Latest True Blood S05 Spoiler From E! Online & More

E! Online dropped a True Blood spoiler, and reminds us that the show returns on June 10! (As if we could forget?) Plus…Wetpaint Entertainment spoke to star Janina Gavankar (Luna) at the NewNowNext Awards on April 5, she couldn’t say much, but did tease a bit of what we can expect from Season 5! And the Inside True Blood Blog shared a new mystery set photo in this latest set of spoilers! Check all of it out below!

WARNING: If you don’t want to know – don’t read below!

This is what they said over at E! Online’s Spoiler Chat Daily with Kristin Dos Santos..

Liz in Costa Mesa, Calif.: True Blood is the best part of the summer, so I’ll need to know what to expect in the new season.
First of all, in case you haven’t heard, True Blood‘s new season starts on June 10, so mark it on your Alexander Skarsgård-themed calendars. As for that to expect, we’ve met all different kinds of vampires in four seasons of True Blood, but in the new season T.B.will introduce us to a type of vamp we’ve never met before. We can’t reveal more than that, but we can tell you that this character is described as strong and cocky, and they’ll be around for more than one episode.

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Janina Gavankar (Luna) shared some teasers with Wetpaint Entertainment. Read what she said below…

Wetpaint Entertainment: We are HUGE True Blood fans; please give us something to go on until it returns!

Janina Gavankar: Well we have an air date, June 10, that’s when we come back. We are on episode 8 right now …

What’s happening?

Ha, you know I can’t tell you anything! Things are really, really complicated for Sam and I right now and my daughter. As for the vampires, this is the year of a history lesson. You’re going to learn a lot about the vampires this year.

Each new season they bring in a new mythical creature, last season it was a witch, what is it this season?

I don’t think they’re really doing that this year. I really think that we’re going back to teach people about where it all came from. Kind of.

That’s not true — there is something, there is a big bad something this year! There’s a big, bad something this year!

Will you and Sam stay together?

I hope they stay together, I love loving Sam. I love it! I don’t think anybody understands you like another shifter so you know finding somebody who understands what you’ve been through is very hard.

The Inside True Blood Blog had this to say about the picture below!

What (or who) do you think brings us here this season?

Incidentally, this is the same location used in the pilot of ‘Six Feet Under,’ but according to Alan Ball, “in our use of it, something very different lurks inside these body lockers.”

Sources: eonline.com, Wetpaint Entertainment, and Inside True Blood Blog.

Let’s start at the top and work our way down…I think this is what they are referring to, in the spoiler from E! Online.

[ELIJAH] Male, Caucasian. In his 20s to 40s, a very strong, cocky, Marilyn Manson-esque vampire. 2 episodes. Guest star.

Hmmm…could this be who they mean? More importantly, where can I get this Alexander Skarsgard themed calendar?

As for Janina Gavankar’s teaser…I have NO idea what this BIG BAD is exactly that she’s talking about…but Sam was involved in Marcus’s death, so it could have something to do with that.

As for ITBB’s picture…I don’t know what could be hidden behind these locker doors…but I don’t think it’s like choosing what’s behind the numbered curtains on “Let’s Make A Deal” either. Too bad we can’t win any prizes.

As you can see…none of these really have anything to do with Eric and/or Sookie, but I thought we would share them anyways.

What are your thoughts? Feel free to share your thoughts and speculations below!

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12 comments on “Latest True Blood S05 Spoiler From E! Online & More

  1. Well, Russell Edgington crawled out of the “grave” Eric and Beel placed him in toward the end of Season 3, HE might be the big bad. But, whoever it is, I don’t care, as long as we get a good season.

  2. It could be Russell, but I’m someone who really likes Sam and Luna together. I hope they work out, but relationships tend to drop like flies on this show.

  3. I know a few people refusing to watch season 5 because of where season 4 went and ended. People are angry. I am personally watching cause it is entertaining. And Eric is very nice to look at. I am one of the people that def prefer the books. But, TB and Alan Ball do keep me wanting more..even though I too was disappointed on where it went last season. I just hope Team Eric wins when everything is said and done. O_o <3 lol
    So, I will def be tuning in June 10th..

    • you definitely will get disappointed again lol… I am going to read reviews from the first 2-3 episodes before I will watch sesaon 5, if it sounds like crap, I am not going to watch the soap opeara again…

  4. Cocky & Strong??? I bet it’s Tara!!!! There’s a rumor that a lot of people’s saying Pam’s turning her into a vampire. We had seen the preview, it looks like Sookie & Laffy are burying Tara & Pam 2gether. I think the subscribe’s DIFIENTLY fit Tara.

    But I wonders who’s the mourge. I guess it’s Eric. I wonders that explain why he’s shirtless again. XD Probably he got shot in one of the eps,because people think he’s human at the time & thought he’s dead (already dead,because he’s a vamp) but he sent in the mourge.

  5. I got an Alexander Skarsgard-themed calendar from flipping HONG KONG this year. Because, yes, I was that desperate for one. It’s gorgeous. I showed it off at work in all it’s boot-legged glory. I think I got it on Ebay, although it may have been a third-party Amazon order. Keep an eye out next winter. :->

  6. She could have been speaking of the child vampire that will be introduced..

  7. As always, its’ all a crap shoot with this show. You hear one thing and it means something totally different…… I don’t even want to speculate this time around, I just say, June 10th can’t come soon enough for me! I also being a bookie, am waiting with baited breath for DL, only a couple of weeks now…..Yippee!!!

    I do agree with the idea that we are getting more “inside” information of the vampires will be very interesting.

  8. i prefer the books as well but i will definitely watch this season i love TrueBlood especially Alex gotta love him i hope Eric/Sookie are together before the season is over they belong together

  9. […] Spoilers, spoilers and more spoilers! Those of you, who are dying to know what’s going to happen in True Blood Season 5 must read the latest spoilers from E! Online; among others! Read ‘em and weep here! […]

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