Charlaine Reveals Book Title For Sookie 13 At RT Convention

Charlaine Harris is appearing at the RT Convention in Chicago RIGHT NOW. At the convention, she has revealed the book title for Sookie 13, as well as other news in her writing career.

First, we’ll share the news about her writing career AFTER the Sookie Stackhouse series ends…

Charlaine Harris’ HARPER CONNOLLY series will be filmed for @syfy!

I’m guessing that’s the SyFy Channel? I can’t remember what their Twitter name is…cool! I hope they follow the books closer than they did on True Blood!

Charlaine Harris has signed a three-book deal for new series, third person POV, multi pOV, mystery, pnr, probably a lot of violence

Sounds very interesting and intriguing!

Now on with the book title…

WARNING: For those who don’t want to know – don’t read below!

Are you ready? I think you might find this title very fitting as the final book title. And just to remind you…this title COULD be changed by her publishers at a later date, so it’s NOT written in stone! But it will keep you speculating for the unforeseeable future!

Here it is:

Charlaine Harris just gave us the title for the last Sookie novel – DEAD EVER AFTER

I like it! I think it’s the perfect title to end the series! It’s kind of like “Happily Ever After” but with “Dead” in the title instead of “Happily” – as all of her books in the series MUST contain according to her contract with the publisher.

Isn’t it interesting that Charlaine revealed the book title for the 13th book on Friday the 13th? Hmmm…

What do you think? Feel free to share your thoughts and speculations below!


PS. Just think…we have 13 months of this to look forward to! ;)

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26 comments on “Charlaine Reveals Book Title For Sookie 13 At RT Convention

  1. I love love love the title! In my opinion, I think it is very telling on the ending of the book! :)

  2. Charlain may have been pulling our leg all along and Sookie becomes a vampire in the end. That would be awesome! Can you tell I’ve read WAY too many fanfics? LOL

  3. Oh my gosh!!! I’m over the moon about the title as my imagination just went wild. Just wondering if Sookie is going to be turned so that Eric and her will be- happily dead ever after.

    • remember child and maker never stay together for ever.even he and Pam have been appart for very long periods before Fangtasia. So if she will be turned by Eric there will be not such thing as Ever after, and if she gets turned by someone else she will be bound to obbey her maker.

  4. I have a feeling Sookie won’t be turned, unless Charlaine changed her mind. I remember her saying before that she wouldn’t be doing that, but I guess you never know. Even if it means her ending up with Eric, I’ve never wanted Sookie to be a vampire.

  5. I love the name! I will be heart broken if Eric and Sookie don’t end up together!

  6. I like the title, but it could mean just about anything. I am so happy about a TV series on the Harper Connolly books. After the Sookie books it is my favorite series by Charlaine.

  7. I am thinking that somehow sookie finally bites the dust as they say or Eric does. I hope I am wrong but who’s knows but Charlaine Harris. I don’t think she is going to let sookie be turned. I just thought of something else it it could be that her time with all the supernatural people are Dead ever afrer?

    • Turning is one thing, but I know Charlaine would never kill Sookie. I can’t say the same for Eric, though.

  8. Very good title – will get everyone speculating. I still don’t think Sookie will turn, but it will be her and Eric in the end.

  9. Maybe the no-Sookie-vampire thing has just been a red herring all along. The first thing that popped into my mind when I read the title was Sookie being turned. CH has always said Sookie would never be turned, and she’s also always said she knew the end of the story when she started the series. However, we know she’s changed some things — for instance, she had plans to off Bill, but didn’t. She also never expected nor does she understand the mass appeal of Eric. Maybe public opinion has swayed her over to Team Eric and she’s gonna give us our HEA after all! *crosses fingers*

  10. I hope Eric/Sookie are together at the end . I love the title .

  11. Will be sad to see nomore…:( i do have a boxset of books already x

  12. I just hope that the title isn’t one that gives false hope to us all. It could mean so many things, but, of course I want it to mean that Eric and Sookie are finally on the same page and Sookie gets her head out of her as*, and they are really truely together in the end. (Fingers, toes and everything crossed..)

