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OK so it’s the morning after the night before, or, depending on your time zone, it could be the afternoon or evening after. Wherever we are, we’ve now had a few good hours to re-watch the promo on you-tube, study the screen caps, have our melt-down, etc. following last night’s first True Blood trailer for Season 5. To be honest it actually showed a lot more detail in a very short space of time than I expected from the first teaser. Here at Eric & Sookie Headquarters we decided it’s time to forget the hang-over and try to work out what the hell is going on in there for our favorite guy and gal.

Let’s start at the very beginning ……………..

Sookie and a mysterious hooded man digging a big hole in her yard, and we’ll all be rather amazed if the hoodie isn’t Sookie’s current house guest, Lafayette. So just what, or rather who, are they burying? I’m fairly convinced that even True Blood Sookie wouldn’t be dim enough to bury the woman she had just shot in the head so close to her own home, so I’m saying it isn’t Debbie Pelt. All the smart money seems to be on this being a Tara and Pam sized hole, and Sookie and Lala will be back tomorrow night for the big old, emotional reunion.

Next up:

The promos most controversial moment. I must admit my first thought was probably not the same as everyone else’s – as it was OMG look at his giant hand and the way he pulls her towards him and kisses her, he’s so hot he doesn’t need a background of raging fire! “Her” of course is Eric’s vampire sibling Nora, and reaction to this kiss has been fairly mixed among Team Eric so far, from those who are so over True Blood Sookie that they want him with someone else, someone who can truly love him and him alone, to those who are horrified at the thought of Eric with any other woman but Sookie. I’m falling somewhere in the middle right now. I’m certainly not in the “I hate Nora Club” just yet. All we know for sure is she loves Eric deeply, so until she gives me reason to want to stab her in the heart with a pencil, I’m liking Eric’s long lost sister. Let’s face it, without his Pam or his Sookie, even a viking vampire needs all the TLC he can get. As for the kiss itself, I’m going for probably a heat of the moment reunion kind of thing. I haven’t seen anything so far from any spoilers that give any credence to Nora becoming the viking’s great love affair of season 5. I’m afraid with this one, we are all going to have to be patient and carefully watch this space.

Moving on:

Straight after Eric’s kiss we see our heroine sitting in the bath tub, shivering under the shower. Could it be she is regretting her break-up with Mr Northman and remembering their shower together? But let’s remember this is True Blood and Sookie loves Eric and Bill equally so if she is reminiscing about a shower, you can bet it will include the stomach churning one she and Mr Compton took together in season 3 as well. More likely I think is that life sucks for Sookie again (and again and again). She’s just broken up with 2 men, possibly lost her best friend or at the very least Tara has now joined the ranks of the walking undead, and she has just shot a woman through the head in her kitchen. Poor Sookie looks set to start the season as she finished the last one – a total mess. Perhaps in the next scene she will jump up and scream “I am woman, hear me roar”.  I won’t hold my breath but with True Blood you just never know?

Now for a little surprise:

Amnesic Eric? WTF? Could this be a season 4 flashback? I can’t actually think of any reason why they would need to do that, and the presence of Bill lurking in the background makes me lean towards an unguarded moment for the new combination Eric, who may be acting bad-ass on the outside, blowing things up and orchestrating a vampire kiss, but on the inside he is still deeply affected by the events of season 4 and his love for Sookie, and Bill and the audience are getting to witness his pain and anguish. Or I may be a thousand miles wide of the mark on this one.

On a brighter note:

Here’s the Eric I know and love, looking hot and fangy along side Nora and Bill. The new Team Vamp look like they have been busy disposing of several enemies and / or fighting for their lifes against the Authority.

Finally there was the obligitory clip of Sookie screaming her head off, which was so short I haven’t managed to find a decent screen cap of it. You get the general idea though, as Sookie screams alot.

So what do you think? Are we on to something or is it so obvious what we have completely missed the point? Let us have your analytic thoughts and conspiracy theories about the new promo now you’ve had time to swallow and digest it’s contents.

Special thank to the wonderful Barbara at Skarsgard Fans for staying up late to provide the screen caps.

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34 comments on “Season 5 Promo Analysis

  1. I have a really hard time having any theories since AB has made such a total mess of most of the show. I did stand up and cheer when I saw Eric kissing someone other then Sookie after what she did to him. While I loved book Sookie, TB Sookie is such a milksop I have very mixed feelings about her.

