Photos: Battleship Cast Invades Japan

Alexander Skarsgard is visiting Japan today (April 2, 2012) to help promote his movie, Battleship with his director Peter Berg and fellow cast; Taylor Kitsch, Brooklyn Decker and Rihanna. There was a meet ‘n greet as well!

Who’s up for some Skarsporn today?

Check out all the photos below!

Special thanks to Santress on Tumblr for these pics!

YUM…a great way to start the week, isn’t it?

Looks like instead of showing skin…Alex is showing off his scarf! LOL I guess we should call this, Skarf-porn instead!

Thoughts? Share ’em below!

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15 comments on “Photos: Battleship Cast Invades Japan

  1. Alexander looks wonderful!!! As always!!!!
    Looking foward to seeing Battleship!!!

  2. After getting my grubby little hands on the Telegraph interview yesterday, and then waking up to the new promo, I thought it couldn’t get any better – I was wrong!
    skarf-porn indeed :)

  3. I don’t understand how they can get any of us to get any work done today?! LOL

  4. Alexander looking handsome as always, thanks for the new pics.

  5. Yep, Just gotta say this made my Monday! Always love seeing our guy looking so great and Happy. Some great pics. Thanks for posting them for us to drool over!!

  6. Damn, yeah, should not have looked at this while I’m at work…lol!

  7. Alexander hot as ever love the pictures guys thanks you are the best

  8. I swear I am going to apply to be his stylist if he wears the freaking scarf again! But you got me to laugh with the Scarf-porn! Of course he looks good in anything but I hate that darn thing. And, yes, I have not been able to focus on much of anything today with the article and TB promo yesterday and now this? How are we expected to get anything accomplished? :)

    • I totally agree with you Shari. Sometimes I think our big Swede is afraid of catching a sore throat or something. Being born in Sweden you’d think he’d be used to colder, salty water from the water?? Maybe hes’ prone to getting Laryngitis and he needs his voice of course to continue to tape his part when he gets back to the states.

      • opps, I meant to say “salty water of the air”. Sorry!!

        • I thought of that…maybe he has to wear it to preserve his voice for speaking. I notice he drinks a lot of water? when doing interviews. Still hate it though…want our guy to look fine when he goes out! ;)

  9. I know I know my list of why I should not be watching TB Season 5 is long but damn! Looking at his gorgeous pics here throws everything rational in me and hell with self preservation- if TB is screening now I’m in my weakest moment and just watch it without even thinking as long as I get to watch AS play our fav viking vamp. You all naughty gals- you really know how to make our heart flip- thanks for the pics you’re just all awesome.

  10. I do not mind the scarf- I think AS can wear anything and just get away with it. Or better yet- nothing at all yummmmm. HAHAHAHAHAH! I’m just bad- I just can’t help it whenever I look at his pics.

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