stare at him all day.
“He’s very nice”

Rihanna speaks at length about the Swede.

– I had to hide and the sly look at him across the screen, so here, she says, holding up her hand and looks up with a fond glance.

Although Robyn Rihanna Fenty, which is her real name, is one of the world’s greatest artists, she felt nervous on the set. Then she got the support of Skarsgård, 35.

– He is so experienced and he was very kind to me, that made the film for the first time.

So it looks like Rihanna had pretty much the same reaction to our sexy Swede as the majority of women do, and naturally she has our complete sympathy. It must have been a tough job working on Battleship.

Please excuse the google translation effect!

Original article is on “Expressen” here

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8 comments on “What did Rihanna think about Alex?

  1. Sounds as if Rihanna fell in love with her costar???

  2. I love both of them can`t wait to see Battleship in may

  3. Duh, shes’ a better woman than me, I don’t think I’d be able to hide the drool coming out of my mouth if I was acting against him…..LOL…….

    Really hope that I get to see this pic on the big screen, ’cause I think it’ll lose some of its’ effect watching it at home on the TV.


  5. I just can’t wait to watch this movie on April here in Aussie Yay!!! I already told my husband that we are watching this movie although he has no clue about it. But I’m pretty sure that he would love it as he likes scifi films like me.

  6. […] in finding out what she thought about working with Alexander Skarsgard in Battleship? Check it out here! Awww…she’s a Skarsgirl […]

  7. Nice to know that she is just as infatuated as the rest of us! LOL I knew it had to come out sooner or later. Some men can resist him, but I don’t think most women have a chance! LOL I mean I would not be able to hold back the drool, I’m sure! LOL I’d probably have to stash a paper bag on set everyday just in case I started to hyperventilate! LOL Alex saying, “are you okay?” Me, puffing into the paper bag, “I will be in just mimute! Don’t go anywhere!” Clutching him with an eagle claw free hand! LOL

    I can’t imagine this world without him in it anymore! LOL

  8. Of course she fell for him – who wouldn’t?! ♥
    He’s a Swedish God!.. I’ve got four words to describe him; There aren’t enough words!! ♥♥♥
    ~ Correct me if I’m wrong ~

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