  2. Great analysis, and I agree with all points! But just a few more thoughts I had:

    Don’t panic, Eric and Sookie Lovers, about Eric kissing another woman (although Sookie surely would have deserved it after S4). I think it could be possible that this is a flashback (ok, Eric is wearing a leather jacket, but it could have been the 80s or something) – they surely will show a flashback of Eric and Nora when she’s introduced. Or: Sookie hooks up with Alcide, and Eric kisses Nora just to hurt her/make her jealous.
    I just don’t think that Eric, having declared his love to a human! for the first time in a 1000 years, would stray to another woman so easily. In this shirtless scene he looks quite heartbroken while Beel gives him the “knowing” look – have they just heard/seen that Sookie has a new hairy boyfriend?

    However, can’t wait. We need new Eric material, no matter what!

    • Eric has a history with Nora obviously…..so its a kiss …so what your right Deborah he is in love with Sookie but she has to come to him next time for them to be a couple….we know she will regret getting with hairy dumb dumb but that’s life choices for you….yes more Eric scenes and spoilers.

      • I can imagine that Alan ball really is going to show them being really intimate, Nora loves Eric deeply, tahts what the spoiler said at this time, and it doesn’t look like a part from a flashback and certainly Eric won’t have many scenes with sookie in season 5, I don’t think he is kissing her because he wants to make sookie jealous, he is kissing her because he needs someone after he got dumbened by TB Sookie, who most people don’t seem to like anymore lol, but thats the writers fault…
        Eric is going to be involved with Nora because the writers obviously have a huge crush on the whole bill sookie crap and now they put him with Nora, probably Sookie is even going to catch them during a sex scene *eyeroll*

        I just don’t think the writers care for the eric and sookie relationship at all…

        but its also possible that this promo is cut together that way that people start to speculate, but its not going to be like this at all, in season 4 they already did that crap, and people started to speculate…. but after the huge disappointment of season 4 I just expect nothing of this show anymore, its an inconsistent soap opera

    • OK, I still think that in the scene were Eric is sad and shirtless , is a flashback from the Amnesia ERIC…..look at the MARKS ON HIS LEFT SHOULDER . is from silver…..

      • and I still think They are burying Tara and Pam there (if it was Eric and Tara, Pam would be helping dig out the grave as well, dont see Pam anywhere there). They do show Pam in Sookie’s house wearing the same outfit as season 4 finale. She is sitting in the dining room chair looking down at the kitchen floor. I have a feeling that this is the moment when she remembers when she was made hence.. “the flashback”. She just has that look.

        Also remember this casting call:[MELANIE] 20s, this female fangbanger goes with Pam to entice a young vampire to feed on her. (episode 49-Turn, Turn, Turn).
        Sookie also has a “shit i hope this works” look on her face.
        This grave Sookie and Lafayette have dug up is simply to
        large for one body.

        [MELANIE] 20s, this female fangbanger goes with Pam to entice a young vampire to feed on her. 2 lines, 1 scene (episode 49-Turn, Turn, Turn).

  3. One other comment on the Eric/Nora “romance”. Nora is a vampire and I seem to remember from one of the TB episodes a comment about vampire relationships not lasting long (discounting the Talbot/Russell lovefest). I don’t remember the exact dialogue. All I’m saying is, I’m thinking this is a rebound relationship to help him get over Sookie’s rejection. And also maybe as Deborah pointed out, he might have discovered that Sookie moved on. Who knows. We are all just guessing at this point aren’t we?

  4. Yeah, Probably Nora that Eric’s kissing.. Or I wonder too, Could it be Salome? She could pass for Valentina Cervi who’s been cast in the role. Either way whatever it is between her and Eric, Hope it doesn’t last too long. Maybe this will make Sook jealous and she’ll see what a freakin fool she is.. Hope she finds her way back to Eric before the end of season 5 :)

  5. things go by so fast in the preview that you can’t really tell what’s
    happening and it’s hard to get a grip on the preview.
    Eric’s sister Nora is not the baby that was killed in Season 3 by
    Russell Edegington’s gang of wolves.
    This has to be his sister by Godric/Appis Olliva Ocella????
    how will she figure into the picture~and how does she know
    William Thomas Compton? I feel there’s a deep secret between
    them that Eric has no idea about~ Speaking of Eric, the Eric that
    was zapped by Sookie at the rally is still in LOVE with Sookie.
    There’s two parts of him, Fangtasia Eric / Amnesia Eric.
    remember what Eric told Sookie “can’t you see him? He’s still
    here inside of me,look deep into my eyes,he’s behind my eyes”

  6. Yep, as I said earlier in my previous post, we can speculate this til the cows come home, and we’ll all probably be wrong anyway. With the way the put the snippets together on TB for these Teasers they always look like something that they’re not……..

