Alexander Skarsgard Does The Singapore Sing

Alexander Skarsgard, Taylor Kitsch and Peter Berg are featured in a Singapore newspaper called, “First” – The New Paper revealed! Complete with a new image of Alex, in which he’s looking definitely yummy too! (This new image is the one shown in this post.)

Unfortunately, we have not been able to find this interview in its’ entirety, but here’s a taste of what the Singapore fans are in for! (You are SO LUCKY!) Hopefully one of our fellow lovers from Singapore can help us out by sharing with us the full interview or some scans of this? (If so, please contact us by using the link at the top of the page. Thanks!)

This is what they said at The New Paper

At the Tokyo press junket for alien action blockbuster Battleship, FiRST cosies up with comeback kid Taylor Kitsch, Swedish stud muffin Alexander Skarsgard and director Peter Berg.

Kitsch says he feels no pressure for redemption after the US$200 million (S$252 million) dead-in-the-water movie John Carter.

Skarsgard talks about his karaoke night out singing the Titanic theme song and about his dad, Swedish actor Stellan, who was in Mamma Mia.

Berg is impressed by debutante Rihanna’s professionalism and says she reminds him of Will Smith.

Knowing what kind of singer Alex is…I’m dying to know how well his ‘Titanic’ theme song went down? Was he drunk? Did it sound really bad? Of course, he loves to tease his father about Mamma Mia…but how many drunken Alex video clips have WE seen? LMAO And I love how they called him a “Swedish stud muffin”!

Of course, if we find out more – either the scans and/or the interview, we’ll be sure to post it ASAP!

Thoughts? Share them below!

UPDATE: While we are still working on finding scans (if you have a copy, please send it our way. *batts eyes* pretty please), Skarsgardnews.com was able to share the contents of the article. Check it out here!

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5 comments on “Alexander Skarsgard Does The Singapore Sing

  1. You really need to start putting photos of him at the BOTTOM of the posts. That one is SO INTENSE I barely managed to read anything. Whoa.

    Good thing I’m sitting on my bed with my laptop because I would have probably fallen out of my desk chair on sight at that!

  2. Obviously a brilliant interviewer since she had the forethought to refer to Alex as the “Swedish stud muffin”…quite an apt description..now somebody please find a video of that karaoke performance..there has to be have at least been a cell phone in the audience with recording capability, right?

  3. Erika thanks again for the beautiful post i i would love to hear him sing that song i hope you find the link

  4. Honestly that picture distracted from anythng I read… DAMN!!!

  5. […] Alexander Skarsgard Featured in Singapore Magazine: The Battleship and True Blood “Swedish Stud Muffin” talks about singing the “Titanic” theme song and his father, Stellan with a Singapore magazine called, “The New Paper”! […]

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