True Blood Waiting Sucks Promo: Eric & Pam

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Here’s the promo you’ve all been waiting for…Eric & Pam!

HBO aired this True Blood promo before Game of Thrones on Sunday night!

You love this maker/progeny duo almost as much as you do our favorite couple!

Without further ado…Eric & Pam show us what we can expect in Season 5 on True Blood! Waiting sucks!

Watch this extended promo below!

Eric and Pam’s relationship appears to be on very shaky ground in Season 5… Both Alex and Kristin knocked their scenes out of the ballpark though!

What do you think? Share your thoughts below!

ETA: Wondering where that hot image of Eric Northman at the top of the post is from?

There is more where that came from, as well as the image right above! Feel free to check out Barbara’s gallery of screen caps from this promo over at SkarsgardFans.com! Thanks Barbara!

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31 comments on “True Blood Waiting Sucks Promo: Eric & Pam

  1. the writers now want to separate eric and Pam, great job writers, great job, oh yes obviously people want to see a bromance with bill because he is so trustworthy and Eric is working with him from now on *eyeroll* this show just makes no sense and next season will definitely have Bill all over the place again…
    So not really good things about eric and Pam, no eric and sookie and mainly Eric and Bill oh wonderful…*vomit*

    not excited at all for the next season in general…

  2. I agree with you Laura. Can they do any thing else to try and ruin the show? Give me a break I’m sticking with the books and FF. At least they give me what I want to see.

  3. OMG..OMG…OMG…..I LOVEED THE PROMO…OK,don’t …be happy.. :)) I don’t think anything is going to happen to eric and pam…this is just a promo, 1 min of all the season…they will find a way to each-other like the perfect maker/progeny couple that they are… love it.. i don’t worry at all… :)

    • wouldn’t be that optimistic, eric is going to hang around with bill all the time, that is already enough cruelty…and I thinnk eric and pam are going separate ways, she will have tara to take care for, makes me sad that their relationship gets destroyed now:(

    • I agree Irina. :) While things look rocky right now…I’m sure they will get through this somehow. This is only a blip in the scale of things. Besides, a promo is something to make us tune in. I’m curious to see what has happened to make it come to this?

      The only part of the promo I didn’t like was the part where Eric said he didn’t trust Pam. WTF? Didn’t he say in S3 that the only vampire a vampire can trust is his own child/progeny? I already get a sense that the continuity will be lacking again this year…

      • This show has to be the most inconsistent one I’ve ever seen, but I wish I could believe that. I have no faith in these writers.

  4. As much as this pissed me off, I have to hope there is an method to Eric’s madness. We know he does not trust Bill, especially not over Pam. She’s the one who has always been there for him, so I’m going to try not to worry until I see it for myself. I have to hope they will make amends by the end of the season.

    • If not, I really am done with the show. I just have to hope the final books won’t piss me off this much.

      • I have to wonder if he is doing what he is with Pam to try and make other people vampires believe he and Pam have spilt up but really she is his spy on the inside. Eric hasn’t survived 1000 years to become all of a sudden stupid? He is trying to be ahead of the game so that what ever side wins he will be on it like in the books.

        • I have to hope that is the case, but I still have my doubts. I think the writers are just too determined to make him the bad guy.

  5. Waiting sucks, huh. The only thing that sucks was waiting impatiently for this sneek peak at my 2 favorite characters and getting so angry that they are really going to go there that I couldn’t even enjoy my new favorite show GOT! I’ll have to catch it on demand or hbo go. A sharp stick in the eye to anyone who didn’t appreciate the last half of last seasons fiasco and doesn’t buy the incredible lengths they will go to to prop up what should have been a minor character long ago! Nothing to look forward to AT ALL if Eric/Pam are torn apart and we have see and hear Bill in every scene with Eric. UGH! I want my money back!

  6. Oh my god!!! I was so looking forward to this promo… Alex and kristin are amazing as usual but it is definitely not a good direction. Guess they starting where they left off from last season when Eric was angry with Pam for disobeying him about shooting at the emporium. Think they will be back on track at the end of the season though… One can only hope. I think also Eric has a romance with someone else this season more or less ignoring Sookie as he feels betrayed by her after dumping him at the end of season 4 for absolutely no valid reason…. Can’t blame him there. I would have preferred it though if he had just lost all memory of their time together … It would have been more believable and more in keeping with the books… And I guess Sookie will have a romance with Alcide and we get to see Quinn…. And looks like there will be lots of sub stories and plot filling that will add nothing so all in all looks like this season will be a big disappointment. At least there was loads of naked Eric last season to make up for the poor script… I will keep an open mind however until June

    • I’m pretty sure Quinn won’t be a part of the show, if he does, it will probably be an entirely different character to the books. I think Alcide will take his place and seeing how I really can’t stand Quinn, I would be okay with that. Even if it means Sookie being with him in the romantic sense. Eric will likely have a romance with his ‘sister,’ who Pam possibly doesn’t like either, which will cause even more problems between them. I agree that I wish he didn’t remember their time together, at least that would make more sense. I was so happy that he did remember, but what’s the point if it didn’t lead to anything? That’s just AB shitting on us as usual, he gives us what we want one second, only to take it away the next.

  7. i do not believe for one second that pam would dig up Russel i mean she is devoted to her maker me thinks that the llama is trying to pin this on eric in the hope eric gets the true death come on writers can’t you do a better job then all the bull about the broamnce?!

