Trailer for “Deadlocked”

As if we are not ready and foaming at the mouth enough for Deadlocked, and the continuing adventures of our favorite telepathic waitress and her viking vampire boyfriend, Gollancz Books have released a trailer for Charlaine Harris penultimate Sookie novel, just to get us even more in the mood.

So despite all her troubles, could it be that Sookie may still be managing to find the time and energy to throw a little party? We are pretty sure it won’t be a Welcome Party for the Vampire Queen of Oklahoma. But what could the party be in honor of? An engagement? A Wedding? A baby? A Fairy Family Get-together? Or could it be the party that has been mentioned for the Vampire King Felipe?

Or perhaps Deadlocked itself will be the event of the year?

Only 15 days to go until we all find out!

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8 comments on “Trailer for “Deadlocked”

  1. The twangy country music was too out there for me, it does not fit in with the series we have all been reading at all! I had to ask a friend if it was fan-made because it looked a little cheesy. Visiting Vampires has to be Felipe, I doubt Sookie would throw out the Red Carpet for QOK! LOL

  2. Thanks Evie for the info . I will be counting the days to see where this book leads us

    • I think this is the party that Eric gets himself into trouble with the girl who is found dead in his front yard. I think the Eric is throwing the party on the orders of the king in the fact that the noose has be loosen around his neck by Victor being killed.

  3. Did the publisher decided to make a cover sleeve for the book? This is the second time I have seen this cover instead of the traditional series one. Just wondering. I can’t hardly wait!!!

  4. Yay, looking forward to this.

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