    Once again, not getting my panties in a bunch until I see the show. I would love to think that Eric and Sookie will get reunited before the show goes off the air for good. But with TB and his crew of minions (writers), I have a sinking feeling that it won’t happy. Although, being throughly disappointed with the way season 4 ended (after eppy 8 and on) I agree that TB has turned into a very shaky nonsensical soap opera.

    Just biding my time for the season to start……

  7. I don’t think that Pam would turn Tara in the first screencap…unless Eric commands her to, but I doubt it. Tara should already be dead as of season 4 with that blow to the head, so she’d definitely be dead by the time that Pam were to get there. And I doubt that Eric or Bill would do either since they both know that Tara is very anti-vampire. The only possible vampire I can think of doing it would be Jessica if she happens by Sookie’s house right then. I’m still not entirely convinced that Tara will be a vampire though. I’m guessing she’ll be some type of ghost that Lala will be able to communicate with. Or she might be a fully corporeal ghost that even Sookie will be able to interact with. Both situations seem lame to me, especially since Tara has really overstayed her welcome on TB in my opinion, but hopefully it won’t be too terrible.

    I think I might like Nora…at least she’ll appreciate our Viking. Sookie needs to get her head out of her ass though, but I’m thinking that Russel coming back will help dislodge her head though. I’m also curious about how they’re going to do the Vampire politics this season. The books never really got into that, so this should be the more interesting storyline of the season! Thanks for the screencaps!

  8. I think the scene with Eric looking so sad is when they come running after Sookie screams for the hundredthred time and when who ever is buried an she has time in the shower to reflect on everything that has just happenned Debbie Pelt ,Tara , Eric puts her to bed. And looks on at her in sorrow for all that is to come and has come.
    Won’t it be more likely for Tara to become a vampire seeing she hates them so much And that is the way they seem to do it on TB. They think stuff the books they aren’t exicting enough we need to add more. I don’t agree with them. But who am I but a fan of the books and the series because I get to see Eric as I had pictured him.

  9. I grudgingly admit to being a little more excited after seeing the promo. Sookie has been degraded so badly by the writers that I can’t believe I’m happy to see Eric with Nora!! I think Sookie and Laffy are burying Tara and Pam together. Again, not outraged by this as Tara has also taken a beating by the writers and needs some Pam in her life. Also hoping the character assasination of Pam ends with her becoming a maker. Remember Eric told her it was her time. (Foreshadowing?). As for that hot liplock, need a fan, quick! As for the shirtless Eric with the (Hopefully) ex Queen looking on all bitchy and smug….I think Eric just got done with a hot reunion with Nora and was observed by you know who and Eric knows he will run tattling to the Sook to further his own pathetic cause. Whether he’s keeping up appearances to Nora by hiding his recent relationship with Sookie or just overcome with joy at seeing her again, we shall see. As for the clip with Bill supposedly being staked…….JUST DO IT! I did really want to see Chris Meloni’s character but that voice over was wonderfully creepy. As for Newlin, meh. Not interesting. Same goes for Alcide, Arlene and Terry. Being that the memory spell was broken in such a botched and stupid manner, don’t care who Sookie’s thinking about in the shower. And don’t even get me started on the shower scene we SHOULD have been treated to last season!!!!!

  10. No… I do not like Eric kissing someone else.. Nope .. don’t like it at all!!!

  11. I’m not bothered at all by Eric and the kiss with Nora or Salome or whoever as I know it will only be for a short time. Bill did say that Eric has friends in high places and I assume Nora is it, although I’m pretty sure she will betray him by the end of the season. Alcide will no doubt get it on with Sookie.. I’m not sure if what I’ve read about season 5 has any resemblance to dead as a doornail at all. Will Sookie get shot, will someone be out to get the were’s, will Eric take a rock in the head while at Sookie’s… no probably not!! Instead we have some crao story about Eric and Bill being on the run. In the nxt few books Eric does a good job of keeping his distance from Sookie after finding out what he said to her when he lost his memory.. In relation giving up everything for her. Perhaps AB is doing this part in season 5. Also I dont think it fits in with Eric having said he doesn’t really do other vampires if he gets it on with Nora… He seems to much prefer humans in TB.. Oh well since when has AB been consistent… I shall just wait with baited breath for Deadlocked.

