Chapter 1 of Deadlocked

You’ve already read Chapter 2… (we have it pinned to the top of the site) whatever do we mean? Chapter 1 of what…? How about a book most of us are extremely looking forward to? DEADLOCKED!!

This makes me do a ‘happy dance’!

Are you ready?

Before you get reading…we would like to remind you – if you don’t want to know…don’t click below!


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19 comments on “Chapter 1 of Deadlocked

  1. I have to say I didn’t like at all what the author had to say about Eric…

  2. I enjoyed this and chapter 2 but just a little disappointing that no Eric physically in the story yet.
    I know there will be plenty of him later.

    Don’t like the “fragile boat” remark, but at least they are still having great sex. And I love it when she calls him her honey!

    • I don’t like the “fragile boat” remark either, it just sounds like they haven’t resolved anything from DR yet…but I don’t think either one has stopped loving each other. They just have some communication issues to get through. But that’s JMHO.

  3. Good thing I didn’t read the article, as for the chapter itself, kind of boring so far, but I know that even if Sookie and Eric break up in the end, they’ll still always love each other.

  4. Sookie and Eric have been a rocky boat for a while, primarily because of their stubborn pride. They are going to have to work together, instead of trying to go it alone all the time. It has been this way for a while between them but the feelings remain the same.

  5. I agree!! Don’t think it helped when Sookie went in whole heartedly in the ‘lets kill Victor’ thing and then when the deed was done she took the moral high ground. Although Eric’s reaction was OTT. It seems that Niall came to warn Sookie until they got interrupted. Seems Dermot & Claude are after the cluviel dor and that why they are there. Or is it Niall who is after it??? I’m sure this is the faery stuff that will get resolved. As for Eric I like how the conversation with all the women focuses on fidelity right before Sookie is about to catch Eric feeding from someone else. I notice she keeps very quiet during that conversation. Can’t wait to read the rest… I have a feeling Sookie and Eric’s ride will be very bumpy but I can’t see why she will end up with anyone else so close to the end of the series. It would make all the build up and over coming of obstacles a complete waste and robbing the readers

  6. I totally agree once again with all the other ladies’ thoughts on this chapter. I am getting so excited to read the whole book and I know that the rest of this month is going to seem to drag by, but then we’ll get our books and get on with the story!!

  7. There’s so much foreshadowing in this chapter relating to Sookie and Eric. The trust issues, the idea of possible infidelity, the fear that you won’t be able to keep your man when you get older. So much angst is on the way. But I believe in Sookie and Eric. I think it will seem like it’s over for them, but they’ll fight for each other when push comes to shove. They’re the end game. I really believe that.

  8. Before I read Chapter 1 I just would like to recognize how funny and clever is the “happy dance’ feature- I love it. The different facial expressions of AS are just awesome.

  9. Fragile boat? Why just say a rough patch or something more appropriate. Eric has been described like a jerk- he may be those things to survive as a vampire but he never ever pretended to be an angel. Sookie has been pretty inconsistent herself like in the last book she was pushing for Victor to die and when that happened she sort of alienated Eric. Anyway as long as they end up together in the last book then I can survive what is in store along the way.

  10. Read this has just made me waont the book even quicker. I was in someways expecting something to happen between Eric and Sookie and not in a good way. That doesn’t mean I am not upset but what can we do but hope for the best and ope like Hell that Charlaine does her best.
    I don’t like how Sookie is always bitching about some of the things Eric does HELLO he is a VAMPIRE, alos he is male and she is very demanding but isn’t very giving to him.

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  12. Eric and sookie are in trouble with a captiel t if you think they can survie this your read the last ten pages of deadlocked and you tell me

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