“Battleship” World Premiere Photos

Japan can consider itself a very lucky country today as it was chosen to host the World Premiere of Battleship. All the stars of the movie were there looking their very best on the red carpet and that can mean only one thing:

Of course we’ve got more, you should know by now that at E&SL we never just post one photograph of the viking when there are lots and lots more goodies for you. Check out the gallery below.

Oh my goodness, that man really can wear a good suit!

And as one final treat here is another photograph from yesterday that we just couldn’t resist!

Happy Skars-gazing ladies.

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6 comments on ““Battleship” World Premiere Photos

  1. Love the photos, love the suit that Alexander was wearing!!!
    Love the expression on his face when he took that photo with
    that fan? It’s like he’s saying what is this I’m holding?
    Don’t think he’s into lambs????

  2. I take back everything I said about the scarf…sort of! He’s not wearing that suit…it’s wearing HIM. Lord have mercy! I think I need a cold shower.

    P.S. That look is priceless, and calculated. (Think he knows about the Skarsbrow?) So nice he is in a happy place!

  3. OMG, that last fan pic is hysterical. Possibly one of the best Skars fan pics I’ve seen. Poor Alex, is looks so confused :))

  4. I don’t know if it is just me but damn- AS just looks deliciously good everytime everywhere! Ladies thank you thank you for spoiling all of us- I feel like a brat now- I want moreeeee.

  5. […] of Alexander Skarsgard from his trip to Japan to promote Battleship! To check out the pics, click here! To check out the videos, please click here! Hope you have lots of […]

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