  8. Pamela wouldn’t dare dig up Russell Edgington.
    Russell’s out to kill her Father.
    Who is “llama” ??

  9. I’m not going to repeat everything you guys said. All I am going to say is, “I totally agree” with all the comments before mine. Eric looks to be a SOB this season……………Hope that changes b4 midseason.

  10. Oh, how awesome to finally see an Eric & Pam scene! While I am not liking the tension between them, I am blown away by the intensity of this clip. Both Alex and Kristin did a fantastic job….wow!

    I have not lost hope in them reconciling but I am sure it will take awhile. Pam betrayed Eric at the end of S4 (even though she was protecting him) so I can see where there is a trust issue. Plus, we still don’t know if Pam turned Tara or what is up there. Maybe she did & went against Eric out of anger/sadness? I honestly don’t think he trusts Bill one bit and the reported bromance is a front for him to have an alliance against the Authority. Or maybe it is something COMPLETELY different? lol Either way, I have faith Pam & Eric will come back together eventually.

    I want to add too that you don’t have to be a BL to give a thumbs down. I despise the Bill Compton character both from the books & the show. I have separated my love of the books from the show because we all know it is two different beasts all together! Although I ship E/S hopelessly, I love True Blood for what it is. I just don’t get some of the remarks on here because it seems pretty simple: if you hate AB & how different the show is from the books…..don’t watch it! Plus, wth keep reading TV show posts, if all you do is b&tch about how awful the show is?!? That would be like me eating freaking liver even though I hate it!

    • then how can you love the show when alan ball obviously has a huge boner for the bill character, he was made king, and several times he got book stuff from eric on the show… it is so nauseauting to constantly see bill getting the upper hand over oldver vamps and him being a part in every damn eric sookie scene, like it was in season 4, how someone could enjoy their first love scene with bills face in between LOL

      • Believe me, I don’t like any of the Bill-Boosting either! I don’t get why AB decided to change things so drastically from the books but he did. I do however love some of the changes- Lafayette being my favorite! I simply adore that character and Nelsan plays him so perfectly. I also like not knowing the twists and turns of the show even if they might not be what I expected or hoped for. I only wish that they would twist/turn with more Eric screen time! Alex time in whatever form or with whoever is fine by me. I can always do the one-eye Bill Block squint as needed. lol

        I love hearing different points of view but it seems a bit silly for people who hate the show to even comment on posts just to say how much they hate the show! It is like b$tching just to hear yourself b$tch. I just hate to see this site become like so many others with the bashing. Seems pointless and is like BL coming here or EN fans going to a SM fansite just to spew hate or prop their ship. lol

        • an how much screen time does eric have each episodes, when you watch the show mainly for eric then I don’t get you at all, he had less screen time than bill in season 4 and most scenes were unbearable because bill was all over the place, and there are so many people thinking like thta, just read the other comments and also there are other sites around where people discuss about it… the show has become so inconsistent, the character development of some characters makes no sense at all and if you are looking forward to see Eric being Bills sidekick next season well then I wish you fun while watching LOL

          • Not sure how you got the idea that I am looking forward to Eric being Bill’s sidekick? Honestly, it doesn’t really matter because I am not going to debate you over your bitterness…lol. I stand by my original comment that if you don’t like the show & refuse to watch it, then stop with the negative posting crap. There is no reason to ruin it for people who actually do like the show and are excited for the new season.

            I will end it there and wish you a good day/night!

  11. Finally Eric, thats great…I hope this end up in just a little fight, com’on they are Eric and Pam I can’t believe AB could do a real break between this two too. My opinion is that the key is to begin with a break between Eric and Sookie (from last season) and between Eric and Pam to reunite them at the end of the season. I think is such a suicide for the show to separate the two pairs more popular.

  12. I know they will reunite so i am not worried on about that . I love the promo last night . also Eric & Sookie lovers I love the new set up . I am so ready to tune into season 5 . I will definitely watch . Eric rules

    • I LOVED the promo too! I’m not freaking out and i don’t see the writers destroying their relationships AT ALL, quite the opposite imho. Angst, drama, this is good for the entertainment and i’m all for this to happen even if i know i’ll suffer with them (Pam & Eric) probably till ep 5.12, but i’m ready cause i know it’ll be fine and epic for them.
      Pam is very young and always kept by Eric far away from any human emotions, now she is jealous of Sookie or just don’t get how he can love her, a human (i asked myself this question a lot recently) and from his pov she betrayed his orderd. What Eric needs to realize is that he would have done the same for Godric, someone he loved. Let them be apart if this is necessary, but let them also come around at the end.
      Lot of s*** happened to Eric previous to this scene, we should give him more credit, he’s really stressed out and pretty screwed because of Russell and worried about Sookie for the same reason.

      I have the feeling Sookie and Pam’s relationship si about to shift.

      • they shift their relationship in a not good way, I doubt there will be lots of eric pam scenes in the future, and thats the problem I have… Pam will have Tara to take care of and I fear that Eric and Pam go separate ways and we won’t get to see all those lovely scenes that they had in the past… its so sad…
        and even if they are in quarrel at the moment, the fact that the writers let eric act so brutally and hateful towards Pam, thats just so extreme, this is not what eric is like, they could have handled those scenes in a different way…


          • How do you get that from this promo? We know he still loves her, and how he deals with that is by being a jerk to those who care about him. Instead choosing to join forces with Bill, who will likely stab him in the back again.

  13. WTF is going on in these writer’s brains. Every time bill’s name comes up, it’s always a sign he’ll ruin something. The romance between eric/sookie, and now eric/pam’s relationship are all going down hill because of a little dweeb (bill). SICK of this BS, I’m definitely not watching this season.

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