  13. I like the title very much I guess our couple marrying and/or Sookie becoming a vampire, I like her becoming a vampire…that way they could be together forever, the best end for me.

  14. I like the title. Not sure about the meaning and with mystery being at the heart of her writing I think we will be kept in suspense until the very last. I hope for her Harper series that she puts stipulations in her contract this time to have more of a hand in casting and protecting the integrity of her material as it it brought to life. I love her books and her wonderful characters! I am currently doing a re-read of her SVM books to get ready for Deadlocked AND doing a re-watch of True Blood starting with season 1 to try and get on board for Season 5. Through this process I am reminded of just exactly why I am so disappointed with True Blood (for the most part). True Blood I think I finally get, somewhat. The show has been, from the beginning I now see, created as a vehicle to tell Bill’s story. All the great moments between Eric/Sookie, the things he does to make him the focus and the one we fall in love with (and Pam) were taken away and given to Bill. It’s really no wonder that non bookies feel so strongly about him. AB and Co. re-made him into book Eric on purpose. I’m on book 4 right now and the whole witch war being led by Pam and the nuances of Eric/Sookie were skewed so badly on the series to make Bill look like the sympathetic hero lead me to believe they will keep going this way. I’m not sure whether it was planned from the beginning or just a product of the real-life pairing that happened but I just don’t like it. We have really been cheated out of so many wonderful moments, both big and small. However, I am really trying to look at it with fresh eyes. Being that I see now what it is with the show I am hoping they give us back some semblance of the Eric/Pam that we bookies love by just letting Bill/Sookie have each other and create another relationship for Eric that will substitute the one we were cheated out of and let he and Pam be themselves again, as they are in the books. This way I can fast forward through the Bill/Sookie parts to get to the Eric and Pam parts. Poor True Blood Sookie is mostly a lost cause at this point. Anyway, I seem to be rambling on and hoping that I made some valid observations and points here. SVM is still my favorite book series and True Blood used to be my favorite show. I’ve never really put this much time or thought into such a thing before and look forward to hearing the thoughts of others on this. I also wandered into HBO’s talk site in my research and went into the books thread. WOW! I didn’t get involved there as it was full of BL’s that must have been reading a different book series!

    • I hope CH book title Dead Everafter means Sookie and Eric together at rhe end ……I agree with a lot of what you are saying about TB that AB gave Bill most of Eric’s and some of Pam’s moments to build his sorry ass up but inspite of this Eric is still the most popular character on the show ….I don’t believe AB never thought that Eric would have fans like this and a lot of people haven’t read the books that love Eric/AS probably AS protrayal

      • Of Eric has made even more fans of him possible to where they are changing his character to be more sensitive and able to love another person than they had shown he to be originally. Hopefully Eric and Pam will fix their relationship this season….I still haven’t given up that Eric and Sookie won’t have a relationship on this show because just based upon the show Eric fits her better than anyone else ….if they put Sookie back with her abuser Bill, there will be a large audience drop off for sure.

  15. Like the “last” title~ “Dead After After”. Who knows maybe CH will give us a HEA after all?
    And it will be with our Viking.And not with our Confederate soilder or the Shifter or warewolf?

  16. Great title it sums up the sookie novels.

  17. I’m actually pretty skeptical about this for now. We don’t have any footage or a transcript of what she said or how she said it, and I’m 99% sure that she’s totally trolling -given the crowd she was going to attract at an event called Romantic Times or whatever it was, makes me even more suspicious that this is actually her dark sense of humor being taken completely out of context. I’m happy to keep an open mind at this point.

    All the focus on the HEA drives her batty, she doesn’t see these books as primarily about who Sookie will pair up with. The idea that she’d name the final book a take on “Happily Ever After” just doesn’t sit right.

    I’m waiting to see some video or a transcript…or for her to confirm it on Facebook or something. At the moment this information is second hand from someone who attended, I think.

    Just my two cents.

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