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It’s that time of year again when the TV Companies submit their “best of” for consideration to be included the the annual Emmy nominations. HBO’s package of course includes all their hit shows, including True Blood Season 4. They have put forward the following in relation to our favorite show:



BEST DRAMA SUPPORTING ACTRESS Kristen Bauer, Fiona Shaw, Rutina Wesley, Deborah Ann Woll

BEST DRAMA SUPPORTING ACTOR Nelsan Ellis, Sam Trammell, Alexander Skarsgard, Joe Manganiello, Ryan Kwanten

DRAMA BOOK “You smell like Dinner”, “Spellbound”

Whilst here at Eric and Sookie Lovers, we very much doubt that True Blood will pick up much in the way of actual nominations (thanks to the awful writing at the end of Season 4), we’d still love to hear what you all think of what HBO has chosen to put forward from the show.

“You smell like dinner” is my personal favorite episode from last season, and for those who need a little reminder it’s the one where Sookie discovers Eric’s cubby (Motherf**er), and Eric crashes the Wiccan’s circle and ends up wandering shirtless down the road.

And “Spellbound” is the episode that contained the Narnia Shower Scene and the possible Eric and Sookie blood bond, which I have to admit was one hell of a sexy moment.

Unfortunately it also included the Graveyard Rumble, which is good reason enough for it NOT to be nominated for anything ever. I would have gone for “I’m alive and on fire” as the other choice, drunk Eric fighting sea monsters is always a winner!

Let us know what you think of HBO choices for the Emmy nominations.

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16 comments on “HBO Emmy FYC Campaign

  1. I still can’t believe that Alex is a supporting actor on TB when he is the best male actor on the show and Nelson Ellis is very good and Stephen Moyer is okay but it is B.S. in general. Alex was wonderful the whole season his expressions said more than most of the actors said with words.

    • You just got the 2 best actors there – Alex and Nelsan. They may not be the contractual leads but they will always be the favorites among the fans who appreciate their talent and hard work.

    • I agree with you Alex is the best male actor for True Blood. I can’t understand why they seem to think Stephan is the best male actor on the show. Unfricking believable

      • I don’t think that you really did need to post this, I read about this nominations two days ago and it made me angry, no one is watching the moyer paquin show, and I still believe they always shove bill and sookie so much down our throats because of the actors being married…
        and it is really annoying to see when someone who has clearly not read the books talks about bill and sookies relationship in an interview with Charlaine, they have been separated since book 3 but some people seem to beel Alan ball bill biased…

  2. This is nonsense. Looks like they simply put up all the actor’s names. JM, at least on TB, is only a body with very limited acting skills. I’m not going to complain about SM as best actor since AB and HBO have chosen to disrespect CH’s novels by declaring SM the lead male. The truth is TB is the ultimate ensemble show, and other then Sookie, there are no leads. Wish AB and HBO would wise up to that.

  3. It does not matter as I doubt True Blood will even get a nod in their direction. That ship has sailed and that is a shame because Alex and Nelsan had some brilliant moments that will be overlooked on account of the poor writing, especially in the latter part of the season. The writers inability to discern that they have major issues with the plot holes and devices and the major continuity issues. Anna was good in Season 1 but the writers have turned Sookie into a second-rate character that has not grown any.

  4. What is Alex doing being voted as supporting actor ? He is the best actor on the show . He should have been best actor . I watch this show cause it’s my favorite because of him . He deserves better than this . TB have their favorites . I love Anna & Stephen but they are not better actors than Alex on that show . i’m mad but i will be voting for him only . Is this story going towards a happy ending in the show & books with Bill & Sookie instead . I hope not. Alex will never get the credit he deserve on TB far to talented for this.

  5. Yup, I agree with most things said above. I was reading some other comments on another site and they said the reason Alex is up for supporting actor is because he stands a better chance of getting a nomination that way. I don’t know that if thats’ true, but to me, and to all of you, he is, was and will be the number one actor in anything he does, as he is truly one talented man, his eyes alone can speak better than most other actors/actresses can even dream of!!!

    I also agree that I think there were better scenes in other season 4 eppys that were more meaningful. I really don’t know why they chose those two, but as stated above, they probably won’t get any noms anyway since the show jumped the shark awhile ago.

  6. Put it this way, even with the crappy writing of last season, Alex still came out on top. Supporting actor my ass, he’ll always be the lead in my book. I like Stephen, but his acting is pretty bad where True Blood is concerned. The same goes for Anna, unfortunately. And Joe, if you see him on anything other than TB, he actually does know how to act. He can’t be blamed for the really poor writing.

  7. I agree with all the above Alex is the better actor out of everyone on the show. He’s the only reason why I’m still watching the show. They need to get together .

    • Why did they put Stephen Moyer up for best actor ? Is it because he is married to Anna in real live? Well I don’t think that should have anything to do with it he wasn’t in season 4 that much Alex was and he was brillant in showing so many different sides of Eric. I also don’t think Anna was that good how about Kristen(Pam) Debra(Jessica) As best actress.

  8. […] HBO Emmy FYC Campaign: HBO submitted their picks for Emmy Nominations! Find out who and what is representing True Blood here! […]

  9. SM… an average actor with no charisma who had to marry his female co-star to keep his “status”, and despite that, an unknown Swede stole the spotlight from him… He might be the lead on papers but everybody knows who’s the shining star of True Blood.

    All this, besides the fact that he’s NO COMPETITION for all the actors in his age group, which is a very strong group btw (Jackman, Deep, Crowe, Pitt, Will Smith, Downey, Jr. Matt Damon, Mark Wahlberg, etc, ect…)

    • Okay guys, please refrain from making comments about the actors personal lives’, as it could be construed as slander or defamation of character. Thanks! :)

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