Fanfic Contest: Every Picture Tells A Story

We have some exciting fanfic news to share with you!

Random * Fandom is pleased to present the Every Picture Tells a Story Super Challenge! It’s super, because it’s multi-fandom! More great stories to read.

To participate, please look at the photo prompts, choose one that inspires you and write a one-shot story featuring the fandom and characters of your choice. Stories can be continued, if desired, only after the challenge champion has been announced.

The winner of this challenge, as decided upon by a public vote, will be awarded a $50.00 amazon.com gift card. To ensure that public voting is as fair as possible, all submissions will be collected and held until June 18th when all stories will be posted anonymously under the randomfandomdotnet penname on ff.net. So remember to add Random-Fandomdotnet to your author alerts so you don’t miss any entries!

Authors are welcome to promote the contest, letting their readers know to come and vote once public voting begins. However, authors are not permitted to give any hints as to which entry they wrote or encourage readers to vote for a particular story. Authors are encouraged to post their entries under their own penname after the winner is announced on July 9th.

Because this challenge is both multi-fandom and anonymous , it’s the perfect opportunity for those writers who have been considering writing for a different fandom to the one they usually write for but have been putting it off. It’s also a great opportunity for those of you who have never posted a fanfic story before to get your feet wet.

Challenge Rules

  • Prompts: Each entry must based on one of the challenge prompts. The story must be a one-shot featuring any combination of characters from the fandom(s) of your choice. Crossovers between two fandoms are welcome.
  • Each entry must be original for this contest. Continuations of existing stories or outtakes will not be accepted. Contest entries can be continued after winners are announced.
  • Word Count: Story must be between 1,500 and 15,000 words.
  • Beta: Every story must have a beta. If you do not work with one, you can find help for this challenge from one of the talented betas at our affiliate: http://sparklyredpen.com/
  • All entries must be submitted in English.
  • All genres are welcome, all themes are welcome, but they must relate in some way to the prompt that was chosen.
  • Number of Entries: No more than two entries per person, including collaborations.
  • Ratings/Warnings: Random-Fandom advocates the use of correct labelling of stories so ALL readers (those attracted to and turned-off by extreme content) can make an informed choice. We will never promote fanfiction that glamorises rape, domestic abuse or sexual assault. In addition, stories that include pedophilia or racial bias will not be accepted.
  • All stories will be posted anonymously by Random-Fandom.net hosts Monday, June 18th – Friday, June 22nd to ensure fairness in the public vote. Authors are not permitted to post their stories under their individual penname until after the challenge winner is announced on Monday, July 9th.

All entries should include the following header:

Every Picture Tells A Story Super Challenge
Prompt #:
Word Count:
Pen Name:

All contest entries should be emailed in a word document to:
Once your entry has been reviewed by a host to ensure that it complies with all of the rules, you will receive a reply email letting you know that your entry has been received and will be posted beginning on June 18th.
If you do not receive confirmation that your entry has been received within 24 hours of sending, please contact us by PM on ffnet (randomfandomdotnet), DM on twitter (@RandomFandomNet), or by emailing one of the hosts:

You can find out more about this contest, and check out the prompts here: Random * Fandom.net

What are you waiting for? If every picture tells a story…why don’t you write yours today?

We sure hope to see some Eric and Sookie fanfics in this contest!

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  1. Hi! Thanks for reccing the contest! We’re hoping a lot of different fandoms are represented – including SVM & TB :o)

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