Advanced “Deadlocked” Review

Whilst the very early reviews of the new Sookie Stackhouse Novel were pulled down as swiftly as they went up, Mel and Liz over at True-blood.net have managed to get their advanced Deadlocked reviews up and seemingly staying. (For the time being anyway).

Warning – there are some spoilers ahead – don’t cross the line if you don’t want to know!

You can read what the girls from True-blood.net think about Deadlocked here

Of course here at Eric & Sookie Headquarters our main focus is any mention of our favorite couple’s romance, and we can honestly say there is nothing so far that has us too worried. There are certainly no hints that they break up, although one review does state that their relationship changes, it also says that Sookie is still acknowledging her love for Eric and is thinking positively. From everything we have seen so far we expect plenty of angst to build up and carry over for the next year, but that’s what makes great drama and the more those two go through together the more likely it is that they come out of it all on top together.

Don’t forget that there will be many such neutral reviews out there in  11 days time, but here at Eric & Sookie Lovers, you will be able to get a completely viking biased point of view on all the action, and you will all be free to moan, scream, cry, celebrate, anticipate, and discuss the big, important issues in the book (Sookie & Eric) without any fear of retribution!

We can make it through this – honestly.

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11 comments on “Advanced “Deadlocked” Review

  1. I beginning to think that I will not survive until May 1st to read this book. The wait is KILLING me! I have it on pre-order for my Kindle Fire and will d/l it immediately upon release. When I told my husband this, he just laughed and said, “And then I suppose you’ll stay up all night reading it?” If they let me download it at midnight on May 1st then, yes. I will do exactly that. Seriously. And he knows it.

    What I am happy to hear in these reviews is that Quinn is officially wrapped up and sent on his merry way, and the faery story line is completed in this book. I thought we were getting far too much going on, so I’m glad to hear things are being narrowed down to the real points we care about… those points being fangs… vampires… specifically ERIC NORTHMAN!!!

  2. Well, I just got done with reading the reviews and I must say that I felt a bit better than I did when I finished reading DR. I now feel that there is hope for Sookie and Eric yet. I was very happy that the reviews sounded very positive and I am waiting with baited breath for the 1st. Of course, then we’ll have a whole year to speculate about the final book……..I am going to be very sad to see the SVM books end, its’ been a long time since the beginning but just like life it seems like it was “just yesterday” when I picked up my first Sookie book.

  3. Another good thing about this review by Mel & Liz, is that Quinn and Bill are put out of the running as a love interest like they should be…..Bill is just a good friend to Sookie that’s all….AB needs to come to this realization on TB take Bill out as a romantic possibility but that won’t ever happen. I hope CH will have them together by the end of DEAD EVER AFTER

    • I hope She won’t end up w/ Bill in TB at the end of this season. We all heard Gay Al’s leaving this season. Probably they will go that direction w/ Eric,but I don’t known because Anna & I bit worry they finally decide put Billy boy route. IF THEY WILL DO,I’LL NEVER NEVER WATCH IT AGAIN & I HOPE IT GETS CANCEL!!!!!!! DX

      At least that’ll give her more to spent w/ the baby.

      • the show already sucks at the moment, so much more excited for the books, Charlaines characters are so much better and book sookie is likable TB sookie is just annoying as hell and obsessed with Bill, mainly because of Balls bill boner and his brainwashed fellow writers…

        • I’m totally agreed w/ you. THIS’S BILLY BOY CRAP’S GETTING OF HAND LATELY!!!!! I COULDN’T TAKE IT ANYMORE!!!! Yeah It looks like Gay Al’s glamoring some viewers who haven’t read the book (he almost glamors me to make think Big foot Bill & Sookie makes for each others,eww) Eww I didn’t believe fell for that. I don’t even care about their relationship in real life. But This isn’t f**king Queer-Light (Get it,Twilight Queerlight because the gays),this team sh*t & people believe they’re f**king made for each like they’re in real life like Kristin & Robert(Bella & Robert). GIVE ME A F**KING BREAK!!!!!

          I was looking forward this season & got my hope up it gets renews for s6 if she ends up w/ Eric. But now I’m hoping it gets cancel after this season because Anna’s prengant w/ Sookie & I’m getting pi** off if Gay Al & the glamor writers finally decide to made Sookie ends up w/ Billy Boy. I DON’T EVEN CARE ANYMORE & I HOPE IT GETS CANCEL IF THEY FINALLY MADE UP THEIR THOUGHT TO GO ON THAT BILLY BOY ROUTE!!!!!

          I think I could stick w/ Sookie Stackhouse book if I gets a happy ending,& I started to read where I left off. I will start reading them when TB’s on,I don’t even care what’s going on that show.

  4. I’m so excited for the book. I will not even read the reviews. I have not even read tthe first two chapters. I want the whole thing! Having to wait truely does suck!

  5. Glad to read there will at least be SOME quality time spent between Eric and Sookie in this book, I was getting the impression they’d barely be alone for a few minutes, and that they’d be all tense or awkward. YAY 10 more days!!

  6. I just now preordered the book, got a pretty sweet deal as well. I was probably going to read no matter what, but this makes me feel a little better about it.

  7. […] True-Blood.net’s Deadlocked Review: One of our affiliates posted their advanced review of Deadlocked! WARNING: This may contain spoilers. If you don’t want to know – don’t read this post! To those who love to be spoiled, you can find out what happens here! […]

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