“10 Good Reasons To Watch True Blood”

Over in sunny Norway, TV Station NRK3 are currently showing True Blood Season 4, and as part of their advertising campaign they are running a quick commercial entitled “10 good reasons to watch True Blood”.

Unfortunately, despite spending too many hours scouring on-line, we haven’t been able to find the commercial in its original form, however thanks to Norwegian Trubie, niniiiz on tumblr, we can bring you the advert in a series of gifs.

Before you check it out – decide what would your 10 good reasons for watching the show be? Now see if you and NRK3 agree…….

Did they include any of your 10 good reasons? We suspect they probably did as they sure managed to include 10 of ours.

Have a great weekend everyone. Only 17 days until Deadlocked  and 57 days until True Blood Season 5.

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13 comments on ““10 Good Reasons To Watch True Blood”

  1. Eric is the only reason I still watch it….

  2. Yup, he is the only reason I watch too!

  3. JA! JA! They were spot on.

  4. Eric is the one to definitely to watch on TB he is the best

  5. I agree AS/EN is the only reason I watch all the past and the new season coming.

  6. Yep, I agree with everyone above….The ONLY reason I still watch TB is to see Alex/Eric……..

  7. My first ten reasons of course

  8. Yep, that sounds about right.

  9. I can’t wait to see Eric Northman’s sexy body when season 5’ll come on,& a lot of the supernatural sh*t’s going on. But Eric’s story would exciting (but I’ll skip the scenes of he’s making out w/ Nora),him & Billy Boy’s up against Authority.

  10. yep he is the only reason why most people are watching, but the True blood writers seem to think its their beloved Bill *eyeroll*

  11. LOL, I love it. And, cause it needs to be mentioned, NO BILL. hehe. I am content :)

  12. […] 10 Good Reasons to watch True Blood: Norwegian TV station NRK3 shared their “10 Good Reasons to Watch True Blood”! Which character popped up more than any others…? Eric Northman of course! Check out some gifs from their TV commercial! […]

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