I Write The Songs Contest is BACK!

In more fanfic contest news…I would be in deep, deep trouble if I didn’t share this contest with you. The main reason being, my betas are “large and in charge” in this one! Haha. (Sorry my wonderful betas…but I had to tell them. ;) ) That being said, I highly recommend you enter this one – it’s more Eric and Sookie centric than most!

Whether you are a girl who likes a bump and grind on the dance floor, sings into your hairbrush or imagines a slow dance with a tall blond sex god, this is the contest for you! Any song will do as long as it inspires you to write, you can’t get much more ‘Free Bird’ than that can you? Join us, we want to ‘Teach the World to Sing’ (well the SVM fandom anyway :))

“Do Me” “Feel Like Makin Love” “Pillow Talk” “Love to Love You Baby” “Freak Me” “I Want to Sex You Up” themes encouraged but not required. (These are perfect songs for the perfect couple, Eric and Sookie.)

If you have the urge to write some Pam and Eric snark; “How Can I Miss You When You Won’t Go Away”, “Papa Don’t Preach” or any other non-romantic pairing with Eric then ‘Have the time of your life’.

Your Host is: Northwoman (Anne)

For more information visit the blog here: http://i-writethesongs.blogspot.com

Or visit our page on Fanfiction.Net here: http://www.fanfiction.net/u/2491610/I_Write_The_Songs


  • Use a song as the title
  • 2,000 – 12,000 words, unlimited for multi-chapter fics
  • Can be a first chapter to a multi-chapter fic, which you can add to after the initial posting. Specify if you are entering this category. Must submit at least 4 chapters of at least 1000 words per chapter.
  • Canon SVM, AU,OOC or AH
  • Eric and Sookie with each other if either one is romantically paired

(psst … the more Eric the better!)

Otherwise Snarky Pam, Kill Bill or torture Quinn themes are good too. Or do a bromance. Or a Pam/Stan or Sam/ Jannalyn, Jason/ Michele, or Sophie Anne / Andre or Amelia /Trey or Bill / Lorena, or some other pairing.

Humor is as valuable as lemons any day!

  • MUST use a beta
  • Maximum 3 entries, collaborations welcome
  • Must be a new, not posted story
  • Include a disclaimer that you do not own the SVM characters / or the song
  • Do not use complete lyrics from a copyrighted song
  • Must be 18 to post M rated story
  • Please do not tweet about your story on twitter or talk about it on your blog until after posting. You can say you are going to enter but don’t say when you are submitting. We want anonymous judging please!
  • Please no rape, incest, pedophilia or graphic abuse themes (unless you are torturing Bill or Quinn. LOL)

MS Word, OpenOffice, GDocs format

Judges will receive the documents in MS Word format. After judging, we will let the authors know when they may post their story/stories on their fanfiction profile or other site enabling us to post them in the community or link them to the contest blog. Authors will receive averaged scores.

Submissions: May 21 – July 15.

Final submission. July 15, 8 pm Pacific time, 10pm Central time.

Final Judging deadline July 30.

Final Posting to Fanfiction: July 31, 10pm Pacific time, 12pm Central time

Public voting from judges top 10 to follow Aug 1- 9.

Winners announced August 10


We are honored to welcome the following as your judges: BathshebaRocks, Jaxg, NYCSnowbird, Onefee27, PeppermintyRose, Suki59.

The above judges will get an MS Word doc (see Scorecard.doc) with a story title (but no author or penname) on it and have 1 to 2 weeks to judge and turn in the scoring sheet to the same gmail account from which it will be sent. I.WritetheSongs.SVM @gmail.com.

Each of the criteria is given 1-10 points. The authors will only get averaged scoring. We do encourage judges to review the stories, once they are posted, with positive feedback and constructive criticism (helpful suggestions).

After the scorecards are all in for their story, the author will receive an email telling them to go ahead and post their entry, and send back the link so that we may add it to the community.

Winners (7):

1st & 2nd place by Judges (anonymous)

1st & 2nd place by Public vote (not anonymous from Judges top 10)

Host pick (not anonymous, not necessarily from the top 10)

Virgin winner (anonymous, may or may not be the same as Judges 1st or 2nd, may or may not be in the Judges top 10).

Multi-chapter fic winner (not anonymous, this comes from the public vote of the stories which are vying for multi-chapter fic award)

Please send your submissions to this email address: I.WritetheSongs.SVM @gmail.com

No prizes other than the great kudos of winning and banners created for their story.

Does music inspire you to write about Eric and Sookie? Then, you should definitely enter!

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