  12. i`m still excited can`t wait bring on season 5 love me some Eric/ Sookie

  13. My guess is that “amnesia” Eric is still whole Eric, but we’re getting a little glimpse — not seen by Bill, who is far in the background, you notice, into how Eric is really feeling, which is crushed by Sookie leaving him. I think they deliberately chose the look (shirtless, hair soft rather than slicked, etc.) to remind us of Eric is underneath his Sheriff exterior, and that is the part that is hurting. I think that when he kisses Nora, he’s made the decision that he is totally doing the rebound thing and going where he knows someone loves him and cares for him. In fact, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if that actual kiss ends with Nora pulling back and saying (more or less) “WTF? I thought we had talked about this, we’ve been done forever, etc. Why would you lead me on like that?”
    Did anyone ever get a good screen cap of Sookie screaming? Because I thought the jacket she was wearing almost looked like Eric’s jean one with the cordoroy collar on it that he wore when he was staying with her. The clip goes so fast, I can’t really see, though. I kind of like the idea of her having to wear his jacket for some reason. That should drive her crazy. :-)

    • I don’t really think that Nora is a rebound, she is his vampire sister, they have lots of history together, and they definitely have some feelings for each other. And in this promo are probably just some of the scenes of the earlier episodes (1-3/4 maybe). As long as TB Sookie is behaving so stupid, I am ok with him getting some love from Nora, he needs someone who really loves him for who he is; don’t know what they will do with Eric and Sookie, I don’t think they will give them much screen time together, but maybe she finally get a brain and stop acting so ridicolous, like asking Bill for forgiveness LOL

    • I never noticed Sookie’s jacket to be honest…we’ll have to see if there’s a screencap of it somewhere…good eye!

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  15. Stop hating on TB Sookie. In the books she didn’t get with Eric until Book 9. It is unrealistic to think True Blood will air for 13 seasons. My guess is 6 with a possible 7th. I think season 5 will cover through From Dead To Worse and into Dead And Gone. Pam turns Tara because she wants Sookie’s help to get back in Eric’s good graces. While Pam teaches Tara how to be a vampire (this should be really fun), Sookie gets involved with Alcide and the pack master contest and the mating rites turn her off Alcide. Meanwhile, instead of the Nevada takeover we have Bill and Eric dealing with the Authority. At the end of the season, Sookie ends up with Eric but is then kidnapped by Maeve (probably Andy’s girlfriend in disguise).

    • I hope you’re right and that they do follow the books…but we’ll have to wait and see, I guess.

    • wishful thinking… Bil will save everyone and be the focuse on the show again, thats what I am predicting *eyeroll* and *vomit*

    • I love how some of you just think you know exactly what will happen. No, Sookie doesn’t get with Eric until book 9, but he didn’t remember their time together when he was cursed either. He does in the show, and that’s why her attitude toward him at the end of season 4 is so frustrating for many viewers.

      • And thinking Bill will always save the day is pretty irritating, even when he tries to play the hero, he always comes off as the bad guy. I don’t see that changing.

        • thats what you are thinking, but I have seen some people who said that bill is awesome and a hero, yeah quite delusional, but there are some people who think that way…

          • I’m with Tammy on this one…I think the people who think Bill is always coming off as heroic are missing something. Sookie may not have put together what the we the audience knows about Bill, but they wouldn’t be showing Bill’s dark side so often if we weren’t supposed to question Sookie’s loyalty to him. (And I really think her “love” for him is blood-based. )

          • Yeah, but they’re just that, delusional.

  16. These are all great ideas and wishful thinking on everyone’s part. How ever I’m totally ready to be disappointed by AB and the writers. They do what AB tells them to do. That is to make up shit cause he doesn’t like Eric and Sookie together. It’s going to end up with Queen Beehl and Sookie together and we all know it.

    • No, we don’t know it. You really don’t know what’s going to happen, I wouldn’t speculate until I see it for myself. If that is the case, then they will lose a shitload of viewers if they haven’t already.

  17. And yeah, whatever Sookie feels for Bill is mostly to do with his blood. It’s pretty obvious with how stupid she acted toward the end of the season. She was someone I could actually start to respect in the beginning.

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