Season 5 Red Carpet Premiere On May 30th

The red carpet premiere of True Blood Season 5 will be held in Hollywood on Wednesday May 30. If our calculations are correct, that is less than 35 days away. Of course here at Eric and Sookie Lovers we are always interested in covering the True Blood premieres in the hope of hearing some intellectual quotations from the cast and crew, and perhaps even some deep insights into the hidden meanings of all that is about develop in the coming season. Yes, that is exactly why we are already getting very excited about this particular date in the True Blood calendar, and it has nothing whatsoever to do with

Remember last year?

Of course we will be covering the event here on the the blog, so don’t despair if you can’t make it to Hollywood on the night, we’ll have all the pictures, and the red carpet interviews that matter, for your viewing pleasure.

And if you are interested in attending, Delta Sky Miles are currently holding an online auction here and the highest bidder will get to attend the red carpet premiere and also meet actress Deborah Ann Woll.

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6 comments on “Season 5 Red Carpet Premiere On May 30th

  1. Thanks Evie! :) I wish I could go…but I’ve never even heard of Delta miles, let alone have any. :(
    Counting down the days until we see some Skars-suit-porn!!

  2. I really wish I could go!

  3. I can’t go either . Wonderful news , keep us informed . Thanks Evie.

  4. I’m always too far away.

  5. Hmmm…that’s my 20th wedding anniversary! Think my husband would understand if I asked for that as my anniversary present?!! ;) Oh well, a woman can have her dreams can’t she?

  6. Thanking you for your coverage of the Premiere in advance as, like so many others, it is not possible to attend. You guys always provide such great coverage.

    I’ll be thinking of you at the premiere and hoping you get to get close to Alex (for all of us…LOL)

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