2012 Fang-A-Thon

Do you find yourself cravin’ more from your favorite Viking vampire?

Wishin’ you could be a certain fairy-tinted telepathic barmaid and listen into the thoughts of those around you?

Anxious to read Deadlocked – RIGHT NOW? Tuesday is still too long away…

Or perhaps you have some fangtastic cures for the awful True Blood withdrawal, every Truebie experiences as the summer comes to an end and another season of True Blood comes to a close?

Well, we have just want you need to help you get through those long lonely nights while you wait for True Blood to return and Deadlocked to be released!

I, Sookie Stackhouse, invite all you Eric & Sookie lovers to participate in the 30 Night Fang-A-Thon!

What is a True Blood 30 Night Fang-a-Thon?

On May 11, Truebies will be invited to start to take a bite out of their favorite show, True Blood. The concept is simple

enough. For 30 nights, each participant will be expected to blog about True Blood or the book series, Southern Vampire Mysteries, the inspiration for the hit series.


What’s this all mean for you Eric and Sookie lovers out there?

For 30 days, you can connect with other E/S lovers as well as Truebies worldwide, while blogging about anything that is related to True Blood, SVM or may we suggest…Eric and Sookie!

Even better, the choice of topic is up to you and they are encouraging the bloggers to come up with their own topics if they desire to do so. Though if you find yourself struggling with an idea, you can use one of the many topics that are provided as suggestions for the event. And yes…if you would like to share your thoughts (no matter how negative or positive) on True Blood and/or the novels, you can do that too.

It doesn’t matter how well adept you are at blogging, just bring your enthusiasm for the world of True Blood and SVM and you will fit right in. All blogs types are allowed (Posterous, WordPress, LiveJournal, Tumblr…etc.) and there are no restrictions on your location or how much you have to blog.

The rules are simple enough as well. Blog every day for 30 days (from May 11 – June 9) about anything True Blood or  SVM related and you will qualify to be entered into a drawing for one of several prizes that we are offering!

I may be able to read what’s on your mind, but how about ya’ll be kind and share those thoughts with everyone by registerin’ for the 30 Night Fang-A-Thon today!

So, what are you waitin’ for?  Join today and share 30 days of Eric and Sookie lovin’ with all of us!

About Sookie Stackhouse

I'm not your average telepathic barmaid, straddling the realities of two realms can be confusing at times and yet, somehow I always seem to make it through.

7 comments on “2012 Fang-A-Thon

  1. i’m so excited for 30 night Fang a Thon! woot woot!

  2. I realize I failed to leave the direct link to the registration section for the Fang-A-Thon.

    You may register: http://fangathon.wordpress.com/register/

    Registration is open until 11:59 PM (Pacific Coast Time) on May 11.

    I can’t wait to see what ya’ll come up with!

    • why should I support True blood, its the Bill show.

      • she did say it could be about the SVM too

      • Someone even suggested a “30 ways Alan Ball screwed up True Blood”.

        The idea was more to get together with bookies and Truebies and just have fun with it, but by all means, if you dislike or hate something, share it with us all. You might find that several of us agree on your thoughts.

        • I’m getting tired of seeing the same comments every time I come in here, some people are starting to become broken records. Plus, most of us will end up needing fan fiction as that is the only way to give us what we want.

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