Two Minutes For Not Cross-Checking!

On True Blood there is no such thing as a little thing called ‘continuity’. We have all asked for things to make sense on this show but we never get a response. What we get instead are layers upon layers of material that do not add up. Case in point, take a look at the image below! I won’t go on and on about this except to say,’Does this make any sense to you’? One can only deduce that either (A) the writers do not go back and check what was written before or (B) they plain just do not give a crap!

Either way, it was a really bad screw up by the writers because the fans that PAY ATTENTION do know what has gone on in previous scenes. For that reason, this ref is slapping Team True Blood with a penalty for NOT ‘CROSS-CHECKING’ each other before writing this crap up and feeding it to us! Enjoy the Penalty Box! Got an opinion about this, sound off below but be mindful of the ref for she is feeling feisty tonight! Just kidding! ;)

* Penalty Box photo credit to nymerias(hey that’s me lol) and if anyone knows who made the collage, let us know we would like to credit them*

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23 comments on “Two Minutes For Not Cross-Checking!

  1. Yeah, the writers must think we’re so stupid. There’s no way we would possibly catch any mistakes, but that’s a pretty big one.

  2. Personally I think in this instance it make about as much sense as most of what Sookie says/does..not being mean I just mean she is defensive of Bill to Eric. She also becomes defensive of Eric to Bill. Just my thoughts. Btw I’m a HUGE Eric/Alex fan. I’ve not read the novels yet as I am immersed in 2 novels ATM and being a mom of 2 pre- adolescent boys I’ve barely time to think so I have no opinion of the novels vs show. I Love the show though. Keep up the great work with your blog. :)

    • You need to read the books you will be an even bigger fan of Eric/Alex and hate (Queen) Sorry Bill even more and it has better story lines and makes much more sense. MInd You I love TB because I get to put a face and real body to Eric.

  3. I hate how theres a major problem with continuity in both the books
    by Charlaine Harris & in the show written by Alan Ball.
    Charlaine Harris skipped around from character to character in
    the books and Alan Ball skips around from character to character
    on the show~ there are some fanfiction writers who could plug up
    the holes left by Ms. Harris & Mr.Ball.

    We’re heading into the fifth season of TrueBlood and we still don’t
    really know why William Thomas Compton is in Bon Temp’s and
    who sent him there, Was it the Authority,or Queen Sophie Anne??
    And who does he work for??
    And when it comes to telling the truth as to which Vampire loves
    Ms Sookie Stackhous,I can’t beleive anything that comes out ot
    thee mouth of William Thomas Compton.
    I do on the other hand beleive Eric Northman,as he has professsed
    his love for her last Season~even when he had amnesia.
    And Eric rememberd “All of our time together”.

    • I can’t believe it was only last season that Eric drained claudine’s blood and now they are bring her back as a new actress how can that happen? I think Eric in his own way has been straight forward with Sookie and hasn’t sugar coated or bent over for her and I think in Tb she is very whiney and spoil kid and I don’t know how Eric likes that. But in the books she is very strong and doesn’t take shit but does it in a good way Eric and her are more suited in the books. in the series they the writers seem to forget all of Bills mistakes and they are big mistakes like when he tells Sookie that because she has had Eric blood that she will have feels for him well doesn’t that go both ways like when Bill gave her his blood that should have sent alarm bells ring!!!!! I just hope this season 5 will not be as silly as season 4 was in many ways. I have a feeling that the writers are siding with bill why because she is married too him in really life??? So what!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • I admit that CH has had a little problem with continuity and it has since been fixed but her problems with it have not been as HUGE as his have. Nor has it been deliberate on her part, while Ball has made it as such.

      We know that Bill has worked for the Authority and the Queen, that made sense, but what did not make sense was the underlining reason for his being a so-called ‘double-agent’. Spread discord? What was that supposed to mean?

  4. I totally agreed w/ you. She should get over Billy Boy’s blood by now. Sookie’s going to faerieland that made totally nonsense at end of season 3. She should broke up w/ that creep after he drained her & he created on her w/ his psycho ex than get back w/ him. But she having feeling for him after he did to her. I hope the writers fix from their mistakes. IF SHE ENDS UP W/ BILLY BOY AT THE END OF THIS SEASON,I WILL CANCEL HBO!!! I DON’T EVEN CARE THE SHOW DOWNHILL AFTER THIS SEASON!!!!! DX

    • Shelli, you and most of us will stop watching this show if they put her with Bill deceitful butt at the end of season 5 ……..it wouldnt make any kind of sense that she experiences a beautiful connection with eric only to not pursue it. She fits with Eric better than anyone else that is a fact.

