More From “Deadlocked” – The End Of Chapter 2

Want some more “Deadlocked” – of course you do, and the lovely people at Gollancz Blog are happy to oblige. After posting Chapter One for our reading pleasure a little while ago, they have now given book-hungry Sookie Stackhouse fans the whole of Chapter Two (including and continuing on from the extract posted on Charlaine Harris’s own site).

WARNING – Spoilers ahead 

Read Deadlocked Chapter 2 here

Eric and Sookie lovers will note that Sookie professes her LOVE for the viking, not once, but twice, in this chapter alone.

We already knew of her rebuff to Dermot’s Sleeping invitation:

 “Two, I love Eric and I should only bunk  down with him”.

And now later in the chapter, Sookie is asked why she is dating a vampire:

“That why you go with the vamp? To scare off everyone else?”

“I love him,”  I said steadily. “That’s why I go with  him.” I didn’t point out  that  human  guys were simply impossible for me. You can imagine reading your date’s mind every minute. No, it really wouldn’t be any fun, would it?

“No need to get all defensive;’ India said.

I thought I’d been matter-of-fact. “He’s fun,” I said mildly, “and he treats me nice.”

Here at Eric & Sookie Headquarters we can hardly wait any longer for this book now, the craziness may shortly start to creep in.

Only 21 days to go until Sookie lets everyone know how much she loves Eric again!

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7 comments on “More From “Deadlocked” – The End Of Chapter 2

  1. I’ m thinking Pam is sending Sookie a coded message that Oklahoma is in the picture for sure. Where the crap is Eric and what is he doing? Sending his lackey to pass on messages. Trouble is brewing in Sooric-ville!

    • Definitely lots of trouble for them coming in this book – as we would expect for the penultimate book. I don’t expect them to stop loving each other though, and that’s the most important thing for me.

  2. I can`t wait to get my copy i pre ordered although they will have lots of problems i know that will not change there love for each other I agree with Eve that is the most important thing i love them together

  3. Ha! A beer delivery guy named Duff Mcclure? Charlaine, you Simpsons fan you ;)
    I love how Sookie refers to Bill as her friend, no former lover or anything like that. The man’s been friendzoned for ever, just like Sam :D

  4. Meh, I’m not worried at all. It’s understandable to me, that Eric and Sookie might be having problems. It doesn’t change the fact, they still love each other deeply. I don’t get the feeling that Sookie cares about Sam or Bill, the same way as she loves Eric. They are in the “friend zone” and that’s a good thing, because it doesn’t matter what CH tosses into Eric and Sookie’s faces…all that matters is that eventually, they WILL work through things and be together in the end. I KNOW it! :)

    It just might not be wrapped up in this book…but we’ll have to see, I guess.

  5. I have to agree with Erika, that we wont have resolution in this book… its all going to boil down to what happens in Book 13.

    On the other hand… I am not exactly thrilled this blogger posted another chapter. I can only hope it was with permission, but probably not.

  6. […] Deadlocked: Chapter 2 Want to read the chapter in full? We have great news for you! Click the link to find out what else happened in the chapter, which Charlaine didn’t have up on her website! […]

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