  5. yep, its ridicolous, the wirters seem to constantly forget what they have written before and it makes me stick how stupid they have made Sookie. She behaves like a dormat towards Bill, they always have to make Bill look like the saint and shove him down our throats… and it is nauseauting to see that they always have to give bill more screen time and even some Eric stuff from the books, most people don’t even care for Bill but the writers seem to think that everyone has a crush on clown tear Bill…

  6. We all know the writers don’t give a sh*t about what they write as long as Beehl comes out smelling like a rose. We all know how a 150 year old vampire is so much more powerful than a 1000 year old vampire is (excuse me while I puke). Beehl just isn’t as popular as Eric and they are going to make him popular, even if it means losing most of the fan base and getting the show canceled. Which will enevitably be the end result.

    • Yes, but he will never be more popular, no matter what they do. In my opinion, they keep making Bill look worse, not better.

  7. Ewww, I had forgotten how much I hate the scene those bottom photos are taken from. Worst writing ever on the show! Wouldn’t you just love to get all the writers in a room and ask them to explain shit like this. And the worst thing about the inconsistent writing is that it is mainly Sookie (the story’s female protagonist ) who always seems to come out of it looking the worst.

  8. I dunno. There are times I feel like the writers are just setting up something that makes more sense later on… Then there are times when I just need to watch this s$!? on mute because I can’t take it anymore. Either way, they have me until the end of season five. Then I’m pretty sure my mind will be made up. It’s too early I know this isn’t making any sense. Lol

  9. Bullseye!!!! This is all I’m going to say…

  10. This Sookie is dumb in the books she loved Eric more i don`t know why we not seeing this on TB to me because that Anna/ Stephen are married they try to keep them two together and will not give the fans our happiness on the show by putting her with Eric they seem to me that they only want to keep this a Bill/Sookie moment it really sucks

  11. I swear, I don’t know if it just bad writing or if the writers for TB don’t grasp the fact that Sookie’s character in the books may be a blonde barmaid in a podunk town, but she IS NOT a pathetic idiot like they’ve portrayed her on the show.

  12. I am thinking just the opposite. Alan Ball and the writers know exactly what they are writing and wondering if viewers understand what they are doing with Sookie, Bill and Eric. There are countless examples over 4 seasons of the polar opposites of Bill and Eric even when they are put in similar situations and how Sookie perceives these actions. Time and time again, Sookie is made to look on the surface that she is an idiot. Sookie is not. She is not dumb, she is not two faced and ultimately is not a bitch or a whore. Sookie is being played by her wonderfully southern gentleman. Played with his bad blood. I suspect that beginning in Season 5 that we see what happens when Sookie is not influenced by Bill. We saw glimmers of that last season but then immediately Bill pumped Sookie again with his blood and how Sookie again did a 360 degrees in her feelings for Bill.

    I am waiting patiently as Alan Ball continues to weave his web of deception. The spider will be caught and hopefully will meet the truth death or at least put of commission for a while. I am looking forward to a “whole” Eric and a “complete” Sookie when neither of these characters have brains made of Swiss cheese and come together. It will be a beautiful thing.

    • I would like that to be the case and if that is the case, I will eat any words I have said prior to this post as well as any future words. As it stands right now for me, I will have to agree to disagree because this is not the only issue with continuity the writers have had. With that being said, I will keep an open mind and will see where it goes. I will not get my hopes up though so as not to be disappointed again in the lack of payoff. :)

    • I hope you’re right too! :) But we’ll have to wait and see, I guess. I’m not going to hold my breath though…I’ve been burned before in an another fandom, so my trust in writers is practically nil.

      • I’ve been burned in pretty much every fandom, so I’m not getting my hopes up like I did last season. It helps if you don’t expect much, that way you won’t be as disappointed.

    • I think if you are right, there comes a point where we need some payback. What was the point of the Bill revelations at the end of season 3 (they should have left it until later on) if Sookie is still going to view him and Eric equally. Most viewers don’t look 50 layers underneath to see what is going on, and whilst I’m all for the audience having to
      engage their brain to watch a show, I’m not all for it being hidden so deep that it makes the female lead totally unsympathetic. With Alan ball leaving, I can only hope if he does have a grand plan that the remaining writing team will still run with it. I hope it comes together and is a beautiful thing, I’ll stick with it to the end to see, but after the end of season 4 I’m trying not to get my hopes up.

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